Remember a few months back Scott and I took an entire weekend to disconnect from the world, spending a whole weekend with no phones, no emails, no computers, no texting, no FB-ing, no tweeting, no nada?

Well — I’m feeling that uber-connectivity thing happening again (I’m mainly at fault here, though the hubs does have a pretty nasty addiction to Words with Friends…).

And quite honestly? It needs to be reigned in.
…a lot.

We did really well after that unplugged weekend of really taking care to avoid doing too much of that stuff on our date nights and particularly during our mid-week date nights (which happens to take place every Winesday, how fitting) — but if we weren’t calling it a “date” of sorts, all bets were off on the disconnected front.

And it’s happening more and more frequently. An incessant need to constantly check my email, respond to tweets, write and respond to FB updates, comment on posts in the various Facebook groups I belong to, etc.

…and I’m tired.

And if I’m feeling tired, I sure as hell know Scott is feeling it too.

So this weekend? I’m looking for a little unplugging time. I’m not calling it a completely disconnected weekend per se, but I definitely need to take a step back, reprioritize and focus on being present.

I want this weekend to be all about:

…showering my loved ones with adoration and complete and present attention.
…breathing in every moment of our 9-mile rundate planned for tomorrow (and *not* getting “all up in my head” this time!)
…cheers’ing to good friends, after a really good barre n9ne class tonight (taught by me, of course!)
…visiting with family who live close by but because “life” has gotten in the way, we haven’t spent nearly as much time visiting as we could or should or want to.
…and perhaps best of all, returning to our favorite local wine bar for a super cozy, super romantic date night with Scott on Saturday night. ❤

It’s long overdue.

(taken at my sister’s house at a dinner party there last weekend, rose prosecco, don’t mind if I do. Note to self: buy some for this weekend…)


Editor’s Note: Don’t worry…I didn’t forget about Foodie Friday. I just didn’t have anything particularly foodie and fun to share today. Since I’m not one to blog without intention, I’m skipping it this week. You’ll see me doing that now and then — but I’m fairly certain it won’t be too often. Given my ongoing love affair with food afterall. 😉


38 thoughts on “Uber-connectivity.

  1. So true. Try to unplug myself as well this weekend. Sometimes it’s becoming a bit too much. Would love to hear more about this wine bar. Sounds very nice and romantic… Enjoy the weekend!

  2. I needed this post today! Last night I made Kyle and I a simple dinner, and then promptly turned back to my computer to eat while he multitasked with something else.

    Ugh! That is so unfulfilling. Now I can’t wait to get home tonight and shower him with my undivided attention. As much as I sometimes pride myself on ability to multitask, I need to remember to give the people that are so important to me ALL of my attention, not just part of it. Thanks for this timely post.

    Have a wonderful, unplugged weekend!

    • Oh I’m so glad this reached you at just the right moment! Love when that happens!!

      I’ve totally been caught doing exactly what you depicted in your comment — and it IS so unfufilling, and downright sad really. I’m so glad you are taking this weekend to reign it in, focusing your energy on giving your loved ones your undivided attention. Enjoy ever moment.

  3. A lot of people post about this type of thing, but I actually really enjoy being connected at all times! However, Jason is usually sleeping or at work at those times. I do need to focus on not being on my computer when we actually spend time together.

    • Well – I DO enjoy being connected, chatting with friends via tweets, or staying updated on facebook but lately it’s just gotten a little out of hand. I already spend all day on the computer for work and then to also be spending hours after work/on weekends on it (or my phone), it’s just adding up. Especially if all that time adding up is time that I could be spending with Scott doing something more meaningful, you know?

  4. It’s true, Monie and I will text each other even though we’re in the same house at the same time… Shame 😦

    It’s just so easy now to just plop down on the couch, pull out the phone or have the laptop at your side. But in the end, doing things together like running, or just going for a walk together are things that you do naturally that don’t involve technology.

    All that diatribe to say that you’ll be just fine!! 🙂

    • Precisely. There are lots of passions we share as a couple – so why not spend time together doing things we love to do vs. spending time together but not REALLY spending time together, if that makes sense. Just because we’re both sitting on the couch together doesn’t mean we’re truly “together” if we’re both detached and distracted by various forms of technology. It’s just a habit that needs some reigning in, that’s all.

  5. I hear you friend. I’ve started feeling “tired” recently as well. It really can be tiring being soooo connected. It’s fun, it’s engaging, but it’s taxing. Life is too short to be glued to technology. Enjoy. Disconnect. Live.

  6. I don’t mind ‘being connected’ when M is working on his paper, or responding to pages or whatever, but in between those times, even on ‘non’ date nights, I am trying really hard not to fall into the habit of being overly connected. But I also don’t think it’s a horrible thing either. It just becomes more of an issue when it affects your connection with each other. For us, what has really helped during the last few busy weeks where our together time during the week is limited is to at the very least, spend our meal totally together and present. Or over tea (hot chocolate for him) and an after dinner treat. Or working out together, the walk to and from the gym, talking about our days, what’s ahead, and how our workouts are. Stealing those little connection points sometimes makes the difference. And it’s a happy medium vs. too far one way or the other. hi, novel comment. I’ll stop rambling now 😉

    • Ha love the novel length comment!!

      I guess my point is this – while I do LOVE being connected and all that that means/entails, I just don’t like that it’s been causing a lot of distraction on my part (and a little bit on Scott’s part) lately, and its impacting the quality time we DO have together. That’s the part that’s becoming a problem to me lately.

      Like you said, there’s a time and a place for it – and there’s a way to strike that balance together too. I just need to fine tune my “balance” a little bit more on that front lately.

      I love the ideal of stealing little moments together too – because those little moments ultimately do add up to one big moment, in the grand scheme of things.

  7. That sounds like a great weekend plan to me! Also, I wanted to let you know that I’ve given you a Liebster Award! You can head on over to my blog to see what it’s all about. 🙂

    • Right?? I can’t tell you the last time I did either. It definitely doesn’t need to be tethered to my body at ALL TIMES. I mean really – it’s excessive and it NEEDS TO STOP like you said. 😉

  8. Great idea! I’ve been finding that more and more too – so if my mom or bro asks me if I want to do something, I do it with them rather than the constant reading/writing/Facebooking/Twittering. It’s refreshing!

    Have a great weekend and a FANTASTIC 9-Miler (I know you will!)

    • It is refreshing to step away from the connected world and to step back into your disconnected world a little bit more. It’s so easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of tweets, FB, blogging, etc. but sometimes, a small act of “presence” means the world to the loved ones in your life. Am I right?

      Thank you my dear – have a fabulous weekend toooo!!

    • OMG you totally need a weekend like this — if you have NICKNAMES that have to do with your phone obsession, it’s time to let it go and enjoy a weekend free of technology! 🙂

  9. If I were to try this, does this mean I cannot check Facebook while waiting for red lights or trains anymore? 🙂 I am a total addict. A disconnected weekend sounds like a great idea. Maybe next weekend…LOL

  10. I hope you unplug and have a fabulous weekend!

    Although I have to admit that as I was reading…I saw the first “I want this weekend to be about…” as this:

    “showering with my loved ones…”

    I did a double take and figured it out 🙂

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