Last long run before 13.1: the “get outta my way” edition

Saturday marked our last long run until the half marathon on May 6th in Providence.

I woke up and immediately thought “I am soooo *not* in the mood for this.” I whined to Scott, I procrastinated a bit.  And then I let the wheels start spinning — hmm, what could I do to get myself motivated?

I thought over a couple of routes that seemed more appealing given the weather was chillier than I thought and there was a definite wind I wasn’t in the mood to battle by the ocean (two of the routes I had in mind go right by the ocean). We finally settled on running Wakefield Lake, about ten minutes away from our house — it would takes us three loops around to get to 10.8 miles (it’s 3.6 miles once around). <–and no, Heather, it didn’t annoy me that we didn’t run an extra .2 miles to make it a nice even 11 miles, hehe 😉

Three loops. “I can do that.” I thought to myself. Three loops somehow seemed faster than an out-and-back route. I figured if I tricked my brain into thinking it was a much shorter run, maybe it would go by faster and I’d settle into a nice groove.

And it kinda worked.

I say “kinda” because the first route downright sucked. I was NOT in the game, my body felt sore (particularly my obliques — standing ab work I taught during class on Thurs AM clearly did it’s job!) and I just wasn’t into it. We passed our car, stopping briefly for a few sips of water and a honey stinger and pushed on. Scott tried to give me an “out” – saying we could do two loops and call it a day, but being the stubborn ass that I am, I refused. Actually got annoyed that he’d even suggest it — and I’m now thinking he did that by design, knowing that would only fuel me to push through those second two loops just a wee bit faster. (He’s a tricky one, that Sutera!)

The third and final loop was upon us before I knew it — and after stopping once more for water and a stinger, we carried on. This time, we both got a little more chatty. And started noticing just how rude the walkers and other runners were on this lake path. Not one single person got out of our way as we approached. Every single time– we were the ones to swerve into the street, run into the dirt on the side of the path or literally stop while they passed us, refusing to move even just enough for us to pass by, single-file. Seriously?? There should be some unwritten rule about this — if you’re walking or running with two or three other people, shift into single file so others can pass you now and then. There were these three women we passed twice who were so caught up in their little chit-chat that they legit didn’t budge an inch. We were practically in the bushes trying to pass them – Scott even tried stomping his feet as we approached them but even that didn’t work. Good grief. Get outta my way people!! That’s all I wanted to say, I was seriously peeved by the end by their lack of etiquette.

<<annnd end runner’s rant>>

But ahh, the end was upon us, just a straightaway before we turned down the street to where our car was parked. I suddenly found that second wind I didn’t realize I had (the second wind I’m hoping I get come race day that’ll help me power across that finish line like a rockstar!) and pushed it until the end. It felt downright awesome. I was so proud of myself for pushing on, getting it done, not giving up and feeling great by the end.  It was definitely the confidence booster I needed, and was looking/hoping for. 

And now? We’re totally ready to rock 13.1 next Sunday. <–wheee!

38 thoughts on “Last long run before 13.1: the “get outta my way” edition

    • Right?? Like seriously people, have some manners!!! But other than that, it was a really great run overall, I’m glad we opted for that route for a change of scenery. Was a gorgeous, albeit chilly, day!

  1. Is it really less than a week away? You guys have had such an amazing training cycle for this race you are going to rock every inch of every foot of every mile – I just know it!

  2. Way to get it done! And of course he knew you’d turn down the offer to cut the run short 😉 That’s crazy though on the other walkers/runners. For the most part, people totally get out of the way here on the river trails. The only time you might have issues is when it’s a big family just out for a leisurely stroll (with a dog too) and it’s obvious they don’t go there often or they’d know the “rules” LOL.

  3. I’m so impressed with the determination you have both shown in your quest for this marathon. I’m sure a lot of people would have given up, done only two circuits around the lake, gone home and had a glass of wine. But, what is a run exactly but a journey? Your journey continues through to this race. Just remember, though I have no doubt you will both finish in record time, it is the journey that matters most, not the final destination. Very proud of both of you.

    • You’re the best, M! Thank you for the vote of confidence — I’ll take as many good vibes as you’re generous enough to pass our way on Sunday. Also -please, please, please sleep in for us that day. 5am is gonna be a wicked slap in the face on Sunday I do believe. hehe.

    • Seriously?? I swear, most of this “attitude” comes from what I’ve learned from my husband – HE has the best attitude about life of anyone I know. Hands down. So I guess I learn from the best?

  4. I can’t wait to see how you do rock it this weekend! I’m excited for you!

    And people are just the rudest. I do speedwork at a track that is clearly marked with lanes for running, jogging, and walking. And people ALWAYS walk in the running lane. WHY?

  5. I also think it’s great that you guys train together! I have neighbor’s who do the same and it’s just adorable! My hubby is not much of a structured exerciser so I’m usually solo!

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  7. some runs are amazing throughout, and then some are amazing when they are DONE! congrats on completing your last long run – y’all have trained hard and you’re ready! oh, and I’m with Heather – I’d need the even 11. 😉

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