I’ve been doing a lot of self-reflection lately.
Observations, really. And making tweaks (in training, in perspective, in paths), along the way.

A comment from my dear friend (and super-insightful blogger!) Lisa got me thinking:

What a great reflection. It does make sense that the reasons for (and meaning of) running will change over time. Many people don’t take the time to even consider it—but doing so probably makes the good effects and meaning even better and more!!

I guess I hadn’t really thought about it but she’s right — how many of us don’t ever truly take the time to reflect on what we’re doing and decide 1) if it’s worth continuing, 2) if we’re doing “it” for the right reasons and 3) if it’s making us a better version of ourselves (because really, don’t we all want to be our best selves?).

So it’s not just reflecting — but applying those reflections


This year has been all about testing boundaries and removing the barriers, walls, limits from my life — whether I’ve put them there or someone/something else has, as the case may be. And as part of that? 2012 has been an incredibly rewarding and very full year for me.

I dig that.
…and I owe it in large part to the reflecting, applying those reflections and becoming much more intentionfilled than ever before.

What I have noticed lately, though? That some of my loved ones – IRL and of the bloggy variety – either don’t often take that time to step back, or haven’t done so in a very long time. And not that I’m the poster child for self-reflection by any means (for reals!), nor am I one to judge others based on how they lead their lives. I promise you that. That is definitely not the intent behind my post today. 

But honestly? Regular self-reflection has become this little “thing” of mine that has proven to be one of the most valuable and rewarding (and simplest) things I’ve ever done for myself.

…and I guess I just want to see my loved ones doing the same.

Not just following their path, but embracing it.

Not just checking off the boxes in life, but doing so with purpose, intention.

…and definitely not just “existing” but truly living.

I’m not suggesting you all should go out and make crazy major life decisions or anything, per se. I’m just saying — self-reflection is an amazing gift to yourself. And it’s free.

So that’s my message for today — do yourself a favor: look in that mirror and reflect. And smile as you do it. Even if the person who stares back at you tells you that some (good) change needs to be made, at least seeing your own smile will remind you that you’re doing this for YOU. And nobody else.


34 thoughts on “Self-reflection.

  1. I’ve been thinking about this and meditating more a lot lately. Yoga helps me focus on true inner reflections. