Run-less, but not barre-less.

Run-less, but not barre-less.
…is how I’d describe the week, so far.

It’s totally been by design — I designated this week, post-half marathon, as a run-less week. I wanted to give myself a bit of a breather from running. Both because I knew I’d work it really hard at the race, but also because I know that after this month is over, running will be front and center once more (hello Chicago marathon training!). And the juggling act between running, teaching and taking barre n9ne classes would ensue all over again. <–I welcome it, believe it or not! I love the challenge…glutton for punishment, much?? 😉

A couple of things I’ve noticed this week while I’ve been in this focused mode.


My legs are recovering from the race a lot better than they ever have after previous half marathons. I chalk it up to a better level of fitness for sure, but also to really caring for my body leading into and post-race. Not running junk miles. Making sure to stretch often. Honoring the rest days. And yes, getting a workout in the very next day after the race <–this is a new one for me. Call me crazy but the barre class I took on Monday morning *did* help to stretch out my uber-tight quads and hammies. Did it sting? Sure did. Did it help? You betcha.

Having my sole workout or workouts *just* be of the barre variety has been really refreshing and fun. And focused. I’m an addict as it is, but to be able to focus even more on my form, on my endurance and on the mind/body connection during class has been awesome. While I’ve said a million times over that the running + barre combo is great, having the week to focus on my barre practice alone has been just what I’ve needed.

It’s been raining this week. Yet – by this weekend? Sunshine and 70s. Did a certain Someone know I was trying to avoid running this week and planned this forecast just for me? I do believe He may have. And I appreciate that. Means there has been absolutely *no* temptation go break my no-run rule this week whatsoever.

The bottom line for me? Focus is good. Really, really good. It always brings new clarity,  new thinking, new approaches to mind. Speaking of ‘new approaches,’ I have been thinking a LOT about how I plan to approach Chicago marathon training. I’m not ready to talk about it quite yet, but I’ll give you a hint — it’s going to involve lots of — wait for iiiiiit — FOCUS. 😉


15 thoughts on “Run-less, but not barre-less.

  1. I think it’s a good idea to go runless for a week. It’ll help stave off any burnout that might come (but hopefully won’t).

    I get to see your sister today. I wish you could be there too! Also, that picture makes me dizzy too.

  2. I need to sign up for another barre class! Thanks for the reminder!

    I agree, focus is so important! I was even able to focus on that picture! 😉

  3. Smart, sis! I have never gone run-less. Maybe I need to soon, too. But I need to a good reason, like oh, a half marathon or some kind of burnout to feel like I want to. Not that I want burnout or anything 😉 Wish I was barre n9ne-ing this week!!

  4. Focus always seems to give you a renewed start – and wow did your week favor you! I’m glad you’re taking it easy and you’ll definitely be back to 110% in no time!

  5. Focus is good! And that pic is so trippy!

    Glad you have a plan and a focus. Sounds like a good one. And focusing on barre classes can’t be a bad thing!

  6. That picture is WHOA. lol I can’t look at it for too long!

    I’m not surprised that you’re so focused. You usually are! (It’s admirable!) I think it’s really smart the way you’re approaching your training…barre workouts the day after a race? Not many would attempt that, but I think that’s the beauty of barre…the lengthening and stretching on top of the strengthening.

    • Haha I can’t say the barre workout the day after the race was my most shining moment but hey – whatever gets me moving, right?? hehe.

      I’m so glad you are already digging that beautiful barre!! Wheeee!

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