RFM: barre-style

This is my official Request for Music (RFM): barre-style.
(yes, I realize I’m a giant dork)

But seriously, now that I’m a regular instructor at barre n9ne, I kind of want to have awesome music every single time I teach. I mean, not an entirely NEW playlist each week, but at least some fun new songs thrown into the mix to keep everyone on their toes (literally and figuratively, of course!).

It’s so interesting. I have never been big into building playlists because well, I never needed to before. I don’t run with music. If I was lifting weights at home or at the gym, I never listened to music, preferring to stay in the zone instead. But with barre n9ne? The music can really get you through a really tough  last set of glutes at the barre (I played “Sexy Back” during that series the other day, totally stole the idea from my sis who did the same thing in one of her classes, see? I’m not even all that original, dammit!), or really *any* tough set of *anything* in a barre n9ne class. If you aren’t swearing under your breath by the end of a set, you aren’t working hard enough. 😉

So yeah, I’ve decided I’m kind of iTunes-illiterate. I’m fumbling around over here, on my iPhone and on my laptop, kind of blindly and well, I feel like a giant dork for even admitting this! Shouldn’t I be more technically-savvy when it comes to this stuff?? Clearly, notsomuch.

…but I digress.

My POINT is this. Well – I have two points (sorry, I’m writing this in very scatterbrained form, what is my problem??).
Point #1 – I need your best music ideas.
Point #2 – I love, love, love everything about teaching so far, including playlist creation. Even if I’m kind of a giant dumbass about it.

Bottom line I’m living my dream and LOVING every minute of it.

This is, by far, one of my favorite places to be, these days:

In class the other night (where I was the “student” vs. “instructor”), I was thinking of neat new things to take to my class on Thursday morning (all while swearing under my breath – of course-after the last set of “chair” — my most favorite love-to-hate move at the barre). My wheels are spinning like crazy over here trying to come up with fun approaches to my own class structure — truly using the structure to help those who take my class get the most out of that hour they spend at the studio with me. That is SO important to me — that they walk away feeling proud of themselves for giving that workout their all, and for knowing that they got their ass handed to them…in the best possible way. 😉

(And  again, I’m digressing — ack, I’m all over the place. Sorry friends.)

So here we go (the point of this post to begin with!) — I need your best most favorite fun and upbeat tunes to add to my iTunes collection so here it is: My RFM: barre-style. Lemme have it!!