Foodie Friday — food repeats

Hill repeats, speed repeats…food repeats?

Yup, food repeats. They’ve been happening a lot up in here for the latter half of this week since returning from Little Rock (where wine was on repeat, above all else, hah). And it’s not because I don’t have plenty of food options to choose from,  I’ve just been gravitating towards certain foods this week. I think it’s mainly because I’m back on the traveling bandwagon next week for work so I’m trying like hell to fit in as many of my favorite healthy foods as possible before I’m back in un-routine mode again.

So what types of food repeats are going on over here? Well, why don’t I show you? ;-P

Coffee — homemade and lots of it. (working from home has saved me a bundle due to lack of Starbucks runs! I now reserve those for “venti Friday” for the most part, hehe).  This pic is actually from the cute little diner we found in the Baltimore airport en route to Little Rock last Saturday. I couldn’t help myself – there is just *something* about diner coffee (it’s gotta be the mugs!) that does it for me…

Flatout wraps filled with yummy goodness. My body must be craving iron because I’ve been stealing the deli roast beef from Scott’s stash for my own sandwiches this week. With a laughing cow herb-flavored cheese, lots of baby romaine and a side of fresh-cut cantaloupe, strawberries and blackberries. In a word: drool.

Bananas. Perfectly ripe. Bright yellow with a hint of green at the stem. Perfect. On their own. Paired with peanut butter (shocker). Or sliced into my oatmeal. ❤

Other items in heavy rotation? Salads at dinner. I eat one with every dinner for the most part, come to think of it. And Chobani – with some chia seeds on top to keep me full. Annnnd oatmeal, obviously. That’s a daily occurrence around here – I even got to enjoy Heather‘s version of oatmeal while in Little Rock, twas lovely. 😉

Even though I love variety in the foods that I eat, there’s also something to be said for certain food repeats, the good ‘ol standbys, if you will. Can be so very comforting and nourishing all at once. Exactly why I’ll miss it SO MUCH next week while in Cali for work. At least we all know by now that I come prepared for situations such as this – got my plain instant oatmeal, mini-packs of peanut butter, protein bars for in-a-pinch quick meals, and apples, all practically packed already in my carry-on, why yes, indeed!

…but I digress…((un-routine)) right??

Happy foodie friday friends – eat up! ;-P


33 thoughts on “Foodie Friday — food repeats

  1. I love the blog–where do you get the mini peanut butter packs? I have not seen them and end up looking odd with a huge PB container in my purse 🙂

    • I find the 90-cal almond butter from Whole Foods or the Justin’s peanut butter (I got the honey peanut butter) mini-packets (190 cals which is 2 TB, I tend to use half a packet in that case) at Target. SO convenient!

    • Do you have one meal or food repeat that you just can’t do anymore? For me it’s Chobani vanilla or lemon, I ate WAY too many of that flavor at one point and now can’t even look at them, how sad, right?

    • I tend to eat the same 2-3 things for breakfast, my lunches tend to be a lot more varied since I started working from home (which I LOVE) and dinner is usually fairly inspired, but mostly because my husband is involved in that process, he loves to cook!

  2. I meant to ask if you were making your oatmeal my way LOL. I’m enjoying mine right at this moment. MMMMMM. We should have made it your way one morning at least huh? After I travel, I tend to gravitate towards certain foods again as well. Usually lots more veggies and salads – trying to detox LOL

    • I love how different we all make our oatmeal – it’s such a personal preference, isn’t it?? We totally should’ve made it my way once! It’s not ALL that different from yours, the only difference is the type of oats I use and that I usually don’t put the stevia in. Otherwise, it’s basicaly the same. YUM!

  3. I eat a LOT of the same things over and over too! Smoothies, chobani, whole wheat bagel thins, fruit fruit and more fruit.

    And I”m with you on salad – I eat salad EVERY DAY.

    • Fruit and salad are ALWAYS on the menu around here…yet another reason why being away for work can be such a challenge, there isn’t usually much in the way of fruit and veggies for all those catered lunches (since I’m usually in the CA office during big meetings and kick-offs, so it’s not like I can go and grab a salad bar lunch or something from the caf). Sad face!

  4. So suprised to see a Silver Diner mug in your post! Silver Diner is a regional chain (several locations in MD, VA, and maybe some in NJ). The hubs and I head to one in our neighborhood for brunch on a regular basis. What I love about Silver Diner is that they’ve started partnering with local farms and have a new “Fresh and Local” menu! Definitely a new twist on a traditional diner! I’m glad you enjoyed a little bit of Maryland 🙂

    • SO funny!! I have never been before but I REALLY loved the menu – there were lots of locally grown foods listed and even healthy options! I got an egg white omelette loaded with veggies and an english muffin on the side. With that big mug of coffee, I was in heaven!!

  5. My husband thinks I am crazy, but I love my bananas green. Once they turn yellow, I can not stomach them!

    I have been on an egg kick as of late and my sis thinks that my body is craving protien. I think it is pretty crazy/great that if we listen to our bodies, they usually tell us what they need.

    • It IS so interesting how your body just KNOWS what it needs. I’ve been craving red meat and eggs lately too – which is why I think my body is in need of iron. And why my husband is making me a filet mignon for our date night in tomorrow night, what a guy! 😉

  6. This has been a big repeat week for me too. My go to lunch has been ciabatta bread with havarti, guacamole, sprouts and tomato. I kind of have an addictive personality, so if I find something I like, I stick with it! Amen to the coffee too–it’s definitely my life blood. The Keurig and I have become really close friends. 🙂

    • Ohhh that sandwich sounds SO GOOD!! I must try that sometime – I never think to buy havarti, that’s a goodie! Oh and sprouts – always so good for added crunch. Mentally adding that to my grocery list right now!

    • You are always so creative with your food choices, it’s no wonder you’re not a repeater!
      And thank you friend, I’m loving these little foodie posts too, so much fun to write!

  7. I get on food repeats all the time…I love something so much I just want it all the time…and then I get sick of it and move on to something else.
    I work at home—so I can relate to the coffee thing. For a couple days, my keurig was broken and I went out to buy coffee—what a waste of money!!!

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