A May(be) plan

Hi, my name is Jessica and I’m a spastic-OMG-must-write-everything-down-and-create-spreadsheets-for-everything planner.

Hilarious, right? But seriously — so, so, so true, at least for me. I think this is largely why I wind up with bouts of OATT regularly…I let the days jumble together to attack me versus taking each day as it’s own “thing.” Y’know, kinda like that “in” thing I mentioned yesterday.

So anyway, when I realized that May was upon us (um hi, yesterday was May 1st, how the hell did that happen?!) — the wheels starting churning. I mean, really – how could they not churn?

…the half marathon is almost behind me.
…the barre n9ne teacher training is long gone and I’m happily in my teaching groove.
…my not new but I keep calling it new job is five months deep.
…we’re nearly at the halfway point in the YEAR.
…my year of ‘no limits.’

So yeah, it’s been a busy, jam-packed year so far. Which kinda makes my heart soar with glee, not gonna lie. It’s been a full and happy and passionate five months. Of reaching for dreams, capturing them and chasing the rest. I dig that. This full life that I lead.

But back to my point – the whole planning ‘thang. The OATT-er in me obviously wants to plan the next month down to a science, with every little detail in place (not gonna lie, there have been spreadsheets involved…). The wannabe anti-OATT-er in me wants to *try* to go with the flow more in May. I mean, once June hits — I’ll be in MARATHON training, OMG. The next four MONTHS will be filled with schedules. FILLED.

So this is my little reminder, I suppose, to call this month the month of May(be) Plans vs. all-out OATT-filled plans.

A May(be) plan, you say? Yup, I’m calling this month the one month out of the entire YEAR where I try to stick less to schedules a little bit more. May(be). I’ll be traveling for work this month — which throws me into un-routine. Something I clearly need as a way to un-train myself of these OATT-ing ways of mine. This month also includes the Memorial Day long weekend which always means a gigantic bash for Scott’s birthday each year — and this year being his 35th (!), I want to make it extra special. 🙂

The only thing I truly plan on doing this month, if I could quantify it in some way? I’d say it would be filled with lots of  “in” moments — of the barre variety for sure, perhaps of the running (without any rhyme, reason, distance or plans in mind) variety, and most definitely of the embracing each moment variety.

Hmmm…this May(be) plan is shaping up pretty nicely, if I do say so myself. Perhaps this recurring case of OATT Syndrome is on its last days afterall?

(one can only hope. and by “one” I mean my husband, who has the patience of a saint for putting up with my regular OATT-ing ways, heh)


19 thoughts on “A May(be) plan

  1. Sis, I will give you a gold star if you plan less and be IN more. Because maybe that’ll help me plan less too 😉 I think this is a great idea, given you will be somewhat beholden to a schedule soon after this, and the month will FLY by, especially with travel. you got this sis!

    • Ohhhh can I have a lollipop *and* a gold star please?? 😉 hehe. But you’re right, this will be good for both of us – we totally feed off eachother’s OATT-ing ways big time!

    • Exactly right. Kinda like our un-planned but quasi-planned weekend together. Imagine if we’d had it so jammed up with “things” to do/see on our visit? We’d have missed out on so much fun moments…like the vlog with the bowls of wine LOL

  2. I love this idea! I think it will be really good for you. Not planning can bring better things than we every expected!

  3. I’m with Jo – I’ll also give you a gold start 😉 I’m with ya too – after this weekend, it’s time to take a chill pill for a bit. I’ve been booked solid for months.

    Some of those un-planned, take it easy, runs of no specific distance should involve one of your favorite runners. #justsayin 😉

    • Yay! I get TWO gold stars?? I feel special 😉

      I’m really excited for some un-planned-ness, especially if some of those unplanned rundates happen with a certain someone like YOU!

  4. I thought that I was a super planner but I don’t think that I’ve pulled out spreadsheets 🙂
    I think that this is a fantastic idea especially with marathon training around the corner and having that training schedule. Regardless, it sounds like you have a great month on tap. BTW – I’m super happy for you and your 5 joyous, “no limits’ months thus far this year.

    • Ohhh I am the QUEEN of spreadsheets, hehe. Just ask my sis. Or my boss. I love them.

      Thank you so much though, I am really loving this full life I’ve been leading this year, it’s been such a fun, interesting, eye-opening and passion-filled year so far! ❤

  5. I’m the same way…Get my panties all up in a bunch if things don’t go as I planned (especially my workouts). I think you are right, less planning, less stress. Good luck with the Marathon training next month. And oh yea, how is it May already?

    • ME TOO! Which is why I think it’ll be really good for me (and maybe you, too!) to learn not to stress the little things — I mean really, stressing my workout schedule is a ‘little thing’ in the big picture that is life, am I right? Yet we throw ourselves into such a tailspin when things aren’t done JUST as we’d laid them out so perfectly in our minds. Crazy yeah?

  6. Even your “no plan” has a plan, I love it! I wish I could chillax more when my plans get diverted, but sometimes going with the flow is a surprising, refreshing, change.

    You have had such an awesome year!! I can’t believe you’re 5 months into your gig, seems like just yesterday you were making the big job change.

    Kudos, girl!

    • YAYYYY for no-plan plans, hehe! I’m the queen of those apparently – they are still KIND of a plan but not TOTALLY a plan. That’s as close as I can come to un-planned up in here. 😉

      I know…5 months is crazy! This year is FLYING BY! I just hope it slows down for the summer, I’d love to really have six months of summer vs. three, wish the Big Guy was listening to this request 😉

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