Running (wicked) smart

(Editor’s Note: Back to regularly scheduled programming up in here – thank you all for indulging me in yesterday’s post. I clearly needed to get that off my chest – couldn’t stop pinning, tweeting, FB’ing about it all day yesterday. 😉 )

Lately,  I’ve been thinking about the whole working smarter, not harder mantra and how I’ve been trying to apply that to my running.

I like to think of it as running (wicked ) smart. <– a total Boston phrase, “wicked”

Thus far, my half marathon training schedule has certainly been changing on the fly week-to-week, depending largely on how I’m feeling in between taking and teaching barre n9ne classes and ramping up my running mileage week-to-week (I’m now hovering around  25-27 miles/week compared to my pre-training weekly mileage of about 15-24).

The whole “week-to-week” thing has been working out really well so far. I told you how “not a fan” I am of training plans overall and that I like to train by feel, training loosely week-to-week versus via a very regimented schedule. However, with the balance I’m trying to strike between teaching/taking barre classes and half marathon training, I’m glad I created an actual training plan this time around (even if I’m constantly adjusting it).

For example – just this week I had to make an adjustment to my running plan. Not because of a conflict in my schedule for the week. Nope.

It was simply because my body was telling me “No!” – and I chose to listen.

And really, I think that’s the key in this whole thing – choosing to listen. I am such a stubborn person and am the first to openly admit that it’s often hard for me to listen to my body when it’s telling me something. But I’ve learned from previous experience (and injuries!) that *not* listening never tends to work out very well.

So rather than risk junk miles (which I’m no fan of), I simply postponed my run from Tuesday night to this morning (as you’re reading this, I should be just finishing up said run!). That gives me a full day and a half since my last workout (6am barre method on Tues, rest day on Wed) so my legs ought to be very, very happy with me. Plus, getting my endorphins rushing before heading over to barre n9ne to teach is never a bad idea in my book. The 9am-ers ought to brace themselves – I’m bound to be full of energy for a nice little barre n9ne-style butt kicking. 😉

My running “schedule” for this week remains intact, with slight modifications, and my body will be stronger and happier for it. And to be honest, if that run had simply been canceled vs. postponed for this week, I would have been ok with that too.

Big picturewhat’s an extra 6 miles *really* going to do for my training? Will it be a make-or-break for me?
Nope. Not even in the slightest.

A wicked smart question to ask yourself (myself included!) next time you’re even remotely questioning the “to run/not run” thang in your mind’s eye.


And, in case you’re a curious person (like me!),  here’s how my training schedule  is shaping up this week (and I’m pretty pleased with it):

Sunday – cross-train (barre n9ne)
Monday – 5 miles, intervals; barre n9ne at night
Tuesday – cross-train (barre n9ne)
Wednesday –REST (oh glorious rest!)
Thursday –  6 (rescheduled) miles; barre n9ne legs (I also teach on Thursdays)
Friday – 7 miles, rundate style (with the sis!) (I also teach on Fridays)
Saturday – 9 miles, rundate-style (with the hubs, and hopefully via a new route we’re hoping to scout out tomorrow!)

Total miles this week:
27 miles
(which means I’m heading for my first 100 mile month!)