…run the mile you’re in.

…run the run you’re in.

…love this life you’re in.

…embrace every opportunity you’re in.

…be in the moment. Every moment.

…Be In.

So you all know my favorite running mantra is “run the mile you’re in” right? Well, my blog bestie Heather so thoughtfully reminded me the other day to always remember to also run the run you’re in, not just the mile you’re in, but the run you’re in. Not the one coming up next weekend, next month, or this fall (ahem, Chicago…).

It was a reminder I needed leading into this weekend’s half marathon. It’s no secret that my mind has often skipped ahead to Chicago this fall everytime I’m in “long run” mode. I start to freak out about it, worried as hell that I will never make it all 26.2 miles. So the “run the mile you’re in” mantra comes in really handy for me during those times…but now this “run the run you’re in” concept is another goodie I plan to tuck into the back of my mind for the next training cycle. (thank you, Heather, what would I do without you? Seriously.)

But once I got to thinking about the whole concept of being “in” whatever it is you’re doing, running or otherwise, it all started to come together for me. Being “in” is something we could all use a really good dose of. I know I talk a lot about being present, and taking disconnected or unplugged weekends from time-to-time, but I honestly think we all need to do more in the way of being “in” this life we’ve been blessed with.

…it could mean being more “in” the moment during your next workout. Focusing on the mind/body connection. The way your body moves and changes and transforms with every step, every drop of sweat, every punch, kick, jab or plie.

…it could mean being more “in” it to win it — going for that dream that always seemed so out of reach. Saying “effit” and just going for it.

…and sure, it could also relate to running. But I think we already covered that one. 😉

Bottom line: “In” is a really great place to be.
(This post courtesy of the “Chronicles of things I’ve learned through Running.”)



34 thoughts on “In.

  1. I think I need to remember this even though there are no miles being run right now. I need to find my “in” whether it be swimming or laying on the couch with my leg in the air. It’s just hard when you’d give anything to run even just a mile.

    • YES. Sometimes it just takes a little tweak or switch in focus to give you a new view on things — especially while you recover and cannot do the one thing that you love to do which is running. Get “in” the moment in the pool next time you’re there, or get “in” the moment with your famliy or friends who you may have more time for while you recover, for example. Hang in there!

  2. I was just saying this to Lindsay yesterday! I have a tendency to look at the big picture with negative things and I’ve started to really focus on the here and now. That helps me not get so overwhelmed and I can really focus on what I need to deal with now. This was beautifully written! Thank you for the positive reminder Jessica!

    • Oh I’ve totally been guilty of doing the very same thing – looking at the big picture and/or the negatives in life vs. sticking to the here and now and seeking out the positives wherever they may be lurking. I’m so glad this reminder helped you today!

  3. You know it’s like that time you went unplugged, sometimes you have to remove yourself from everything in order to be “in” and present, not just hearing but listening.

    And as for running, damn right – this makes me LOVE every mile I take. Too often we look back at 2 mile run and say that wasn’t a lot, but it actually was.

    I’m definitely motivated now!

    • YES — not just the hearing, but the listening <–you are so wise! And so, so, so spot-on with that assessment.

      As for the running piece – YES. Love every mile. Even today, when I battled through three miles on the 'mill, I worked hard not to think that it was "just" three miles I was running but it was three hard-fought for miles. End of story.

  4. It’s definitely something that I struggle with. I am constantly looking towards things in the future and sort of missing out on things that are happening now.

    • You aren’t alone on that one — everyone here has readily admitted to falling into that trap. It happens! The trick is learning to recognize when you’ve done it and learn to switch your focus back to the here and now.

  5. That is so true. I found my mind meandering to the runs I had planned this morning as I walked to the gym for intervals and it sometimes makes it more daunting then it has to be. And then I just focused on the run, and testing out my new b9 playlist and it just flowed. Great post sis!

    • I hate when my mind meanders like that and inadvertently messes up the moment I’m in, running or otherwise. It’s such a bad habit, right? I’m glad you recognized it and were able to focus on today’s run instead. that’s what it’s all about, the NOW!

    • You so smaht. 😉
      The here and now – that’s what we need to get better at honoring. The future is great, sure – but here and now? Just as wonderful, if we allow it to be, right?

  6. Very well put my friend! I often find myself planning way too far ahead, courtesy of the overthinking that we both suffer from. I find myself worrying about my goals, dreams, etc. This is a great reminder to live and work for those goals and dreams today – I think that’s why “Right Now” by Van Halen is one of my favorite songs. “Right now, hey
    It’s your tomorrow” Right, right. 🙂

  7. I am going to remind myself of this on my next marathon. I always run each race mile by mile, but when the going gets tough, I am going to remind myself to take it one mile at a time. And, I agree, don’t worry about Chicago! Your body will learn to run 26.2 miles. 🙂

  8. This is a great reminder. I definitely have trouble being “in” the moment all the time. So easily distracted or trying to do a million things at once. I do love the new mantra of “run the run you’re in.” You are going to kick ass this weekend!

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