It was a good day.

<Editor’s Note: This is a long and rambly blog post. I’m apologizing in advance! It took me awhile to formulate my thoughts for this one for some reason. But I promise (hope) it’ll be worth you hanging in there until the end…this is very much a self-reflection style post.)

Actually, today (er, yesterday) was a great day.

It went something like this:

Wake-up at 5am: literally bound out of bed (yes, I *did* “bound” out of bed, Scott can attest to it). Time to get ready to teach my second barre n9ne class. WAY too much energy for a Monday morning, particularly after daylight savings kicked in the day prior. Note to self: if I were not a morning person, I’d be really annoyed by this version of me right about now (visions of Office Space flashed before my eyes at the sheer thought…”does somebody have a case of the “Mondays?” <–said with the most annoying, off-pitchy chipper voice ever). I digress.

Arrive at barre n9ne at 5:30am: get myself settled, turn the heat up, music on, review my notes (briefly). Clients trickle in. My energy picks up another notch. It’s game time.

Teach barre n9ne method from 6-7am: It was even better than my first class, I do believe. I felt more relaxed. I wasn’t worried about the time, or what I was saying or doing. I was simply doing my best to be in the moment, to motivate, to inspire, to get every single person in that room to shake at the barre, leaving nothing but sweat on that studio floor. I walked away from the studio feeling good. Really good.

This feels like a dream…

Get ready for and head into the office (my one day ‘o the week in the office for this week) 7-8:30am: Amazingly, I hit zero traffic *and* I left my house an hour later than I normally do. Whaaaat?? Work my little butt off, knock off a bunch of to-do items, chat up a few coworkers. It’s quitting time before I know it

(again – a Monday that flew by, what is going on here? I must be dreaming…)

Walk out to my car @5pm: I’m sweating. It’s 65 degrees out. In March. My running plans change immediately. It’s rundate time, sister-style. Not the planned hill-style intervals I was aiming for, per the “plan” and all. Nope. Scrapped it. Moved that workout to Friday AM. Yesterday’s weather was legit begging to be run in (“it” told me so, I swear). Banged out a fun 5.5 miler with Jo (thankfully, we wear the same size so the fact that I had zero running gear with me was no big deal!). It was downright muggy. Felt so weird to run in warmth.

(annnnd it’s March and I’m sweating. I must be dreaming…)

Headed home at 6:30pm, dinner-for-one coming right up: Monday nights are my “me time” night. Scott is in a bowling league (yes, he’s totally in a bowling league, and he takes it very seriously thankyouverymuch) so every Monday I’m on my own for dinner. I really embrace this “me time” and make it truly all about me. I made a dinner only I would eat (last night involved shrimp and veggies stir fried and served over butternut squash). I wrote this very blog post whilst eating said dinner (I’m a big fan of using random words like “whilst” now and then, a vastly underused word in my view). I spent time stretching out my hammies and IT band and glutes. I caught up on blog friends. I may have eaten a homemade chocolate chip cookie while blogging. I even worked out a new version of my barre method “plan” for Thursday and Friday’s classes. I can’t even believe how much fun I’m having teaching and prepping to teach (including playlist development! but more on that in a future post…).

This feels like a dream.

And that’s when the concept of this very post hit me (because honestly, I started out having not a clue what or if I’d even blog today): I’m not dreaming. This is my life.

I’m blooming right where I’m planted.
…and this garden of mine is growing by leaps and bounds. ❤

(and interesting side note – I first blogged about the concept of “blooming right where you’re planted” almost two years ago to the day — when I first heard the phrase during one of Joel Osteen’s sermons. Two years ago? Well, I feel like who I was then is very different than who I am “blooming” into today. I feel like I’m this refined — or even revised –version of myself.  Not Type A. Not Type B….Type “me.” A “me” I’m really digging these days…)

Sometimes a look back is all it takes to gain new perspective. Something my sister’s post yesterday totally reminded me to do more of (also something we discussed during our rundate – see? running has soooo many side benefits than just the running – and sweating – part!).

< < Annnnnnd end long rambly but hopefully thought-provoking blog post. >>
(wow, my brain tonight).

21 thoughts on “It was a good day.

    • It was a great day — and it really wasn’t until I started jotting down this blog post did I even realize how good of a day it actually was. Maybe I need to do that more often – take stock of my day, lots of little things can really add up to one gigantically awesome day, huh?

  1. Wow, what a perfect Monday. I love how everything is coming together for you – I can’t wait to see you on Saturday and give the hugest “I miss you, congrats, you rock so much” hug!!!! 🙂

    • Awww!!! I can’t wait to give you the giantest “I MISS YOU” hug, followed by an equally giant “you rocked that marathon” hug. Hooray for our date this weekend!!!!!!!

  2. Giiiiiiirl this post ROCKED. Love! “Bloom where you’re planted” is one of my favorite sayings! My mom is a HUGE Joel Osteen fan. She doesn’t know it but for her 60th birthday in October we’re going to LA to see him. 😉

    BTW – Tell Scott I work with a group of peeps who taking their bowling league VERY serious. I don’t bowl, but when I come watch their games I bring bowling stickers to reward good games. Haha!

    • Awww what an awesome gift to your mom!! I’d love to see him next time he’s in this area — he was here a summer or two ago but I never got around to getting tickets. I think it would be amazing to see him live, I know I’d cry -his words are so powerful!!

      LOL I love that you work with friends that are WAY into their bowling league too, hehe. Scott would get along with them great 😉

  3. I love this sis…not only for the great day that you/we had, but for what it stands for. For living the life that you and we are both meant to live. A happy, fulfilled, driven and last but not least…FUN one. Keep blooming!!

    • I know — that’s pretty much the best part, that this “blooming” thing is happening for both of us right now, in different ways, but awesome ways. LOVE where our paths are taking us!!

  4. ‘Blooming right where you planted….’ <—–I La La LOVE that! And you are! So amazing! Soak it in friend:-)

    PS. I love how Scott has bowling league:-) Joe has dart league tomorrow and that is my me time at home. I love having that time to myself each week to do as I please….sip on some wine, paint my nails, watch fluff TV, read a girlie magazine…you know, whatever I feel like:-)

    • Isn’t that phrase just PERFECT?? I love when I find phrases or mantras like that that just CALL to me!

      I also love that Joe has a league of his own (haha) that gives you a free night for “me” stuff. I LOVE nights like that!! We all need nights like that in our lives, huh?

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