The #PROOF is in the SWEAT

Sweat. Is. Good.

All I can say is this. Last night’s run was a make-or-break-me as a runner style run.

It wasn’t a rockstar run like Saturday.

It wasn’t an I-could-run-forever kind of run.

It was a huge challenge. Mentally. Physically. All of it.

But I LOVED it.

You know why? It proved to me that no matter the conditions, no matter the mind games my brain tried to play on me, no matter the heavy stomach feeling that plagued me,ย I stuck to my guns. I pushed through. For all 7 sweaty miles. With the hubs by my side. In uber-warm runningย conditions for March. (wearing running shorts and a tank top on the second day of spring MORE than made up for those short-falls, trust me).

All of that aside — it was an awesomely puketastic sweatfest.

And if looks could kill? Well I’ll tell ya what that look in my eye would say:

The #PROOF is in the SWEAT.

Why yes, yes indeed.


Although I’m riding quite a runners high at the moment (I wrote this post last night), I *did* want to share a few lessons learned/lessons applied from this run while they were fresh on my mind:

Lessons learned & applied:

That Nathan handheld water bottle? Best investment ever (and yes, the hubs carried it for the majority of the run, what a guy!). Remember that run last Wednesday? The one where I swore I would puke after? Yeah – that did not happen last night. I felt great afterwards. Thank you hydration! <–see? I *can* take advice!

Honey Stinger chews are awesome. Even Scott liked them. (which is huge since he can be so picky!). Totally got us through the toughest part of our run last night.

Lessons Learned (to be applied later):

Yogurt pre-run just doesn’t work for me. Every time I thought about what I’d eaten before our run I kind of got a little gaggy. Note to self – avoid dairy before a run. Stick to the carbs you were originally planning to have before the run. Much nicer on the tummy.

Any food pre-run must be digested for at least 1.5 hours. Anything less and I’m plauged with that “heavy stomach” feeling. No bueno.

Wear sunscreen. Um hi – I’m pretty sure I have a sunburn going on here. In MARCH. Whaaat?


37 thoughts on “The #PROOF is in the SWEAT

  1. I cant do yogurt before a run either but love it post run! And bananas. They dont work well for me before a run but do for SO many people. So odd. All trial and error. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I had one of those ROUGH runs yesterday. But, like you, I still loved it because I was out there running. Hope my legs get their act togetehr by Saturday’s 18 miler though. haha!

    • I don’t think I can go to yogurt pre-run anymore. It felt so heavy and yuck while we were out there yesterday. Funny that bananas don’t work for you but I LOVE them pre-run. In fact, I don’t know why I didn’t go that route yesterday. Duh me.

      Go legs GO – Saturday is gonna be a goodie for you, I sense it!

  2. You totally have that look of elation and determination in your eye! I can’t do yogurt or dairy pre-run either. Cereal with milk sometimes but usually has to be something else. Thanks for the report back on the Nathan hand-held too. I’ve wondered about them in the past. Now I know!

  3. Nice work Lady! Not every run is going to be the best, but you can make the best of every run…and you did!

    I have been hearing lots of positive things about these Honey Stinger Chews. I might have to give them a whirl…..

    • That’s exactly right — even your “worst” run you can dig deep to find something about it that was good/a learning moment/a challenge, etc. Sometimes it’s harder to find the good in those situations but if you look hard enough, it’s there.

      And DEF try the honey stingers, I’m a huge fan now — and love that they’re organic and made with natural ingredients.

  4. Awesome stuff! I love make-or-break runs. I usually give mine clever names, like last night for example, that run was called “The Destroyer of Innocence”.

    I have to agree with Amanda, Honey Stingers are awesome! I’d go for it!!!

    • LOL!! I love that you give runs like that clever names — Destroyer of Innocence…I’m totally stealing that one. hehe

      Honey stingers ARE awesome, I’m so glad I discovered a fuel that’ll work for me now and for full training!

  5. That’s awesome sis! I hope we have one of these tomorrow morning…but perhaps not the ‘look that could kill’ part ๐Ÿ˜‰ What did you decide on for a snack anyway?? I’m glad you didn’t do yogurt, that wouldn’t work for me either. Feels so heavy doesn’t it? Even though it’s not?!

    • We WILL have a run like this tomorrow, not “hope” but WILL. ๐Ÿ™‚ And there probably will be a “look that could kill” face afterwards, I do believe. That’s the goal anyway. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      PS. I DID do yogurt, hence the heavy tummy while running. Duh me. Should’ve gone banana/pb or toast or something instead.

    • It really is so much fun to run together, I feel really lucky that he not only runs with me but he runs my pace for the most part (even though he could run faster without me). Means the world.

  6. LOVE it! I too need to start wearing sunscreen on my runs …. I got a gnarly tan-line last week!

  7. Yogurt is a big no-go for me too before a run. And thank you thank you thank you for taking advice ๐Ÿ˜‰ Glad the water bottle worked out (even if Scott carried it LOL – guess he’s your Sherpa). And isn’t it funny how some of the tougher runs can still somehow be good?

  8. ya any dairy pre-run is never good for me. i need something simple and carby if anything at all. i do hit up the dairy afterwards though-chocolate milk! mmmm love it.

    it’s been warmer here lately ive actually been feeling myself sweat!!! i also got kinda sunburned last week…pretty exciting stuff haha

    • Clearly dairy pre-run is now a no-go for me too (same with eggs, blech). Trial and error at its finest, right??
      (I’ve heard GREAT things about chocolate milk as post-run recovery fuel, I must try it!!)

  9. Yogurt before a 7 mile run! You are crazy! I definitely could not do that ever so props to you for trying! It’s awesome to see you are in the running groove lately. I can’t wait to read about training for Chicago!

    • Seriously, that was the craziest (dumbest?) decision ever. Never again!!!

      And wheee on the running groove comment — that’s exactly how I’m feeling right now, and I’m LOVING it!!

  10. thanks for the Honey Stinger chews advice. I’m off to find some tomorrow! I agree with you on the pre~running eating. I actually go on a 99% empty stomach. I run in the am & only get 1-2 glasses of water into me before I’m out the door. Wonder if I’ll have to change that on race day?

    • I’m similar in that I can’t eat much (or drink much) before I start running – the longer runs I do have to eat something or else I’m running ragged right away. It’s tough to find that happy medium sometimes — it takes a lot of trial and error to get the right balance down. Good luck!!

  11. LOVE this post!! Sometimes a great run is not the furthest or fastest you’ve gone…but that fact that you pushed yourself – even though you didn’t feel your best!!
    Yogurt is a no-go for me – even if it’s hours before a run =) And I’m with you on the sunscreen – I totally forgot to put some on my son yesterday and freaked out after we were outside about 10 min!! It’s easy to remember in the middle of summer, but in March? Really?

  12. My running mojo is kind of lacking…I think it’s just a matter of getting back into the swing of things…but this post has me perking up. You’re pretty kick-ass, my friend.

    In terms of food…I learned that protein is a no-go for me pre-run. As far as dairy, I know a lot of people who can do yogurt pre-run, but not in the heat. Dairy is a no no in the heat. Haha. You learn this VERY quickly with kids. Especially in the car. Ugh. lol

    • Go get that mojo back my friend, you can dooooooo it. <— how's that for a pep talk? ๐Ÿ˜‰

      I cannot do dairy pre-run anymore, and honestly have NO CLUE why I thought that was a good idea to begin with. Really!? haha.

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