Intervals. FTW!

Monday morning, this happened:

That would be me, covered in sweat, totally worn out but with such a look of glee in my eye, I just couldn’t help but post this pic to twitter right after I finished my interval rounds. <–what? I was proud of myself, ok? πŸ˜‰

Plus, it goes along nicely with what you might already be seeing a lot of on twitter and in bloggy land — for us FitFluential Ambassadors (a group I love more and more by the day!), we’ve gotten into the habit of not just talking about our workouts, but PROVING them out by tweeting and blogging about that hard work with picture proof. So if you see me talking up the whole #PROOF thing a lot more up in here, you know why. I love seeing everyone’s sweaty, post-workout glow, it’s so cool!!

But anyway, back to those intervals I mentioned. The reason I was so proud? Not only was I able to push faster during my favorite go-to mile-repeat style intervals, but I felt REALLY strong and happy throughout. <—Β Happy during intervals? Is she crazy?? (yes, yes I am)

The intervals in question – looked like this (you’ve seen these before):

Mile 0-.5: warm-up @6.8-7.0 mph
Mile .5-1.5: speed round@ 7.6 7.7 mph <–improvement!
MileΒ 1.5 – 1.6: recovery round @4mph
Mile 1.6 – 2.6:
speed round @Β 7.6 7.7 mph
Mile 2.6 -2.7: recovery round @4mph
Mile 2.7-3.7:
speed round @7.6 7.7 mph
Mile 3.7-3.8: recovery round @4mph
Mile 3.8-4.8
: speed round @7.6 7.7 mph
4.8-5.5: Recover!

Thank you happy and really well-rested legs for pushing me through some speedtastically fun intervals to kick off Monday morning in style. I guess the whole 9-miler that didn’t happen this weekend was what did it for me. Maybe that’s my body’s way of telling me that a little speed work in lieu of endurance work isn’t such a bad thing now and then, hmm?

Either way, I was really happy with this, especially the progress I’m seeing with my speed and my ability to push through the pain. I’m hoping this translates well on race day – which is almost a month away. Eeks. How did that happen??


34 thoughts on “Intervals. FTW!

  1. asslap sis! awesome round of intervals!! Mine are slowly improving too and I felt great doing mine on rested legs yesterday too. Made a HUGE difference!

    • GIANT difference running intervals on rested legs! I think I’m going to plan for every interval run to take place after a rest day. Makes those intervals that much better and more effective. Woot!

  2. Ha! Great pic! Wasn’t very impressed until I realized that I had to convert miles into kilometers (gosh, I’m such a jerk!). Now I’m INCREDIBLY IMPRESSED. You’re damn fast, Lady! What time is your target for the 9 miler, by the way? Just curious…

    • Ha! You crack me up, Julia! Thank you – the intervals felt pretty speedy to me too, was darn proud!
      I actually don’t have a target pace for my running normally – since I don’t run with a garmin or anything, I really don’t know what my pace per mile is for a long run vs. a tempo run or whatever. I just run what feels good and challenging and hope that when I’m done, the time on my watch says I ran that distance just a little bit faster than the last time I ran the same distance. It’s old school but it works for me. πŸ™‚

  3. AWESOME WORK! Intervals are tough! I stopped doing them when I started marathon training, but I am thinking that I need to bring these babies back with a vengence….the #proof is in your post workout glow! Love it!

    • I have a feeling I’ll be doing far less (if any) intervals once I start marathon training – they can be so taxing on the body can’t they? But they are super helpful when it comes to gaining speed so I’m glad I’m keeping at it for now. And to think I used to HATE intervals?!

  4. I’m with your sis – major asslap! it’s so challenging for me to do intervals on my own, and you kicked ass! workouts like this produce results, and I know you’ll be amazing on race day!

    • I honestly used to hate intervals and only learned to love them as a way to get past my sheer hatred of the treadmill. And now I just love them – they are quick and dirty (TWSS??) but produce results and a really nice after “glow” if you will, hehe.

    • I guess I haven’t really been thinking about how much speedier I’ve gotten lately — I’ve been doing this type of interval work for awhile now and the speed uptake was only recent. I guess you’re right – I am getting faster. Woohoo! πŸ™‚

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