Itching for change.

For those of you that follow me on facebook, twitter or pinterest — you probably saw this post coming a mile away (hehe).

But this girl? She’s itching for change.

(shameless sister shot – hehe)

Of the hairstyle variety.

You see, I’ve had this cut for years now. And before that, I always had LONG hair:

(OMG this pic is SO old – and that’s not even my hair at it’s longest, but it makes my point, at least)

As in – I had the same long haircut for the vast majority of  my late-teen/early-20 years. My hair was a security blanket for me. I never fooled with the cut much, barely a trim most of the time. The cut I have now took me forever to work the nerve up to actually go through with.

But now? At the mere mention of going super-short (as in “pixie” short)I’m intrigued.

*Really* intrigued.

This is huge for me. I’ve never been one to jump at the chance to make drastic changes with my haircut (color – yes, cut – never). It always scared me to my very core. Deep down, I was afraid that it would make my cheeks look puffy and my already-long face look longer. It made me feel self-conscious.

But yesterday when the word “pixie” was mentioned — I kind of got excited about it. And eagerly started pinning away.
(Now before you get too excited, I haven’t made any decisions quite yet. I have until April 14 to figure it out — that’s when my hair appointment is….)

But the real reason I’m blogging about my HAIR of all things today? <–I promise to get back to fitness talk tomorrow! 
It’s a reminder of how far I’ve come.
How good it feels to finally be comfortable in my own skin and confident enough to be open to taking a risk with my appearance. I hope this doesn’t sound entirely vain and ridiculous — but this small rock feels like a much bigger rock to me.

Just another “score” for me in this journey towards becoming my own best friend. Kind of crazy that a little facebook status update could cause this much thinking and reflecting on my part, huh?

Guess that’s the “Overthinking Ollie” in me coming out again. But this time, I don’t mind that she’s made an appearance. It’s got me thinking and mulling in a really good way for a change.

…now if only I could come to a conclusion on the whole to chop/not chop debate. April 14th will be here before I know it. 😉

35 thoughts on “Itching for change.

  1. I am so impressed that you would take the plunge – or even consider it – given your hair ‘security blanket!’ And I am all for it! I am actually the wuss and wouldn’t do it 😉 Who woulda thunk! I do agree with you on change. It’s time. For both of us!

    • See? Your comments makes me MORE afraid to go for it — beacause YOU seem anxious at the mere thought, that used to be ME! It is time for change…it totally is. And I’m afraid but I kinda wanna just be spontaneous for once in my life and just tell our haidresser to DO IT.

    • The confidence thing – definitely a reason why I’m leaning towards doing it. Even though it scares the ever living crap out of me. It’s JUST HAIR, I keep trying to remember that vs. being a baby about it. LOL

    • Damn you, Pinterest! LOL.

      I was thinking an in-between combo but then also wondered if I would get stuck in that “in between” and never actually jump to the shorter “chopped” level or not. Like, would I wuss out at the in-between and never go any farther??

  2. I took the plunge years ago. I had super long hair then cut it all off – only about 3 inches to work with. I loved it 🙂 It was totally worth taking the risk! Do it.

  3. Do it! (No pressure there LOL). Every few years I get tired of my hair and chop it all off. I’m currently in the long stage, but starting to itch to cut it off again. I’m only keeping it long because I’m going to cub scout camp soon and I’m pretty sure I’ll want to be able to put it up.

    Hair’s easy. It grows back. ;o)

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  5. You have such pretty eyes, a strong jaw line, and great cheek bones…another words, you would look AMAZING in a pixie or super short cut. I think that it would play up your features for sure. And the bonus? You would have a nice cool neck for all of that sweaty, summer marathon training!

  6. I’m torn on this one. I love long hair and the last time I decided to chop my hair off into a bob I cried for days. I actually left the salon in tears. I could hardly pull it back into a pony tail and think I made my decision to quickly (just hours before I did it).

    But since you have a few weeks to ponder, I say go for it if you feel like you will love it! Remember hair always grows back! I love that you have the confidence to do it and that is such an amazing thing! Plus it wouldn’t take you long to get ready in the mornings! Bonus! 🙂

  7. I LOVE pixie cuts!!! I will have to tag you in a picture of Hannah as a baby. (I know…totally not adult. lol) Her hair grew in, literally, perfect. The perfect pixie cut. The perfect bob. The perfect shoulder length cut. Her nickname is “Pixie”, because of her hair then.

    Anyways, I am a HUGE fan of Ginnifer Goodwin’s haircuts. Always spunky and fun and she keeps them relatively around the same length. She just knows how to change it up, I guess. This is my favorite: But if you search her name, you’ll see what I’m talking about. 🙂

    I say embrace change, girl!!

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