Reasons to love the #rundate

Reasons to love the #rundate:

Major accountability — knowing that your bestie is en route to your house at 5:30am is more than enough motivation to get your ass in gear before she shows up

The company, obvs — nothing better than logging a few miles without really even feeling those miles whiz by. Too busy chatting it up to notice.

Pace-less, numbers-less running — rundates typically do not involve pacing (unless you’re hardcore training together, I suppose) or lots of numbers talk. It’s more about the experience itself. Sharing a workout with a friend, particularly a friend who digs fitness as much as you do.

And last but not least, the funny things that tend to happen on rundates. Things that nobody would believe really happened if you were running alone that day.

Take today, for example. Steph met me at my house to run with me. Just a handful of miles to keep the legs happy before race day and to get our workout in before I went off to teach barre n9ne. We were so proud of ourselves for getting up and getting it done early in the day (nothing worse than the workout hanging over your head all day long!) – so off we went, ignoring the fact that we were both really tired from the long week (and the rainy, yuck weather).

The run was super fun, the miles went by fast, we felt great that we’d gotten it done. Accountability, company, pace-less running. Check, check, check.

Now, the funny story. As we were rounding the path by the park that winds by the river near my house, we saw a bunch of geese meandering around. I looked to my left and pointed out some baby geese (geeslings??) to Steph, noting how cute and fuzzy they were (sooo wanted to pat them!). Then we saw a couple of other geese right in our path, and one of them had a baby goose following it closely behind. I KNOW how protective geese are of their little ones so I was a little nervous, not gonna lie.

And for GOOD reason. The goose promptly gave us the stare down and HISSED at us. HISSED. Who knew that geese hissed anyway?? Sounded like a freakin’ rabid raccoon! I jumped and promptly ran into the grass waaaay around the goose that was hissing. Steph followed me and we both kinda giggled nervously. Of course, neither of us wanted to be the “scared” one so we played it off like it was funny. But seriously, a goose hissing at you is kinda scary. Especially at 6am in the morning.

So anyway, had that happened on a solo run, it a) might not have been nearly as funny and b) might not have prompted this blog post reminding ya’ll how fab #rundates can be.

Plus my workout is all done for the day so I’m happy. And so is Steph. As you can see from the pic below.

(PS. I almost wrote “wine-wine” — apparently wine is *always* on my mind, even at 8am in the morning). 😉

32 thoughts on “Reasons to love the #rundate

  1. A hissing geese! I think that would be terrifying at anytime in the day, but I do agree #rundates make everything so much better. It’s more about hanging out with friends than the actual workout. I go to a Thursday night run club as much as possible and love it! It keeps me accountable and I meet knew people all the time!

    • Right?? It scared the crap out of me — had never seen that before in my life. Downright freaky! haha.

      And you’re right – the rundate IS about the people and the experience of it all vs. the run itself. And that’s the glory in it, it ends up being a great run but an even greater time well-spent with good people.

  2. Oh my gosh, Tony and I got attacked by geese last week! Scared me to death! We got the major stare down by one and then as Tony was trying to pass the other one (sitting on the nest behind him) hissed and it scared the life out of him…and then the other flew at him. It was the most bizarre Matrix looking thing I’ve ever seen when I screamed and he ducked down raising the stick above his head to protect himself. We chose a different path through the woods at that point. We laughed the entire day about that whole crazy goose attack. That was on our little hike around the lake, so yeah, workout buddies are the best! If not for the motivation, but for the second set of eyes to protect you from a wild goose attack!

  3. I trained for 3 half-marathons with my friend Joan and really liked the accountability that it gave us to run together. Plus, it was a good way to see my friend.

  4. the wine ending…I was just starting to think I had to really re-evaluate my fitness goals since I can’t seem to quit the wine. Thanks for making me feel better!

    • Oh man, no quitting the wine for me — I love it too much *and* I firmly believe you can live a healthy and fit lifestyle without putting certain foods and drinks completely off limits. It’s about balance and healthy choices, bottom line. That’s my motto, anyway 🙂

    • You would’ve died if you saw them hiss — it was so freaky!! Kinda funny now, but not nearly as funny then. 😉
      Can’t wait to rundate tomorrow…and hopefully we will NOT see crazy geese! (maybe a bunny, I saw one last time we ran the lake. beeeeen!)

  5. I agree! I started out as a solo runner and was hesitant to run with people. Once I did it changed my running…for the better! There is just something magical about the running friendship bond. And the accountability! When I run with friends, I am often surprised at how fast the time flies and how much fun I have out on the road.

    • Isn’t it so great to share that love of running with someone else? I’ve loved seeing how you’ve trained for your marathon with such a great group of supportive runner friends. SO cool!

  6. I HATE GEESE. Do you remember my geese run in post? I have been attacked by them before and they are no freaking joke. SOBs… I guess I’ve only ever had a rundate with someone other than Jason twice. It was really different. It’s a friend who’s not really a runner so it was definitely not about speed or high miles. It was really fun for me – we (I) chatted the whole time. With Jason, sometimes it can end up being about speed. We’re both uber competitive and not necessarily with each other, but with ourselves. It’s not always that way mind you, but he definitely doesn’t enjoy chatting it up the same way I do 😉

    • LOLOL YES! I totally forgot about your geese incident!! But now that I think about it, many I’m glad you weren’t there with us this morning, you would NOT have been happy, LOL.

      I can’t wait to rundate with you, such a bummer that we didn’t get to when we visited, but I’m determined that we will rundate together this summer, FO SHO!!

  7. Hahaha… OMG. Morning runs are notorious for creature encounters. I saw what looked like a cat crossing the street in front me a couple weeks back. As I got closer, I saw that it was a racoon… trust me when I say I made a giant curve around where it was.

    • Even scarier than raccoons or geese? Coyotes. We saw one last summer realy early in the morning before the sun was fully up. Talk about creepy city! I thought it was a dog at first but nope, coyote. Oy.

  8. Love this! The sweat looks great on you two 😉

    I would rarely make it to those 6 a.m. meet-ups/miles if it weren’t for Kate. Knowing I have someone joining me makes ALL the difference!

  9. Rundates sounds cool. For a minute I thought it was a real website where you could find a running partner in your area! I’ve never run with anyone else. I’m a bit worried I would be too breathless to talk!

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