On leaders, on leading.


This week in Cali for work has been quite the whirlwind so far. But it’s involved some really interesting parallels I just had to jot down while they were fresh on this (very weary) brain of mine. So here goes…brace yourself – this may be a little all over the place.  (And yes, sometimes I feel like my blog posts need a “proceed with caution” warning label, what of it?) 😉


I sat in on a workshop discussion yesterday, actually two of them, that both tie back to this ongoing goal of mine to get and stay uncomfortable as much as I can this year – a year of “no limits” as I dubbed it back around New Year’s.

One workshop talked about the Myer’s Briggs personality testing and how to both use your personality attributes to your advantage, but also ways to “revolt” (for lack of a better word) against your personality attributes in some ways, too. In other words — make your innate personality traits work for you but also work against some of those very ingrained traits to push past boundaries that might be holding you back. (In other words: get uncomfortable, get out of your regime, your routine, your “normal”!)

The other workshop talked about women in leadership and how to become the leader on your team, in your department and within the company overall (have I mentioned how much I dig the importance placed on personal growth and development in the workplace that happens at my new job?? And how much emphasis is placed on growing the women in the company?? Um yeah, it’s pretty awesome).

The common theme(s)?

Get uncomfortable. If you’re innately an introvert – just do it, get out of that comfort zone and force yourself to take more risks. If you’re an extrovert, take a step back to let others (introverts especially) shine.

Stay uncomfortable. Portray leadership traits – even if you don’t necessarily feel it, ACT like a leader. Command a room versus hiding in a corner trying to become invisible. Dress for the part – appear pulled together and poised even if you don’t feel poised and pulled together. Fake it ’till you make it.

Turn that discomfort into quasi-comfort. A leader isn’t sitting around, status quo, in comfortable situations day in and day out. Nope. They are constantly in uncomfortable situations. But it’s how they harness that discomfort that’s the key. They force themselves to appear comfortable even if they truly aren’t. So think and act like a leader, no matter how uncomfortable it may actually feel. Even if that means reciting positive affirmation in your head to give yourself that mental boost needed to portray outward confidence.

Bottom line: It’s time to stay uncomfortable.
(as if I needed that reminder, huh??)

…in my (yes, MY!) barre n9ne classes. <–whee!

…in my job.

…in my running (and future marathon-ing).

…in my relationships.

…Because it’s the only way to let yourself be great. By pushing past boundaries, getting used to being uncomfortable — learning to lead vs. follow.

And chasing those dreams.

15 thoughts on “On leaders, on leading.

  1. Those sound like really cool workshops! We never had anything remotely that inspiring when I was working. Errr…I take that back. When I was working as a teacher bec goodness do I work now and my “coworkers” (aka you and other bloggers) inspire the heck out of me. 🙂

  2. Maybe you thought this was all over the place…but this was one of my favorite blog posts of yours ever!

    Love that your company focuses on developing women leaders.

    This definitely inspires me to work at harnessing the uncomfortable moments. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love this sis! I have always found these kinds of workshops SO good and SO motivating and SO right on, in every area of life! So glad you are digging your job, I am so glad you went for it, and I am so glad that you are learning so much!!

  4. Do you ever read that Mark and Angel hack life blog (or something like that)? There was one particular post that stuck out to me because it said something about how you are never going to grow if you stick with doing what you know how to do. It’s uncomfortable to do new things, especially if you feel like you are bad at them, but it’s how you grow as a person.

  5. Aren’t Myer’s Briggs test empowering? I enjoy physchology and am fascinated by these discussions.

    I definitely think we are pushed out of our comfort zone when we train and stay active. Definitely see you as a leader my dear!

  6. Great tips—it’s so true! It’s related to that whole thing about how often the most amazing and wonderful results come as a result of taking some kind of risks—getting out of the comfort zone into the zone of uncertainty.
    It’s something I remind myself of often!

  7. First of all, emphasis on personal growth & leadership among women?! Yes, you found the right place to work. 🙂

    Somewhere along the lines of being the “shy” one in most groups, the stereo-typical middle child and a total creature of habit, I put myself in enough “uncomfortable” situations to finally realize what I was missing. I can’t imagine living life anywhere but outside of the comfort zone – it’s where we really learn what we’re capable of doing.

    • Isn’t it an awesome thing to see in the workplace?? SO refreshing!!

      I love your example of being the “shy” one in the group and learning to push yourself out of that comfort zone. You are SO right (and damn are we similar that way!) — it isn’t until we push past boundaries do we truly see what we’re made of, what we can do, WHO we truly are beneath it all.

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