26.2: recommitted

Yesterday was the Boston Marathon – an incredible athletic feat that very few ever get to experience with their own two feet. And for me? As a first-time spectator?

I’d describe the day quite simply.

… as the day I recommitted to 26.2.

You see, these past few weeks, of letting my mind get the best of me, of having quite a few OATT outbreaks…I started to question my decision to run Chicago this fall. Seriously.

I wondered if I truly had it in me. I wondered if I truly wanted it. I wondered if it was going to be worth the hours of feet hitting the pavement. Week after week from June – October.

I wondered.

But after seeing this?

(talk about true grit, right near the finish, just powering through the final .2 miles)

And this?

(I think I’d cry at the sheer sight of mile 26…unreal)

Yesterday was the day that I (and we!) recommitted to 26.2.

I can’t wait to cross that finish line, hand-in-hand with my best friend and the love of my life. All with the knowledge that this body was capable of carrying me all 26.2 miles. And that I just did something that very, very few people will ever do in their lifetime

26.2 proud.
That’s my only goal on October 7.
…26.2 proud.

46 thoughts on “26.2: recommitted

  1. Go for it Jess!!! I know you can do it.

    I wonder what would happen if you were a spectator at Western States 100 miler 😉

  2. I follow your blog and enjoy reading your posts. You sound so sure of what you want. I have one thing to say – GO GET IT! That finish line is waiting for you. Tunnel vision all the way! Strength and power to you.

    • Aw thank you so much for coming out of “hiding” and leaving a comment here — that means so much to me! THANK YOU for the boost of confidence — you’re absolutely right. It’s time to GO GET IT. No fear, just go.

    • That seriously means the world sis – because I know I’m going to have moments where I’ll still doubt myself. But to know that you believe that I have this in me? Well – that must mean that I truly DO have it in me. So I’m gonna go for it, and it means the world that you’ll be cheering me along the entire time. 🙂

  3. It’s amazing the impact that spectating a race can have on your life. I never thought I would do an Ironman until after spectating at one! Congrats on your re-commitment to the marathon! 🙂

  4. Loved catching up on your blog this afternoon…and so much going on!!

    1. Sassy haircut envy! I love it….suits you perfectly!
    2. Way to rock those 12.5 miles! Solid! You are on your way to 26.2:-)
    3. Speaking of which….Boston. Inspirational or what?! Goosebumps just reading this post! You will run Chicago and it will be everything you have dreamed! AGHHH!!! Can’t wait to read more about your training. SO. EXCITED! For you!
    4. Your sister rules cracked me up:-) I have three sisters and I could so relate to that post! Commit to the damn cookie!!! YESSS!

    Happy week to you friend!

    • I’m super excited to start training – I think once I get into training, I’ll start to feel more sure of myself and running such a far distance. Right now, it still seems so unfathomable! But after seeing everyone in Boston yesterday, it feels much, much, much more something that I not only want to do but NEED to do. Thank you for stopping by!!

  5. I was there too! I walked away as an official Boston Marathon groupie. I am in awe of all of the runners yesterday and everytime I saw someone with their finishers medal – I told them so. Some day I WILL run Boston. Let’s just hope it’s not in that heat!

    • I know – I saw a bunch of runners on the subway back and kept thinking “do they realize what an amazing feat they just accomplished??” It sort of felt like I was surrounded by a bunch of celebrities or something!! It was THAT inspiring for me.

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    • It really HAS been a long time coming already hasn’t it? By the time October rolls around, ya’ll are gonna be sick of hearing about it (though, hopefully not, hehe). 😉

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