Because you love it.

As I was reading through and responding to comments on my post on Tuesday (which were awesome, thank you guys!!), one of the comments stood out to me, in particular the very last sentence in that comment:

Tracey Leffler

I think that is a good plan. You can do this and you will do this. You just need to trust yourself and remember whatever the outcome you are doing this because you LOVE it.

We do, we chase, we follow, we thrive…because we LOVE it.

…or at least that’s what should be driving us in every single aspect of our lives.

But does that often get lost in the shuffle in the chaos of the moments, the days, the weeks, the years that make up our lives?
You betcha.

So while at first Tracey’s comment got me thinking and re-thinking how I approach running (something I love, obvs), it also got me thinking big picture too.

Everything we do in life ought to driven by love. Not necessarily love in the traditional sense, but love in the broader context.
…of living life to the fullest everyday.
…of remembering that we only have this one life, this one body, this one chance.
…to live our best lives now. Not “someday.”
But now. In whatever shape or form that takes.

With that context in mind, I got to revisiting how my life is shaping up right about now. Is it everything I hoped and dreamed it would be? Am I blooming right where I’m planted?

Am I doing…because I love it?

And you know what? My answer today is a resounding YES to all of the above.

Had I asked myself that series of questions a year ago? I can guarantee my answer would be very, very different. But today? I’m doing…because I love it. And it’s been by design, truly.

I’ve streamlined all areas of my life to make sure that everything from the friends I choose to interact with, to my approach to my (relatively) new job, to my approach to my new (beloved) role as barre n9ne instructor, to how I look at running/racing/marathoning, and even to how I approach blogging.

I do all of this (no matter how hectic it gets!)because I love it.

Bottom line. Life is too short to be doing anything in life if you don’t love it.

Sure there are obligations in life that nobody loves, I’m not trying to be all puppies and rainbows here — nobody can solely live life only doing the things that they love (though, that would be pretty great,  huh?). But by and large — we should all be striving to be doing what we love, loving what we do, loving this life we’ve all be blessed with. <–I’m a firm believer in everyday being a gift

So I guess my point is this — next time you’re struggling to wrap your head around a training run, or to motivate yourself to step outside of your comfort zone and go after that new role at work, or to simply understand how important (or not) certain relationships are in your life, ask yourself one question.

Are you doing ____ because you love it?

Fill in that blank, answer that question, and I’m pretty sure you’ll wind up much happier in the long run.
…just a hunch. 😉

31 thoughts on “Because you love it.

  1. Yes, I can relate to this so much. Once I started reflecting on what I was doing and who I was spending time with (did I want to, or was it for some other reason like habit?)….I changed some things, and my life got better! It’s great to continuously reflect so you can identify things you may want to change (or establish firmly the things that are worth working for)!

    • Habit is a crazy thing, isn’t it? So much of life can turn into one giant habit if we aren’t careful. I mean, SOME habits are great to maintain, but if you’re entire life revolves around habits vs. doing things with intent? Life can get pretty stagnant pretty quickly.

  2. That’s exactly why I haven’t been running much lately (although I might do a 5K next weekend). I felt like it was becoming more of a chore and less of something that I loved doing, so I knew that if I wanted to love it again, I would have to stop forcing myself to like it, if that makes any sense.

    • Exactly!! Running as a chore is not fun at all. Run because you love it. The second you no longer love it. Give it a rest. Try something new. Switch your focus. And then circle back to it when you feel ready to run because you love it again.

  3. Exactly!! That is a great question to ask ourselves if we are ever struggling with a run or whatever it may be. Are we doing it because we want to. If we aren’t, then don’t. If we are, then all the better!!

    • Exactly – that rule, that question can and should be applied to everything in life, not just fitness, but lots of things we do out of habit or obligation. Do it…because you LOVE IT.

  4. I was just telling my son last night not to eat food if you don’t love it. Don’t eat it just because it’s there – what’s the point. Same thing with our lives. We only live once so why waste time doing things we don’t love? Great post!

    • Right?? Don’t just eat it because it’s there! Same holds true for so many things in life, huh? Funny how a simple little comment to your son can be so eye opening in a much bigger way than in the context it was spoken.

  5. “Life is too short to be doing anything in life if you don’t love it.” This is so very true. I used to run just for the exercise – thankfully I fell in love with it. And while being totally sidelined from it, I think that’s why I struggled with my workouts. I wasn’t enjoying them; they weren’t what I truly loved. They were more out of necessity (damn elliptical). I do like spin, but not nearly like running. Now…if I can just figure out how to love my job I’ll be golden.

    • YES! Great point — the one sport you loved was suddenly snatched from you. And you were left “making do” with workouts that you didn’t truly love, just to get in some exercise. I totally see WHY you did it, but I can also see why it was not a very happy or fun time for you either. I’m really glad you have that “thing” back in your life that you LOVE SO MUCH!!

  6. How thoughtful and true! I am reminded that nobody forces us to do what we do, it’s because we have passion.

    It should be applied to everything from running to our professional life, which you have been changing as of late and your attitude has as well. You are such a positive inspiration!

  7. Yes! Yes! Yes!
    And doesn’t this get easier with age? I feel that now that I am in my thirties, I really have come into my own and now know what I love and how I want to live my life. There simply is no other alternative for me, we only get one life. I want to embrace it!
    Great post!

    • Right?? I feel the EXACT same way now that I’m in my 30s, like suddenly a light bulb went off and I can see clearer. My path is clearer and I’m ready to grab every dream I can, no matter how big or scary or daunting. Embrace friend, embrace!!

  8. Yes! And to extend that concept even further: Am I spending time with (this person) because I love them, or because I feel obligated! Maybe I just took a hard left turn, but I think they go hand in hand. Life is short. Spend it in passionate pursuits, and live it with people who add value and joy to your life.

    • Bingo. I never want to spend time with friends or acquaintenances even, if the time together is no longer enjoyable or we aren’t connecting the way we once did. I’m a firm believer in the idea that some friendships last a lifetime, others last a season or two. And that’s totally ok by me.

  9. I’m doing yoga because I love it. Haha. I re-kindled my relationship with it yesterday with some back to the basics…and my shoulders are in FIRE!!!! I didn’t realize how weak my shoulders got after stopping.

    And of course…I’m running because I love it.

  10. each day IS most definitely a gift – even some of the bad ones I have had this year – I have been able to find positives: my dad has been sick, and it has taken a lot out of me to take care of him around the edges of my full time days, but those early mornings I spend with Dad, I would not trade that for anything. It’s a different and new aspect to our relationship, but it’s nice all the same. each day IS a gift.

    the rest of it, YES! if you possibly can do the things you love as often as possible, that is a life of bliss! and I know first hand the energy that creates – weee!

    • I am so so happy that despite all you’ve gone through this year, you are still so uplifted in the spirit and living a bliss-filled life as much as you can. That makes me SO happy, my friend!

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