Foodie Friday – things I could eat every.

The other day, I tweeted the following:
Jess Sutera
Do you ever find yourself uninspired, blogging-wise? It happens from time-to-time and everytime it does, I hate it. Am I alone?

After weeks of blog posts just flowing right along, without ever having to stop and think about a topic to blog about, I hit major writer’s block this week. I was feeling uninspired and it was driving me nuts. I’m not one to “blog just to blog” so I was fully prepared to take a few days off from blogging.

But then, I got an email from blog bestie Heather. After a little back and forth with her, she suggested I might start talking more about the foods that I eat, the meals that I make, etc., since I sort of gave my eats a “makeover” when I started the 60-day challenge last May.

Um hi, genius.

Instantly, the ideas for posts started flowing. (thank you, Heather!!) Again, this drives back to me writing with passion. I am *so* passionate about food and my new(ish) approach to eating. So why have I not been sharing more of my foodie faves with you guys on the blog?

I have no idea. It’s long overdue.

With that, I bring you: Foodie Friday. I’m not sure yet if this will become a weekly series or not, for now I’m just going with it. (that’s how I roll, hehe)

Today I’m focused on things I could eat (and in fact, pretty much do). Just a smattering of some of my fave snacks, treats, breakfasts, lunches, etc. With pictures (which I promise to do more of, especially when writing food-related posts!).

Peanut butter: I ❤ it so much, I have at least one jar on backup at all times. And in this case, I also have some super-fresh PB that I ground myself at Whole Foods last weekend (I was legit giddy when I saw the machine in the PB aisle!)

Salads with yummy “things” in them. Think avocado with strawberries and mixed greens (dubbed the “barre n9ne summer salad by Tanya). Or goat cheese, figs and fresh spinach. Or blackberries, avocado and a bit of chopped almonds on top. Or mexican style with fresh corn from the cob, black beans and red onion. I could go on. And on. And ON.

Bananas – on top of a bagel thin with pb (duh), or in my beloved irish oatmeal (OBSESSED with oatmeal – deserves a post of it’s own and in fact, probably will be one!), or with a tsp or two of nutella. In fact, the bagel thin/pb/banana concoction was a favorite of mine this summer at the lake (ah, bliss).

Fresh berries. So versatile – can be sweet or savory. Savory in a salad. Sweet on top of yogurt. Or all on their own. Particularly yummy when freshly picked – like these from our summer outing to the local strawberry farm. mm.

Yogurt. Preferably greek yogurt (hi Chobani, I love you). Lately it’s been the apple cinnamon that has my heart. But yesterday, I went with plain greek yogurt with fresh blueberries and a drizzle of honey. Yum. Protein packed. Delicious.

Healthy appetizers ala date night in. This is a biggie for me. A little back story for ya’ll…

Prior to the food log thing, my biggest weakness (BY FAR) were the cheese/cracker plates Scott and I would devour with our pre-dinner glass of wine during our infamous date nights in. Once I was introduced to my friend moderation and realized that pounding a half a stick of cheese before dinner wasn’t exactly “moderation,” I was on a mission to find a good replacement for the cheese/cracker pre-dinner snack that would still give me the experience of an app and a glass of wine before dinner with Scott but wouldn’t leave me feeling like I was missing out. I bring you my solution: Fresh tomatoes and basil, a few sliced red peppers, two feta-stuffed olives and a baby belle (or laughing cow) wedge. Delicious, refreshing and barely 100 calories. Perfection.

Chocolate. And wine. Shocking, I know. I’m constantly posting about my love of Dove promises and a good glass of wine. A recent addition to that list? Anything salted caramel. OMG best invention ever.

And just so happens to pair beautifully with a glass of wine. I think it was created just for me, seriously. (another pic from this summer, can you tell I’m lusting for summer over here??)

So, there you have it. Just a few things I could legit eat (or drink) And because this was SUCH a fun post, I’m thinking I *will* make this Foodie Friday thing a weekly series. Whatcha think? 😉


34 thoughts on “Foodie Friday – things I could eat every.

