Foodie Friday – random musings

Taking after my sister’s super-funny, rambly, “musing” style blog post from the other day, I thought I’d follow her lead with foodie friday.

We’re calling it Foodie Friday – random musings.

Why am I so obsessed with peanut butter these days? I seriously could eat it on a piece of cardboard and it would taste like heaven to me. I put that sh*t on everything,Β I swear (even my IRL friends are starting to notice this infatuation and have commented to that effect!)! When I saw Amy’s post with all sorts of PB-inspired goodies, I nearly drowned in my own drool. Truth.

<I just realized I’m down to my last half jar of peanut butter. This is cause for panic. Must hit Trader Joe’s asap today before this turns into all-out hysteria.>

Why am I so stubborn about trying new recipes? I guess it’s not really stubborness so much as sheer laziness (yes, I *do* posess a teeny tiny lazy gene, I swear). I look at some recipes and think “yum” but when it comes down to reading the recipe, buying all the right ingredients and THEN making it? I’m like “meh.” That is, unless the recipe includes items I already have on hand. Enter Janeetha’s protein pancakes. Genius. Ridiculously good. And guess what I put on time of my version? Wait for iiiiiit. Peanut butter (and bananas). Effing delicious. Note to self: stop being stubborn lazy and try more of your bloggy friends recipes, they are really, really, really, really good. Clearly way better cooks than I could ever be!

Protein pb&banana pancakes…<3

Smoothies. Hm. Another stubborn thing about me. I tend to avoid smoothies because I like to eat my calories vs. drink them (unless it’s wine and then all bets are off. wait. did I just say that out loud?).Β  Every little calorie is precious to me, what can I say? Anyway.Β After reading Lindsay’s post on smoothies, my wheels started churning a bit. Between her delicious looking concoctions plus Tina’s continued insistence that a post-long run smoothie is great recovery fuel, I’m starting to wonder if maybe, just maybe, smoothies are in my future. Especially as I start marathon training in June (I can pretend the smoothie is really a milkshake, right?).

So the point of this post, really? (and yes, I realize my “musings” weren’t nearly as funny as my sister’s post was…)

I love food.

And I think (and read) about it a lot. *And* ya’ll totally inspire me with your foodie finds. So THANK YOU for sharing them in your blogs. I promise to stop being all “meh” about trying new recipes I spy on your blogs. Rather than pin them to death, maybe, just maybe, I ought to try them, huh?

…and on that note – I’m off to find me some oatmeal. With peanut butter.


30 thoughts on “Foodie Friday – random musings

  1. LOVE the post–I know I asked before, but where do you get the portable peanut butter packets? I thought you said Trader Joe’s, but never found ’em there! Love the posts!!!

    • I’ve gotten them at Whole Foods (the 90 calorie almond butter I got for my last work trip) or at Target – the Justin’s honey peanut butter is to die for! It’s two tablespoons’ worth so I usually eat half a packet at a time if I buy that kind. So yummy! (and no, I’ve never seen them at TJ’s either!)

      • Thanks Jess–I am guessing I will need to eat a whole packet at a time. PB is just so good. Enjoy your weekend.

    • Yup, I love it. Just the regular old TJ’s salted creamy peanut butter. Although, I DO love the Smuckers Natural Smooth too! And now I want to grab a spoon and dig into the jar of PB right now. What is my problem?? haha

  2. I have been embracing trying new recipes lately! Like Heather’s warm lentil salad that I cannot get enough of (clearly), the protein pancakes and soon, several of Lindsay’s yummy concoctions! (something with kale, I am feeling…).

  3. LOL – I am the same with PB. I’m starting to think I need to go to meetings at this point. And why do you think I just make up my own recipes? I just get really ADD about reading through one and following it. I skim ingredients, I love looking at pictures, and getting new ideas, then I just wing it. Totally with you on the shakes and smoothies. I need to chew.

  4. Let’s try this again.

    I missed you!!!! Did you expect to see my face in your comments today?

    I was all about the PB before I left on vacation, but then food got a little messy for me in FL. My grandpa was insistent on making dinners every night, and that consisted of container foods and box mixes.(Poor guy has to make meals now…my grandma doesn’t remember how to cook anymore.) Let’s just say I’m dying to make my own fresh, healthy recipes right now. O_o

    • I’ve missed your face!!!

      And after a week away (vacation, work, etc.), I TOTALLY know what you mean about cooking your own favorite foods again. Are you DYING to make some oatmeal, a big salad with yummies on top, and everything in between??

      • I’m not sure I’m digging oatmeal at the moment. Strange, I know. I usually love some oats. But with the warm weather, I’m feeling less and less like eating warm things. After eating BBQ from a container and “cowboy casserole”, I’m all about sinking my teeth into, you got it, salads. Crunchy. Cold. Fresh. Yum. πŸ˜€

  5. yay thanks for the mention!! (as i scoop pb out of the jar…haha). those protein pancakes sound awesome..i need to use cottage cheese more often.

    ive been making green smoothies more lately bc i dont think im good at getting my veggies in. I dont feel so bad about smoothies either especially after long runs!

    • LOL the peanut butter in the jar in the fridge gives me the EYE everytime I pass it by. I SWEAR it does. (drool)

      Green smoothies STILL freak me out!! I have to get over it. I just have to!

  6. Ah, yes. I am painfully stubborn at trying new things. Once I do I typically love it, but it takes a long time to break my old habits.

    I could be a jar of peanut butter, seriously, my stock in PB is high.

    I love to eat, love food, love that you love it as much:)

  7. those pancakes look amazing! and I’m with you on the peanut butter love. I think it’s pretty incredible. love it with apple slices. I’m also stubborn about trying new recipes. I know what I like and what keeps me full so I don’t switch it up very often. also the whole buying new ingredients…but I agree it’s worth it when I do! a good reminder as I start a “new life” in NYC. I’ll add some more things to my grocery lists. πŸ™‚

    • Hehe, see?? It’s annoying to have to buy a bunch of ingredients you’d not normally have on hand, right? I hate that – because half the time, I’ll forget the one major ingredient I need for a new recipe and that annoys me even MORE. haha.

      But if you WERE to try a new recipe, I highly recommend those pancakes. DELISH, especially on a Sunday morning with a cup of coffee, I do believe πŸ™‚

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