On staying open to change.

I woke up on Sunday morning feeling anxious. Saturday was a whirlwind. Of catching up on my workouts. Errands. House-cleaning. Cuddle time with Scott. But not nearly enough decompressing. That much was clear to me the second I woke up on Sunday. Anxiety. Stress. Discomfort. Exhaustion. I couldn’t shake it.

…so rather than force a workout, I chose Sunday as my rest day for the week. (change #1).
ent downstairs and started up breakfast, trying to avoid rushing through it. (change #2).
…turned on an episode of Joel Osteen. Hoping it would re-center my mind a bit.

The topic? Change.
…how fitting.

On staying willing and open to change versus fighting it or worse yet, avoiding it entirely. Sticking with the status quo, thinking where you are in life is ‘good enough’ versus seeking out new paths.

Joel made some awesome points about the purpose of change. It isn’t meant to last forever – change, that is. Some changes are fleeting and are only meant to come into your life to enact bigger, longer-lasting change. The main goal in all of this is to get closer and closer to your own personal ‘promised land’ in life.

The key, though, is being open and ready and willing to change. Not to shy away from it. Not to fear it. But to embrace it. Seek it out. Don’t sit idle. Embrace the season (of change) that you’re in.

So where does this leave me? Well – for one, it helped to re-center me. I am living in a sea of change right now. At work – pushing myself to get out of my comfort zone. At barre n9ne – transitioning from teacher to instructor. With running – switching from running to run, to running with purpose (more on this tomorrow…).

I could very easy allow myself to sit in this state of change and feel anxious and unsettled. Or I could choose to embrace and stay open to the changes that surround me. As Joel pointed out, this season of change is pushing me closer to my ‘promised land’ – which in my view, is simply a ‘land’ where I’m living my best life now.

 A very fitting message given how much change I’m about to experience just this week alone – my barre n9ne teaching debut on Friday (!!) and the start of half marathon training (!!). Among other changes I might not even be aware of at this very moment.

So on this day, everyday — I’m going to change how approach change. I will step back, exhale, and embrace it. Be thankful for this season I’m in versus questioning it or fearing it. Staying open to change.