Love to run – winter and summer edition

So, after seeing tons and tons of “why I love to run” style blog posts yesterday in honor or Valentine’s Day thanks to #runchat’s call for posts on the topic on Sunday, I got to thinking about my own lovefest with running.

But rather than talk about why I (love to) run – which I’ve covered a couple of times already here and there (though I feel like I could answer that question differently any day of the week!), I thought I’d take a slightly different slant.

Why I love to run – the winter and summer edition.
(mainly because, up until this winter, I used to despise winter running. And now I don’t (so much). But I digress. Let’s carry on, shall we?)


It’s freezing.
…which makes you run faster. As in holy-hell-there-must-be-crazy-angry-polar-bears-chasing-me fast. <—this was how Sunday's run went, thanks to 15 degree temps and mad wind.

being freezing means two things.
1 – you’re alive and ought to be pretty darn excited about that fact.
2 – you get to pick out wicked cute (and warm) running tights, running hoodies, headbands, etc. And lust after a few items over at Lululemon, wistfully hoping for them to magically appear on the “we made too much” section. Like this:


And, winter running means be-friending the dreadmill which for me translates into interval training and hill work. Both equally puketastic. Both equally needed if I want to kill my half marathon in May…and to set me up nicely for Chicago Marathon training which begins in June (um, puke…that’s coming up pretty quick…)


You sweat. A LOT. I dig that.
(recycled post-rundate pic from this summer)

You get to run much, much earlier in the AM and outside, not on the treadmill. Which means – birds chirping, bunny sightings, warm summer air and ridiculous runner’s highs. I have such fond memories of summertime rundates with my running buddies Steph and Jo, and many long rundates with Scott. Come to think of it, summertime is actually where most of my half marathon training has taken place, to date. So I guess you can say I’m a big-time summer runner, high heat and muggies, be damned.

…which from what I hear is a good thing given the weather for the Chicago Marathon can be fairly unpredictable (but usually pretty warm). <–so choosing this as my first full marathon was a wicked smaht move, who knew?!

And – it takes far less time to “gear up” for a summertime run than a wintertime run. Don’t get me wrong, I dig all the cute winter running gear I’ve accumulated (or lusted after) this season, but nothing compares to running in nothing but Lululemon run shorts and a tank top.

(after the YuKanRun half marathon with Isabel – she’s so little here!)

…which reminds me of a little goal or “bet” that Jo, Steph and I have. That this summer will be the summer we will throw caution to the wind and run in just shorts and a sports bra. Something none of us has ever been brave enough to do (in public) before. Eek. We promised we’d make it happen this year, that we’d let go of insecurity and own that run. Call it a running bucket list item if you want, but dammit – we’re making it happen this year. Right, ladies??

So, this post turned into a bit of a rambly mess, I hope you don’t mind. Sometimes my mind wanders all over the place when I’m blogging, especially when it comes to running. It’s on my mind a LOT lately. That and barre n9ne, barre n9ne, barre n9ne. Not much room in my brain these days for much else.

…which I don’t consider a bad thing. Not. At. All. 😉


35 thoughts on “Love to run – winter and summer edition

  1. I love to run in the cold months! Which will definitely make training for Chicago interesting since I’ll be training in the summer. I’m not the best hot weather runner so we’ll see what happens!!!!!! 🙂

    • Ohh I didn’t realize how much more you loved winter running vs. summer! hey – it’ll get you to embrace the hot temps for running when training for Chicago, I’ll say that!! Not a bad thing I guess??

    • Ohh I have one short-sleeve and one long-sleeve – do you follow ali on the run’s blog? she was selling them to make money for her charity when she ran her first marathon last fall. They are AWESOME shirts!!!

  2. I think I like running in the summer more because I get up early and get it over with and then have the rest of the day to go about my business. In the winter, I feel like I’m waiting for the warmest part of the day and have the run on my mind all day. That said, in the summer, I’ll probably say I like winter running better.

