On quieting the mind.

So after getting back from Little Rock on Tuesday night, I ended up feeling very restless.
…and anxious.

I could not quiet my mind.

There were a ton of reasons for all that chatter going on in my head, but mostly — my mind kept going back to those dreams of mine I’ve been chasing. My mind was gravitating towards fear. Not exactly an emotion you’d typically equate with dream catching, right?

And then it dawned on me (with a little help from the hubs – he gives the best ‘tough love’ pep talks, I swear): why let fear hold me back from reaching my true potential? Why is my immediate reaction to get scared and want to step back, far away from my dreams instead of racing towards them?

…because chasing dreams is hard. It goes back to getting outside comfort zones, getting way outside of your cozy little life and putting yourself out there. Like really out there.

But then, isn’t that what dreams are made of? Your dreams are little bits and pieces of all the things you’ve always hoped your life could be and making them a reality. Your reality.

So rather than fear that new reality, why not embrace it with joy and excitement and enthusiasm? Versus letting fear steal away the joy that chasing and catching a dream should be all about?

Afterall…not many people get the chance to make their dreams a reality. If ever.

So this is me – banishing fear in favor of joy and making those dreams of mine a reality. My reality.

*****This post brought to you by one of the most mind-quieting runs I’ve ever had. Seven solid miles. 40 degree temps at 7am in February in Boston. My favorite running partner by my side. The cool air rushing past my face. My mind quieting with every step I took. An incredibly quiet, but amazing runner’s high. One my mind needed even more than my body.*****

32 thoughts on “On quieting the mind.

  1. I’ve been contemplating this aspect of life this week too! It’s such an interesting thing—we can envision what we want and dream about for our lives, but then…we get caught up in the contemplation (and maybe a lil self-doubt). I’m a big fan of re-writing the story so that I approach my dreams with joy and positivity—it will be worth the effort!

    • Yes – I’ve been getting caught up in the contemplation, big time (how do you KNOW this about me?? you are so insightful, I swear!) and it’s jarring my confidence a bit. I am working hard to re-write that story (love that phrase of yours!) right now – this is a joyful and excitement time, I MUST believe and remember that.

  2. i definitely have trouble quieting my mind. Loved the “chasing dreams is hard” sentence. it is! there hasn’t been anything easy about me going back to school and following my dreams….but in my experience, it’s following those kinds of dreams that is usually worth it!

    • I sometimes think we all forget that dream chasing is hard – yes, its exciting and exhilarating but it’s NOT easy. I guess if it WERE easy, we’d all be achieving our dreams left and right, huh?

  3. Amen sista! This is exactly how I’ve been feeling lately. I even wrote a post on it. It’s totally normal to let your fears scare you in a way, and hey, all good things are a little scary at first right? But if it’s truly your passion, then you will get there in time.

    Starting my own business and wondering how the heck I’m going to make it in this world has been scary as hell. But then I remember it’s my passion, and I CAN DO IT. and I WILL DO IT. Staying inspired helps keep the fear at bay.

    Keep on chasing those dreams Jess. 🙂

    • YES. In the end, remembering that this is your passion, your dream and it reminds you that you WILL make it a reality. Sometimes half the battle is willing your dreams to come true, firmly believing it and then making it happen. I’m so excited for you and what your future holds,I think it’s awesome that you are going after your dreams so zestfully (hehe, had to use that word!).

  4. Everyday, I wake up and wonder what I was thinking in going back to school. I am so scared that I am wasting my time for no reason at all. Then I remember my dream and think about how good it will be when I graduate, even if it is many years away. It is so scary to face the unknown, but it will be worth it. Beautiful post Jess!

    • I think that’s what scares me – the unknown factor. But you are absolutely right, in the end? We’ll look back on these moments of uncertainty and doubt and it’ll remind us how far we’ve come, how hard we’ve fought and just how HAPPY we ought to be that we finally caught that dream. Keep at it my friend!

  5. For some reason this makes me want to cry. Happy tears, I think, maybe some scared tears too. Because you really read my mind.

    I have so many dreams and aspirations – and working toward them is so hard sometimes – I just want to quit. Stay in my comfortable content little part of the world.

    I needed to read this today, Jess! You’re doing so great with your job, working outside of your comfort zone, getting ready for another half marathon and your first full marathon, you’re a rock star, and a great friend!

    Love you! XOXO

    • And for some reason, this comment made ME cry. I think mostly because I feel like I’m not alone in the dream chasing/scariness path I’m on right now. But also, because you reminded me that I’m human…and that yes, I am taking on a LOT right now and it’s ok to feel a little afraid or overwhelmed amidst all this change and challenge. I needed to read these words from you today, you’re the best! xoxoxo

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  7. Amen sis. Amen. I had to stop reading your post as I was writing mine and we are again, on quite the same wavelength. Chasing a dream is hard and downright terrifying. And the natural instinct is to run from it, not toward it. But we are going for it, and as scary as it is, and as uncomfortable as it may be, it will be well worth it in the end. XOXO

    • I LOVE when we’re on the same wavelength without even really truly meaning to. Your post today brought tears to my eyes and rustled up some old memories and feelings I kind of didn’t know existed. Interesting how words can jog your memory that way, huh? xoxo sis!

    • Exactly – if you’re going to dream, dream big – but be ready for the scary path that leads you to that dream. It’s not all puppies and rainbows but by the end? When you catch that dream? Worth. It.

    • I tend to agree on fear as a motivator – it’s just when that fear overrides the joy in following a dream that it can become problematic. You know? Such a fine line – the fear as a motivator thing.

  8. I LOVE the quote “if your dreams don’t scare you they aren’t big enough”….what a great way to look at it! (So putting that on a post-it and putting it on my bathroom mirror;-)
    I also love those runs that quiet your mind and speak to your soul. Those are the runs to bottle up!

    PS. Your trip looked like a lot of fun! Glad that you had such a great time….horse races?! Sweet!

    • I need to put that one on a sticky note too…or just get it tattooed somewhere so I never forget it.
      And YES – a run like I had the other day? Few and far between but MAN do they remind you why you get out there and run in the first place, huh?

      PS. the horse races were so fun – the people watching there was incredible! hehe

  9. I love this post! I feel like you read my mind and totally understand how I’ve been feeling! It’s so scary to chase your dreams and they are always so hard to make a reality. My boyfriend, who also gives me some awesome tough love pep talks, reminded me last night that I’m fighting the journey and need to relax and enjoy it because the journey is as exciting as the success! Thanks for your words today!

    • BINGO. I’ve been fighting the journey. And for absolutely NO reason at all. I need to stop fighting, stop fearing and embrace the sh*t out of the path that I’m on. Thank you for sharing those wise words from your bf, I love it!

  10. I seriously think we are soul mates. I have such issues with quieting my mind too and not overanalyzing everything and wondering if its a smart move. If something is a passion we should just go for it. I’ve learned it can be great. I know you will do great too!

    • YES – on both counts. Soul mates, for sure; but also – that if something is a true passion, don’t fight it – go with it, follow that path, embrace the (Scary) process. You are WELL on your way and I’m chipping away at mine too, baby steps right?

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