Foodie Friday – interrupted!

**Alert! Alert!! This edition of Foodie Friday interrupted for a very important message from your EatDrinkBreatheSweat editor***

Sooooo – about Foodie Friday today. Let’s just say this girl found herself just a wee bit distracted by a pretty big event coming up this weekend and did NOT get her post together on her *other* favorite topic (other than sweat!) — food.

What could that “big event” possibly be?

Welllllll — as I mentioned to you at the start of the month, this month includes a fair bit of travel. Some for work. Some for pleasure.

The fun trip? I am FINALLY going to visit my blog bestie Heather who I have not seen in almost two years. She is a kindred spirit – I swear we share a brain 99.9999% of the time. We leave on Saturday (at the wee early hour of 6:30 am at an airport that’s almost an hour from us, great planning on my part *yawn*) — which means last night was all about packing for the trip.

…now a word about packing. It gives me GREAT anxiety. As in it keeps me awake at night. Literally. Let me give you a case in point. This is my brain whilst in packing mode, while laying in bed the other night trying, very unsuccessfully, to fall asleep:

…I can’t forget to bring a hoodie to wear to that spin class Heather wants to go to on Monday.

…oh! speaking of workouts, I better not wear that new pair of Victoria’s Secret knockout crops to the studio tomorrow. I want to wear them to that spinning class.

…I think I’ll bring that cardigan and tank that I wore on Christmas Eve. I haven’t worn that in awhile.

…or maybe I’ll bring that black and white polka-dot top I wore the day after Christmas instead. I’ve only worn that one once and I love that top.

…crap. Shoes. I need options. Hm.

…hm, what about jeans. I’ll wear skinnies and boots on the flight, easier to wear vs. packing, but what do I want to wear home. Jeans? An old pair of lulu pants I used to wear when I taught Kick? Ohh, my I Heart Sweat shirt would be great on the plane, I won’t get hot.

…repeat this little monologue for no less than an hour, and you’d be in my brain the other night.

So what’s a needlessly anxiety-ridden girl to do when faced with packing for a wicked fun trip? Well — she does what any rationale human being would do. She drinks a glass of wine *while* packing.

It’s genius, really.

My husband was all about that idea — he’ll do anything to get me to chill the f*ck out relax when it comes to picking out outfits and packing them for a trip. So we happily cheers’d before the packing commenced.

And honestly (surprisingly)? It wasn’t nearly as bad as I envisioned. I think it’s probably because I had spent so much time packing and re-packing in my head that when it came to actually DOING it? I was ready to go. Or maybe the glass of wine did the trick. 😉

Either way — we’re packed and ready to GO, as you can see from Exhibit A:

So after tonight’s barre n9ne teacher training practice run, I’ll be forcing myself to bed as early as I can so that 3:45am wake-up call stings slightly less. Expect some updates from me (and Heather) at some point during this trip.  Lots of tweets. And maybe a vlog. Yup, I said it, a vlog. <—Heather, now we’re on the hook, it’s in writing!

Happy weekend friends!! And Heather – SEE you soon!!! Wheee!!!


42 thoughts on “Foodie Friday – interrupted!

  1. aww yay!!! you guys are going to have so much fun!! I am so SO sad I won’t be there with you, but I will for sure be ready for our skype cheers whenever you guys can fit us in 😉 Will miss youuuuuu!! Give Heather a big hug and kiss for meeeee!! (and man, how different times are NOW than when we first met at the RT two years ago…that could be a post from me all on its own!).

    • Haha maybe that’s my issue – I need to worry about someone else vs. myself when packing. Though – I was worried about Scott’s packing ability, I think he packed too LITTLE and I packed too MUCH. Shocking, really 😉

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  3. For the nine millionth time – I’M SUPER JEALOUS! Have a great time ladies.

    Jess – I’m the same way. I’ve been having that dialogue in my head for 2 days over what I’m going to wear on Sunday while racing. And whether I should bring a change of clothes. Or just long pants and a hoodie. Or just a hoodie because my legs dont get cold easily.

    And why did you link up those crops? BECAUSE NOW I WANT THEM! They’re SEXY!

    Have the most awesomest trip and give Heather LOTS OF HUGS FROM ME!

    • They ARE so sexy, you totally need a pair! I just got mine on clearance for wicked cheap!!!

      Have the AWESOMEST race on Sunday my friend. I’m sad I won’t be there to see it but I fully expect greatness from you *and* a text that day with your big finish! YAY!!!!!

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