The boy at the barre

This weekend was Valentine’s Day weekend at barre n9ne. How does one celebrate Valentine’s Day at a barre studio? Well, you bring your boy to the barre, that’s how!

Rather than simply relay how this spectacle went down on Saturday morning, I figured I’d get my husband’s take on the whole experience. I’ll say this — I’m pretty sure I’ve gained a whole new level of respect from him as a result. That – and it was pretty frickin’ funny seeing him struggle through the upper body work with those teeny tiny 3 lb hand weights (4 lbs for him)!

So here we go – boy at the barre (n9ne), he said/she said style:

He said: Little nervous, not gonna lie. A little intimidated by the 4 lb weights, who would’ve thought. But let’s get this party started. I’m a Sutera, I never turn down a challenge.

She said: It was SO weird seeing a bunch of boys in the studio, all refusing to take their socks off, so as not to appear anything less than the macho guys that they were trying so hard to be. (kinda hard to do in a studio, but they pulled it off, kinda…)

He said: How many times are we gonna lift these stupid weights over our head? Seriously? Can we put them down yet? Ok, this burns, I’m not kidding. She keeps counting to “8.” How many “8’s” are we gonna do??

She said: This was the part of the workout that I knew the boys would be most surprised by. So of course, I had to go balls-out during the upper body work, I couldn’t let them know that even after 8 months of these workouts, that upper body work still kills me, too! It was hard to focus though, I kept giggling at Scott as he’d scrunch his face up in pain, trying so hard not to drop those weights.

He said: Triceps. I got this. Ok, maybe not. Tricep dips – where’s my bench?? On the floor, you want my hips up where? And I’m supposed to lean back into my triceps and *then* bend my elbows? Um hi, I can’t move.  All that’s moving is my butt, why aren’t my elbows bending?? I look over at Jess – she’s rocking killer form over there. What the hell! Yup, gotta work on this one at home (I said this out loud, Tanya LOL’d at me)

She said: This might’ve been my proudest moment ever in the studio. Scott legit looked over at me and said “Holy crap, good form babe!” which made me crack up and got me to look at his form – or attempt at form – still not really sure what he was working there but it definitely wasn’t his triceps. mwahahaha

He said: At the barre. Oh boy. Make a piece of my pie with your feet. What?? They kept coming around to get me to tuck my hips all the while laughing at me because my legs were trembling in agony. Screw the tuck! My legs are on fire over here! Holy sh*t – now you want me to put a ball between my legs and then keep going, and then figure out this tuck thing, with my feet in a pie. This isn’t working. I mean it is, my legs won’t stop trembling, but really – a blue ball??

She said: Scott made me pretty proud here. He never gave up at that barre. Even if he couldn’t tuck his butt to save his life, he at least kept moving, kept trembling, never dropped. High five, babe!

(so much to say about this pic – mostly the look on M’s face (in the middle with the gray shirt on) – that would be Jo‘s bf if you were wondering. And Scott over in the corner ready to take a knee. tee hee…That and just the sheer sight of a bunch of boys at the barre!! <3)

He said: Thigh dancing. Forget it. I couldn’t even feel my legs, they sure as hell weren’t “dancing” after all that stuff at the barre.

She said: I don’t think Scott knows he has hips. He couldn’t move them. At. All. Like really couldn’t. So he ended up watching me thigh dance instead. Which was another part of class where I went balls-out so as not to look like a wuss next to my husband. And I kinda wanted to impress him. Again. 😉

(ohh thigh dancing – probably the highlight of the whole class – and see? Scott (red shirt next to me at the end) can NOT tuck his hips — and there I am being all “tuck babe, tuck!” as if that’s really helping the situation…)

He said: Julianna said, “men, look at your strong women! you’ll gain a whole new level of respect after this!” To which I yelled “already did!” (I think this earned me major brownie points) But seriously, I had a lot of fun, it was a really good workout — and now, I know exactly what Jess does all those hours she spends at the studio. Highly recommended (but I’m not sure I’ll be back…at least not until next Valentine’s Day).

She said: It gave me such pride to have Scott by my side at the barre, to finally show him this “thing” I am so ridiculously passionate about. *And* to totally whoop his ass at the barre was kinda badass too. And, he was such a good sport — all the guys were! Highly recommend it 😉

****HUGE thank you to Julianna for taking these action shots *and* sharing them with me in time to include in my post today!! You’re the best!!


24 thoughts on “The boy at the barre

  1. This reminds me of the time I went to a yoga class with my wife. If you’ve ever seem a baby deer minutes after birth, shaky and wobbly, that was me. Plus i never expected to sweat so much too. It’s awesome when you do things as a couple and one member is out of their comfort zone. You gain a whole new appreciation.

    • OMG you are TOO funny – what a great visual, I love it. And love that you got outside your comfort zone by taking a class that your wife loves. Trust me, it meant the world to her. Exactly how I felt about having Scott by my side on Saturday!

  2. YAYYAYYAY been waiting for this!! Laughing my butt off. Glad no one else is in the office yet! “So of course, I had to go balls-out during the upper body work,” <—–oh hell yes of course! And saying Scott didn't know he had hips, hysterical. Though, I'll tell you something really funny, Jason can shake his butt and I can't – like seriously the booty shake thing. Yep.

    • LOL I had a feeling you’d get a kick out of this post! I’m totally not kidding, I don’t think Scott knows his hips exist, it was a riot watching him try to locate them during thigh dancing. 😉

      And um, I’m gonna go ahead and say I’ll need to see Jason and his hip-shaking abilities when I see you guys this weekend. I’m putting the request in now so you can prepare Jason ahead of time.

  3. hahaha! I LOVE this! So hysterical. I cackled at the thigh dancing bit 😉 Read it aloud to M just now, he concurred 😉 Both of our men did awesome and they were proud of our form…and hell, so was I! That was awesome!!

    • hehehe I love that you cackled, I totally did when I saw that pic and caught a glimpse of M’s face in the mirror. He was totally doing the “NOT HAPPY” face. hehehe. I love that they both came and did their best at the barre, it was so awesome to share that!!

  4. Hehehe – love it!!! Hysterical!
    Good for Scott for sticking with it!
    I go to a spinning class that lifts 1-2 lb weights for a significant amount of time and Jay thought I was kidding when I said how killer it is. He has since taken that class with me and has taken back every word. 🙂

    • A little dorky I’m sure but we have a lot of fun writing these posts together. We tend to have a lot of fun together in general, clearly 😉 I’m glad you can appreciate that in us!

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