Foodie Friday – some simple faves

This week I’ve been embracing routine, like whoa.

After last week’s long, long, LONG week in California for work, I fought to regain my energy and sense of normalcy at the beginning of the week. Feeling like a truck hit me, couldn’t clear the cobwebs, the whole nine yards. I guess it was jetlag (maybe?) combined with a jam-packed week of work and very little normalcy on the foodie front.

A very long, rambly way of saying – I am SO enjoyed being back in my routine this week, particularly on the foodie front. So today’s post is dedicated to a few simple favorites from this week. Nothing too crazy up in here, just honest-to-goodness delicious, nutritious, and energizing foods.

First up (surprise, surprise) a giant bowl of oatmeal-y goodness.

But this wasn’t just *any* bowl of oatmeal. Nope. This was made by my sister after our fabulous (but uber windy) rundate on Thursday morning. She had the genius idea of using both chopped apple *and* sliced (perfectly ripe) banana mixed in with melty peanut butter. It was foodgasmic, to say the least. We both firmly admitted that yes, we do indeed, RUN for Oatmeal.

Next up – kicked-up tuna

I was looking for something super energizing and filling earlier this week (in fact, it was after that rundate, I was ravenous most of the day) so I settled on tuna, my go-to when I’m looking for lean protein and a great boost of energy as a result.

kicked-up tuna
one can tuna, packed in water (chunk white)
two baby carrots, shredded
three pickles, chopped
a bit of onion, chopped
one tablespoon of plain, 0% greek yogurt (in lieu of mayo)
salt, pepper

I combined that with my favorite flatout wraps, stuck a bunch of baby greens in there (even some sunflower greens I found at Whole Foods, so good!) and paired it with raw sugar snap peas (mm) and a sliced orange (latest obsession). It was amazing. The carrot in the tuna made it a little bit more moist and added a slight sweetness. I’ll definitely be making this one again!

Newest snack obsession (other than my beloved Chobani!)cottage cheese with fresh fruit.

This week’s version has included fresh cut pineapple and a sprinkle of chia. ❤

And finally – iced coffee has returned in full effect!

I’m usually a hot coffee drinker in the winter and will switch to iced in the summer but this week? It’s been in the 60s for the past few days and this girl? Well, she was itching for iced so iced she made! A perfect little pick-me-up before barre n9ne legs on Thursday night, I’ll say that. 😉 (ps. is it just me or does everything taste better with a straw??)

Now! If you’ll excuse me – I’m off to spend the day knocking things off the work to-do list while being completely pre-occupied thinking about tonight’s BIG DEBUT at barre n9ne. It’s my first class as instructor!! I’m equal parts nervous energy, excitement and adrenaline – and could use ALL the good vibes you can send my way. So please, don’t be shy. 😉

And the next time you “see” me – I’ll be a barre n9ne certified instructor, yes indeed! (whee!!!) 🙂 🙂 🙂


27 thoughts on “Foodie Friday – some simple faves

  1. Love your tuna recipe. Would have added some slices of a cherry tomato as I’m addicted to tomatos. But sounds (and looks!) very delicious. And: WOW!! on you being an instructor. You can be so proud of your progress. Incredible. Let us know how this first lesson went. I keep all my fingers crossed! (which keeps me from typing… ouch…)

    • Ohh yes – I am in LOVE with cherry tomatoes!! Trader Joe’s sells a variety pack of heirloom cherry tomatoes that are SO GOOD on the side of a sandwich (sliced with salt and pepper and a bit of fresh basil). YUM!

      Thank you for the vote of confidence tonight, I’m so so so excited to see this thing through, finally – my passion is becoming a reality!!!

    • LOL what can I say – I love food!! And now that I work from home most days, it’s SO fun to make yummy new lunches and snacks that I normally wouldn’t be able to make if I were in the office. It’s a priviledge I don’t take for granted AT ALL!

      Thank you my dear, I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes!!!

  2. yum…my stomach growled on cue! that bowl of oatmeal was freaking delish!! And I am totally making tuna today but going to panini it so it’s warm and melty with a little bit of cheese! YUM! And I can’t wait for tonight sis, you are going to rock it out!!!

    • I seriously think I could eat that oatmeal for breakfast AND lunch everyday and never get sick of it. In fact, I might just do that one of these days LOL!

      I can’t wait for tonight too, slightly nervous, but ready to rock it out!!

  3. Mmm sunflower greens are so freaking yummy. They’re like candy in your salad bowl. 🙂

    Congrats on your first class as an instructor!! Can’t wait to hear how it went – I’m sure the students LOVED you!

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