An honor and a priviledge

After watching the Boston Marathon on Monday, pushing through a few really challenging runs the past few days and prepping for a really busy week at barre n9ne as we kick off a “soft launch” series of classes in our second location, I got to thinking.

…what an honor and a priviledge.

Seriously. I have been presented with such opportunity in the past year. To follow dreams, pursue passions, and truly live by my mantra for the year: no limits.

I think it’s just so darn easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle that we quickly forget what priviledged lives we live, by and large, at least.

Thinking back to the marathon on Monday — and how hard those runners fought through the miles. Their bodies never letting them down for a second — their ABLE bodies pushing them through the heat and exaustion and into a realm so few will ever experience in their lifetime.

An able (and fit) body.
…an honor and a priviledge.

Thinking about this marathon of mine coming up this fall — and having the willpower, the strength and the time to commit to training strong for 26.2 through this summer and into the fall. To firmly check that item off my bucket list and come away from this marathon an even stronger person as a result?

…what an honor and a priviledge.

And, thinking about how my schedule is shaping up for this week alone at barre n9ne. I get to teach THREE times on Thursday – once at 6am (subbing for another teacher), again at 9am (my regular class) and again in our new location that night at 7pm. And then I get to come back on Friday to teach my regular 5:30pm class. Note I say “I get to teach” — because I don’t look at this as a job at ALL. This is my passion. I am paying forward all that I’ve learned and experienced during my own nearly year-long barre n9ne journey towards perfecting my own practice, with everyone at the studio, and with everyone who will soon become barre n9ne-addicts now that we have another location to spread the love! (side note: expect much more on this soon, big ‘ol launch party this weekend that my sis and I helped to orchestrate!). My sis and I are very much on the same wavelength with this – as many of you probably saw in her post just yesterday.

To instruct (in a style I adore) with intention and passion:
…it’s an honor and a priviledge.

This is just a reminder to me (and to all of you) to never take for granted the blessings in your life, big and small. Never look at any opportunity as anything less than an honor and a priviledge. With that perspective in mind, you’re going to start seeing your life in a whole new light. At least that’s how I’m feeling right now.


37 thoughts on “An honor and a priviledge

  1. We are all truly lucky and blessed to do what do! I was reminded of this when I saw someone on the running path who obviously had something like a stroke that induced lingering paralysis on one side of his body. But he was out there waving and saying hi to everyone. It was just a reminder that we’re really blessed to do what we do. It’s nice to see a blog post that recognizes it.

    • I LOVE that story!! Sometimes it’s those people that cross our paths in our everyday lives that leave such a mark on us, without ever even realizing it. Truly placed there to teach or show us something, that “something” being an awesome dose of perspective.

  2. What a great reminder that we get to CHOOSE this lifestyle. So often it’s easier to complain about having to knock out that long run on the training schedule, but we need to remember that we CAN and for that, we should count our blessings. Thanks for sharing your words.

    • Right?? If you truly step back and think about it, the sheer ability to knock out that training run is a HUGE blessing. Some people are physically unable to do so, and may never be able to do so. It’s a great, great reminder we all need to hear more often I think.

  3. You’ve nearly made me cry here! I’ve been pondering different possibilities for my family’s life over the next year, and I feel so blessed to have a choice! Thanks for a timely post. 🙂

    • Aww, there’s no crying in blogging!! 😉

      But seriously, it IS such a true blessing to have the choice (or choices!) in life that we’re given. So so so glad you are feeling so blessed right about now, my dear!

    • I think most of us ARE blessed, and more blessed than we might always realize. Even teeny tiny little blessings in our days, when piled all up, turn into one giant blessing over time. It’s worth it to take that step back now and then.

  4. AMEN to that, friend!!! I’ve learned so many times this past year to really take opportunity and run with it…to see it as an honor and privilege. So many people live without them, that it’d be ridiculous not to. Loving all the inspiring words, Jess. XOXO!

    • Taking an opportunity and running with it is such an honor — when we can finally get out of our own way to truly SEE that opportunity sitting there for the taking? Well friend? That is the true blessing right there.

  5. Great reminder—-sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the process of life and not remember to appreciate things. Sometimes I have these conversations with my mom—where we just really feel grateful for what we have and who we have.

  6. This is such a great post Jess. Love it. You are so right that it is an honor and a privilege to do so many things that we either just take for granted or just don’t take the time to think about or appreciate. PS I am so stoked that you are excited and recommitted to the marathon too. Isn’t it amazing to watch a marathon? I can’t even on a day like Monday.

    • It’s so easy to slip into that mindset, forgetting what truly blessed lives we live, despite the blips in the road here and there. All told, life is pretty damn good, right?

  7. You are such a beautiful soul! I love reading your posts every day because you are always so positive and uplifting. Truly. I like that you say “Get to teach.” After experiencing the barre with you and Jo, I get it. And I love it. Now if only I lived close enough to become an addict 😉

    • Aww thank you friend, you are so cute! I have a beautiful soul?? I never knew! 😉

      PS I LOVE that you got to see what this barre n9ne addiction is all about. It’s awesome, isn’t it?

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