What would I do?

Let’s rewind to Saturday’s run, if you don’t mind. Scott and I set out to run our favorite 7-mile loop. It was a gorgeous winter morning, not too cold (high 30s, woo!) and bright and sunny. We set out on our run – and this time, neither of us were very chatty. I was letting my mind wander and giving Scott a chance to let his wander wherever it wanted, knowing he’s had a lot on his mind lately. Figuring, this is our own “me” time even though we were together on our rundate.

So off we went, the miles going by fairly smoothly, my breath felt calm-ish, I was working hard but happily so.


My mind wandered to February 1st, aka Chicago Marathon registration sign-up day. Just a few days from now. <gulp>

And instantly, my mind started to race. For the first time,  I felt a twinge of fear about committing to 26.2. Up until now, I’ve been excited and ready to face down all those miles. But now that the reality of it is about to set in as soon as I hit ‘register’ on Wednesday, I panicked a little bit. And mentioned it to Scott, breaking our little silence.

“I’m afraid. What if we can’t do it?”

Without skipping a beat, he said: “We are ready. Our bodies are trained for this. They are strong. We’re doing this.”

And suddenly? Just those few simple words of encouragement was all it took. I thought to myself: “Game on.” and then “what would I do without him?”

Seriously, though.
What would I do without him?

He is my biggest fan, supporting me through every challenge I take on. With a smile and never a complaint (even when I spend hours each week at barre n9ne, which eats into our time together during the week).

(just look at that smile, ❤ it)

He is the best running partner and coach ever. He knows me. He knows how my mind works. He knows what I’m capable of. He challenges me to never give up.

He is selfless. He could crush a half marathon in well under 2 hours if he wanted. But he never, ever crosses that finish line without me. We cross together – well, he always has me cross just in front of him, ever the gentleman.

He makes me laugh (often at myself, mostly at him).

He is my best friend. And I adore him so.

So? What would I do without him? Thank God I don’t ever have to find out. ❤

Sometimes a little reminder like Saturday is all it takes to remember to always nurture those relationships that make your world go round. But don’t just take it from me, take it from Dorry, too – her post on Sunday brought me to tears, and reminded me just how important it is to nurture, always.


37 thoughts on “What would I do?

  1. Love this and yay Scott!! Isn’t it awesome that you get to have such an amazing person in your life?? You two totally deserve each other and live a wonderful example of married life.

  2. Awwwwwwwww……this is so cute. Sounds like you guys are the perfect match!
    p.s. I got really nervous yesterday thinking about registration this week………..Eeeeeek!

    • Ohh thank you!! I’m so glad you decided to leave a comment, I’m excited to “meet” you! 🙂 I’m glad this post made you smile, it made me smile big to write it and to share it with all of you!

  3. 😀 love this. I’m so glad I’ve had the opportunity to meet you both IRL and see how you interact together, rather than just reading words on a computer screen.

    You’re both amazing beautiful people who have a relationship to envy. Love you both! ❤

  4. I love supportive husbands. He sounds like an awesome man. Registering for the marathon is one of the hardest parts of getting ready. The training is so gradual, you will make it there and amazingly well!

    • I love that picture too – it shows you just how much I trust him because I’m laughing as freely as I’ve ever laughed and it was because of HIM that I’m laughing that way. He is the bestest 🙂

    • I count myself a very lucky girl, truly. I found him at such a young age and our marriage has totally gotten stronger and stronger the “older” we get (haha I’m talking like I’m a billion years old over here)…the more in love we get 🙂

    • Thank you Jess!! 🙂
      I hope you’re right about crushing it too…at this point, I’ll be thrilled to cross that finish line with my legs still firmly planted beneath me!!

  5. Awww Jess, I love you guys. You are so cute together, and look oh so happy in all of your pics. That’s so important that you guys support each other, and know you always have each other to give you that extra push & remind you that you CAN. (whatever that may entail)

    • Awww thank you Rachel!! I’m so glad you liked hearing my little mushy comments on our relationship. We really do have so much fun together and he really is THE BEST husband I could ever ask for 🙂

    • Thank you sis…for always supporting our relationship and for admiring us the way that you have, means the world. And SO glad that you are finding quite the same in your relationship with M. It’s awesome. ❤

  6. oh such a precious post! the things you say about Scott are so similar to my feelings for Billy. we are blessed with incredible husbands, aren’t we?? so thankful. I understand the fear that comes up with distance running…boy do I ever! but he’s so right – you can tackle those 26.2 …and you’ll do it together which is going to be an amazing experience!

    • I totally admire your relationship with Billy — and not just because it’s very similar to my relationship with Scott either. 😉 It just is such a blessing to have someone so wonderful and loving and supportive in life, isn’t it? A true partner in every sense of the word.

      As for the marathon? I’m MOST excited to be experiencing this with Scott, that in itself is the best gift of all, regardless of how well the marathon actually goes, I know he’ll be by my side the entire time.

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