Foodie Friday – the lunch box edition

Welcome back to Foodie Friday! I’m loving this new little feature of mine – mostly because it made me giggle to read all of your comments on my post last Friday – who knew how interested you’d all be in what I like to eat! πŸ˜‰

I am dedicating today’s Foodie Friday to lunchtime. Now that I have the luxury of working from home most days — something I am eternally grateful for, you have no idea — I can get much more creative at lunchtime which I LOVE!

Just a few snippets from this week – I’m calling this the Lunch Box Edition (aside: I used to LOVE my lunch box as a kid, complete with the thermos for soup!):

I’m calling this one the best lunch everrrrr. It involved a bagel thin that I toasted and smeared with a laughing cow (herb flavored) cheese wedge. I topped that with fresh arrugula, sliced tomato, one fried egg and a half of an avocado. With a side of the juiciest pineapple and strawberries. Um, YUM. This stuck with me for almost FIVE hours too – which, if you know me, is unheard of!

Sandwich time — on my newest and latest obsession: Flatout wraps. They are AWESOME. So soft and flavorful and quite the bang for the caloric buck at 90 calories a wrap. This one included turkey, cheese, baby spinach and mustard. With a delicious arrugula salad with goat cheese. Goat cheese – another food item I could never live without. ❀

Apparently I’m in a sandwich mood this week because yesterday’s lunch involved two things: An impromptu lunch date with my sis who came by for lunch amidst her erranding — I made her a delicious salad (she was craving greens after being away all week) filled with arrugula, baby spinach, strawberries, goat cheese and snap peas. I went with another turkey/cheese wrap but this time I went back for more of those strawberries and pineapple, and at the last second, tossed on some snap peas that were leftover from dinner the night prior. Another yummy and filling lunch — and even better to share it with my sis, I missed her!

(I gave her a couple slices of turkey for her salad, it needed a protein boost IMHO!)

So there you have it – some of my latest lunch “box” favorites of late. I tend to eat more sandwiches/wraps and “comforting” lunches (including leftovers, when available) in the winter and switch back to lots of giant salads filled with the freshest fruits and veggies I can find in the spring and summer. Wait till you see pictures of lunchtime in the summer – a bounty of freshness!

So now I wanna know: what was your favorite lunch box treat this week? That egg sandwich concoction was definitely my favorite of the week. I’m still dreaming of it. I love food. I just can’t help myself. πŸ˜‰

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(PS. I’m still figuring out Pinterest – if one of you could tell me how thisΒ  “pin it” widget works/looks to you, I’d appreciate it! Lots of trial-and-error over here! Thank youuu!)


44 thoughts on “Foodie Friday – the lunch box edition

  1. Mmm those all look so yummy. I am on a salad kick right now. I am loving greens with avocado and broccoli. Those flavors/textures just really do it for me. Topped with Trader Joe’s Champagne Pear Vinigarette with Gorgonzola, that is what I had for lunch every day this week.

    • I totally go through phases with food – right now I’m on a wrap/sandwich kick, clearly. But I’ll also go weeks of eating all sorts of fun salad concoctions for lunch too. Next up on my list for lunch? Savory oats in lieu of oats at breakfast – that might be something to try next week,perhaps!

      Also – I have NOT seen the champagne pear vinagrette from TJs! I love the champagne vinagrette, it’s my fave, the pear must be awesome!!

      • Wait, what savory oats? I can’t wait to see how this goes – that sounds amazing.

        Yes – it’s in the refridgerated salad section. It’s money.

    • I’m having more strawberries and pineapple with my lunch as we speak! My favorite fruits I think.
      I love that my blog has YOU drooling, usually it’s the other way around. Score one for me! LOL

  2. LOVED the salad sis!! I love a loaded salad, especially after craving greens all week πŸ˜‰ My stomach growled on cue as well. I am thinking of making my own variation on it today! (I also don’t know how to add the pin it to pinterest but want to too!)

  3. OMG!!! Those strawberries look AMAZING!!!! BIG YUM!!! And I couldn’t agree with you more on the topic of goat cheese – it’s my FAV by far. There is a restaurant in Lenox MA (ZInc) that servies a seared tuna salad with warm crusted goat cheese. TO DIE!

  4. I LOVE egg sandwiches….LOVE! My favorite is a fried egg, tomato, provolone, and pesto. Something about the pesto/egg combo that my tummy loves.
    I am lucky enough to live close to work so that I am able to go home for lunch everyday. I make lots of sandwiches, heat up leftovers from the night before, or soup. I will make big batches of soup and freeze them in smaller contaniers to pull out for my lunches.

    • Ohhhhh pesto!!! That would taste SO GOOD with the egg. I love provolone cheese too, what an awesome combo. Totally making this next week! πŸ™‚

      I think it’s awesome that you can go home at lunch, makes such a difference now that I’m home in terms of what I can make at lunch – with fresh ingredients, a stove, etc. I feel so lucky!!

  5. Umm, can you come to my house and make me lunch everyday? Unfortunately, with the two littles, my standard is PB&J. We got crazy this week and made it with orange marmalade! πŸ˜‰

  6. You are the master of lunches!
    I need to work on getting more variety, for sure. My fave lunch was today–I made a crab/shrimp salad. I can’t wait to scarf down the leftovers for dinner!

    • It’s been so fun to get creative at lunch now that I get to work from home most days of the week. It’s like a whole new world of lunches is open to me!

      Oh yum, crab/shrimp salad sounds delish!

    • LOL!! You are a riot! I just recently started a new job with a work-from-home option so I’ve been savoring the ability to make whatever I want for lunch, hence all this creativity. Plus, I LOVE food so that helps too πŸ˜‰

  7. That egg sandwich sounds delicious. I used to make one almost like that every morning, but lately, I’ve been eating my breakfast at work and I don’t think the new girl cooking eggs in the microwave would go over too well!

  8. You are welcome to pack my lunch any time πŸ™‚ Mine are more of a grab and go assortment rather than a carefully balanced and thought out meal.
    CONGRATS on the marathon registration! So fun that it’s the day after your birthday. You will be amazing!

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