Strength is…

Strength is…

…pushing past boundaries. Boundaries you’ve set. Maybe without realizing it. Or maybe you have. Or maybe those boundaries were set by someone or something else. And you push past. That is strength.

…choosing to challenge yourself. With intention. And purpose. Not going halfway and stopping. But taking it all the way. Not just completing a challenge, but crushing it. That is strength.

…embracing discomfort. Stepping way outside of your safe little world and into a world of unknowns. And charging forward. With courage. Even if that means ‘faking it until you make it.’ Because getting uncomfortable enacts change, evolutions. That is strength.

…Dream. Dream. Dream. And then turn those dreams into your reality. That is strength. 

Strength is…

<Editor’s Note: This post came to me after a really solid day at my new job, where I found myself stepping outside of my world and embracing the discomfort. And it was followed by a particularly intention-filled barre n9ne class. Where I felt focused. Sure of myself. And most of all? I felt strong.

…I must say, this ‘year of no limits’ is off to a damn good start. Rock. On. >

42 thoughts on “Strength is…

  1. Hi Jess, you know I love your posts and I’m always very impressed by your power and strength. That motivates me a lot! One question came into my mind just recently and I hope you don’t mind asking: Have you ever failed in something (re fitness. I don’t want to be too personal ;-))? Did you ever try out any kind of sport you were really weak in like in …ehm… ice skating, horse riding, square dancing? Did you ever miss a target? You always seem to be so straight forward, strong and successful that I wondered whether it’s just me that I do not become faster with every single run. Or that I sometimes just don’t LIKE to work out even though I love it… Looking forward to your answer 🙂

    • Hmm, you are keeping me on your toes this morning Julia! But actually, you are absolutely right. I *have* failed at something fitness related. And it’s because of previous failures that every little tiny success today means so much more to me, so that’s why I celebrate success, and the process of getting to that success a lot on this blog. I talk a lot about embracing the process, the journey — because without failure, how could we ever appreciate success, at least not fully, right?

      To answer you though – I’d honestly call Group Kick a failure (even though I hate that word). It was a moment where I took a challenge head-on but I didn’t see it all the way through. I didn’t finish what I started: I went halfway and then stopped. That used to be my MO for a lot of things in life but after the whole Group Kick thing, I put the pieces together and realized that I was kind of self-sabotaging my own efforts by not TRULY giving it my all, by not truly embracing the process, of getting uncomfortable and truly going for it.

      That’s why it might sound like where I am today seems a little “puppies and rainbows” in a way — it’s mainly that my perspective has changed and I’m ready to embrace new, even if that “new” can be really scary and hard sometimes. Which is why I’m going after things like my first full marathon, and becoming barre n9ne certified and tackling my new job with ferocity. 🙂

      Did I answer your question?? 🙂

      • Definitely 🙂 Glad to hear that there are things you dislike… However, keep being positive. It’s always inspiring to read your posts. They often bring me back to positive thinking, back to that “yes, you can” momentum that I often forget throughout the day. So: Don’t get me wrong. I was just curious if there was a “failure” once in your fitness “career”

  2. Gosh, I felt this way last night after my run. It was late and I was still full from dinner and I kept saying “it’s only one day – I can skip it”. But I manned up, got on the treadmill, and had a kickass run! It took all I had to get out that treadmill and I’m so glad (and proud) that I did – that’s strength. 🙂

    • It’s so hard to fully embrace discomfort but once you do it a few times, it kind of becomes a bit of a rush the next time you do step out of your comfy little “space” into a new world like that. I love that you’re doing more of that yourself, that is awesome!

  3. A simple and beautiful post — something we should all do some reflecting on every once in awhile. I like how this came from a job-related thing. I’ve been having trouble at work lately..partly because of struggling to accept some uncomfortable new things but you are right, when I embrace them, learn & do, I DO feel strong. Thanks for that.

    • Sometimes it’s the work-related “things” that can be the most uncomfortable – so I’m glad that this post reminded you to try to embrace the change versus fearing it. Good luck!!

  4. What a simple, great post, friend. Simple but it spoke words. I sat here for years, dreaming big, but being afraid to just go for it. I was afraid to challenge myself. I finally sat back and realized that if I dream and don’t chase ’em, then what good is it?

    Your strength and focus is inspiring, Jess.

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