  3. Such a fun list! This is my first true winter of running – and I’ve actually really enjoyed it! I feel like my best runs are in the 40 degree weather – enough to keep you cooler, but not be too cold for the lungs. And I have the same feelings toward the treadmill – thankfully I’ve only needed to use it a few times!

    • I will say that fall can be an AWESOME time to run – 40s and 50s with crisp blue skies, gorgeous and perfect for running. I guess I’m kind of all over the place with the time of year that I like to run — guess that means I love to run ANYTIME really, huh?

  4. I am much much more of a summer runner. I bought all this cold weather running stuff to train for the Hyannis Half (February 26th) and then ended up getting injured right before Christmas. Such a bummer! Hopefully I will be ready to go for a spring half and I can throw on one of my many pairs of Lululemon shorts and running tops.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  5. ahh, sports bra and shorts. I do it, not because i love to bare all, but because, it gives me confidence to know that even when i’m vulnerable, I’m still strong, and honestly, i don’t think anyone really looking at you, judging, unless you’ve got an envious six pack.

    • This is exactly why I want to give it a shot – to be vulnerable, to trust myself and to just go for it. I think it’ll be very liberating. And haha, NO, I most certainly do not have an enviable six-pack, though that would be lovely now wouldn’t it?

  6. I just found your blog and I am addicted! I love running in the summer. I don’t feel like I get a good run in unless I’m drenched in sweat. Last summer I ran my first race with just a sports bra! It was so liberating. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    • Aww thank you so much!! I’m excited to have you 🙂 I’m off to check out your blog next, love meeting new runner blog friends!!
      PS don’t you LOVE a run that leaves you drenched??

  7. I freaking heart summer running!!! I can’t wait for it, it just makes me SO happy. In every way. I actually like running outside in the winter now – who knew?! – but summer cannot be beat! I can’t wait for bunny sightings and our challenge to ourselves! we can do this, shorts and sports bra! yeah!! and more lulu run shorts!!

    • I do tooooo. We have GOT to do our old “long run” from two summers ago together this summer – perhaps that’s where we should do our sports bra/shorts run together. Whatcha say?? I’m excited now that I think about that is the locale for our big reveal, haha!

  8. I much prefer to run in cooler temps and that is one reason why I LOVE running in the winter. And I think it is so magical to run when the ground and trees are snow covered – beautiful!
    That being said, I AM SO EXCITED FOR SPRING!!!! I love to run early (before work), it feels so good to begin my day with a good sweat session. Looking forward for when that sun starts shining bright earlier:-)

    • I am SO excited to be able to run before work OUTSIDE in the spring/summer – especially because once summer hits, I’ll have my favorite running partner by my side again (Scott is a teacher now so he’ll have summers OFF, woohoo). Such fond memories of summertime running, I can’t say it enough!

  9. I like this post! And I love the I ❤ Sweat Tee!! Both summer and winter are awesome for running for different reasons. I like to run in the winter but more in the daylight. If it's dark I *almost* prefer the treadmill. It's nice to get fresh air and outside in the winter. Summer running is just awesome for too many reasons to count!! Chicago is the best! You'll be fine with a May half and then Chicago…that's exactly what I did last summer!

    • The fresh, crisp air in the winter is SO invigorating I’ll say that. Especially compared to the sometimes-stifling air that can happen in the really muggy times in the summer in Boston. But like you said – I love both but for very different reasons! Which half did you run last spring before you ran Chicago in the fall? Was it a local one?

  10. Love it because I remember how much you struggled running last year this time. Of course you did have an insane amount of snow… And yes, during the summer there are so many perks like the bunnies, even deer or raccoons. Around here you learn to get over yourself real quick and run in sports bra and shorts. It’s too blazing hot to care!

    • You have such a good memory my dear – you are absolutely right. I struggled, like WHOA, with keeping my rundurance up last winter. I also ended up injured for part of the winter which didn’t help matters either. So this winter – FAR better for this runner, I’ll say that (especially lack of snow!).

      I love your take on the sports bra thing – I’m excited to just get out there and do it, even though it still intimidates the crap out of me at the moment. But I WILL do it, I promise!

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