Packed / Not Packed


Not Packed:

Yup, you read that right – I did not pack my running sneakers for this trip out to Cali for work. I’m not planning to run at all while I’m there. No running? Me?? Who is this person??

This person is thisclose to teaching the first of two “demo” classes at barre n9ne in preparation for her barre n9ne certification.

Which means that every single second of every single day that I have a moment to spare? This girl will be practicing, prepping and counting her way to March 9th (class #1) and March 12th (class #2).


I figured if I even attempted to fit my sneakers into my suitcase along with those weights, resistance band and all of my cute outfit options for this trip out, I’d be very tempted to run in the morning before work versus using that 90 minutes or so before work to practice, b9-style.

And honestly? Even though traveling the week before my big debut at barre n9ne stresses me out a shitton wee bit, the fact that I’ve got 90 minutes every single morning this week to devote to barre n9ne practice in my room? HUGE opportunity. And I’m determined as all hell to make the best possible use of that time.

Because this girl? Yeah, she’s chasing that dream: of becoming not just any barre n9ne instructor, but one of the best there is. Because this is my dream. And I’m here to grab it, and when I do? I’m holding on tight and never letting go.

Wish me luck this week — it’s bound to be filled to the brim with long, long days and nights but I’m gonna do my best to embrace it like a pro, un-routine and all.

And don’t you worry – I have my healthy snacks packed and ready to go, just like last time around.


Let’s do this.


40 thoughts on “Packed / Not Packed

  1. Safe Travels!!!! Sometimes I’ll ditch the running shoes…it feels so wierd, but opens up a lot of space in the bag 🙂 And what a great thing to have 90 minutes, each morning, of uninterrupted practice time. You are going to be an excellent instructor – you love what you do & you work hard!

    ps. I found a new travel food that works great – raw snap peas. Somes I need something with a crunch & they work well! Otherwize I’m tempted to eat trail mix all flight 🙂

    • It DOES feel weird not to have them with me – the head of our dept even joked about running at 5am with me tomorrow and then I filled him in on my plans. He thought I was a riot for packing my own weights and everything. hehe 😉 But what can ya do? I’m determined to make good use of the time tomorrow! Up at 5, practice until 6:30 and that still gives me a good hour+ to get ready, read a few blogs and head downstairs to start my day with the team. The one benefit of being “ahead” on the west coast while still feeling like you’re on the east coast. I’ll be up early early, way before everyone else. Lots of time for my own stuff before the day gets crazy 🙂

      Ps. that is a GREAT idea!! I’m totally doing that next time!!

  2. Wow, I don’t even know if I could have NOT packed my sneakers. I am impressed sis. We are getting our game faces on and will be ready to teach our classes! I can’t wait! Safe travels this week sis! Miss you!

    • You’re impressed aren’t ya? I even shocked myself with that one – but I know me. I know I’d want to run if I had the sneakers here and honestly – this is not the time to be running, this is the time to be focused on the goal: to be the best damn b9 instructor I can be! The running can wait 🙂

  3. So proud of you of you! I wish that I could take one of your classes. You are going to do great and I am looking forward to reading all about this new adventure of yours as a teacher. I really think that God has you in this direction for a reason…you are already such an inspiration to many! Best of luck friend!

    • I would LOVE to have you in a class – maybe someday you’ll have to find a reason to come up to the Boston area. 😉 Which reminds me – I need to ask you about your last name, apparently that last name runs on my husband’s side of the family, who knew??

      Thank you for the kind words my dear, you are right – I need to remember that God set me on this path for a reason, it’s time to own it, embrace it, show Him that I am doing right by the path He’s put me on!

      • I would not be surprised if there was a name connection. I guess Bonofiglio is like “Smith” in Italy. In fact, when I got in my car accident the officer that came to the scene had the last name Bonofiglio…small world!

    • I am determined to make this week work for me, even if I’m far away from family and “routine” – I am gonna use ANY free time I have to my advantage, as you saw by what I packed for this trip 😉

  4. Get it, girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrlll!!!!!!!!! Based on your attitude you are going to be an AMAZING instructor. Your classes are going to love how prepared and passionate you are!

    • I am TOTALLY cheating on them – but don’t tell them ok? Especially since I just bought a new pair that should arrive in the mail by the time I get home. My old pair is gonna be pissed when they find out what I’ve done 😉

    • I can’t really believe it either…but it’s absolutely the best decision. My eye is firmly on that prize! i would LOVE to have you in class someime soon – maybe next time you visit your bro-in-law!! 🙂

    • Thanks my dear! So far, first day went well – aside from a VERY bumpy set of flights here, oy. But the first night was good, I got over my nerves and had a great time catching up with coworkers. Almost felt like I wasn’t so much the new girl anymore, even though I totally am still 😉

  5. How exciting! So proud of you for focusing on your main goal. Running will always be there for the future 🙂 With your personality and passion, you WILL be one of the best instructors there is. Can’t even wait for more updates!

    Love your health snack pack too, you are so cute!

    • You are so right – running WILL be there when I get back. And I even said that this month the focus would not be on running but on barre n9ne and so far, I’ve done a good job of balancing both. But now that we’re down to the final weeks of training, eye is on the prize baby, all the way!!

      PS. You should totally try to come to one of my demo classes since you live close!! Let’s chat??

  6. love this so much! your determination, dedication, and genuine love for barre is so inspiring. you’re going to be an amazing instructor. 🙂 safe travels! I love PB&J larabars…mmmm.

    • Not gonna lie, totally snagged a bit of a pb&j larabar just now. Dinner wasn’t really “dinner” but more like bar food appetizers so I was very limited in my choices. Ended up with a little grilled chicken slider and a glass of wine. Not much considering I basically ate snacks for the majority of my day today (since I was basically flying all day). So I’m REALLY looking forward to some decent meals tomorrow…and in the meantime, the bite of larabar before bed took the edge off at least!! Thank god for this travel pack of mine, huge lifesaver!!

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