  1. Aaaah the block of cheese trap. We have the same habit of consuming a block of cheese for an “appetizer.” We’ll break out and mix it up for a few weeks, and then I get lazy and we’re back to the block of cheese again (last week). This looks delish, if only I liked tomatoes. Sad face.

    Those sea salt caramels are money.

    • As I’ve mentioned lovelovelove this new idea for posts… I’m all ears Lady! I need ideas and I totally trust your suggestions (proof is in the pudding, er, ahhh… progress :0) ) I’m deathly afraid of peanut butter… but perhaps I need to read a bit more on it!

      Bring on Foodie Friday! YIPEEEEEEEE!

      • I LOVE that you’re into this theme of mine!! I promise to keep it up just for YOU!

        As for the peanut butter thing – do NOT be afraid of it! It’s full of healthy fats and lots of protein – so good as a protein bump in oatmeal especially. I’m telling you – don’t fear the fat!!

    • Cheese is SUCH a weakness for me!! At first I thought I’d never be able to give it up in favor of healthier alternatives – but now? The baby belle and/or laughing cow wedge TOTALLY does the trick, along with the veggies/olives on that little app plate of mine.

      If you don’t like tomatoes, try sliced red peppers or really any other veggie you like!

      • I just wanted to tell you I laid off the cheese this weekend, I didn’t feel deprived, and really, this post was the inspiration for it. Now if I can do the same next weekend….

        Thank you!

      • ooooh yay!!! I’m glad I could help you say no to the cheese hehe. NOT that I’m saying you should never have cheese, just maybe not the whole block of it, hehe. SUCH a hard habit to break, I freakin’ LOVE cheese!!!

  2. Awesome – loved this!!! I never get to see your eats, is it crazy to sort of want to? I guess I need to know so I’ll know what to stock up on for your visit! I used to HATE bananas. Now I crave them. I’ve always loved PB and never knew the 2 went hand-in-hand.

    • I LOVE that you’ve been wanting to see what I eat – that is so funny! I guess I’ve been keeping you guys all in suspense this whole time without even realizing it! It’s official – Foodie Friday is ON for good. I promise! I already have a topic in mind for next Friday, so stay tuned 🙂

      I can’t wait to visit – as long as there’s pb and oatmeal in the house, I’m a happy camper. Oh – and wine. But you already knew that, hehe

    • SUCH a weakness, the cheese thing! As for your hummus “issue” – if you portion it out, you can still get your fix and not kill yourself with added calories. The hard part is getting used to the portion control thing. But once you make it a habit, you won’t miss it (as much). And you’ll still get to have the hummus, just not in quite as large a quantity 😉

  3. Great idea for a post sis (and Heather!). I love all of these things and duh, eat pretty much the same things…something about fresh foods that make a huge difference too. Nothing prepackaged, nothing with a list of ingredients a mile long. That’s another reason to lust for summer….so many fresh fruits to dive into and fresh farm veggies!

    • YES, I’m all about simple and wholesome and REAL foods now. Nothing with huge lists of ingredients I can’t even pronounce. I love the simplicity of how we eat now. It’s so awesome (and SO yummy!). I can’t wait to get to Wilson’s Farm this summer, LOVE it there!

  4. Oh la la! This post is making me hungry!

    I am a HUGE lover of oatmeal. I eat it every morning. It’s filling, healthy, and taste of so yummy with a smidge of vanilla soy milk. It is my go to meal before a long run too.

    • If I could, I’d marry oatmeal. I love it THAT much. Expect a full post on oatmeal in the very near future, hehe. 🙂

      And you’re right – it is PERFECT for runners. Jam packed with lots of goodies for staying power!

    • Ohh yes, cheese and crackers – its basically impossible to eat that stuff in moderation, huh? That’s why I love the little appetizer plate I created for myself – I still get the pre-dinner treat and it’s way healthier AND cheese is still involved. Score! 🙂

  5. Cheese and crackers are my kryptonite. Oh, so is chocolate. But I figure I only live once!
    And I could eat a Chobani yogurt for the rest of my life. Oh my, that stuff is delicious!

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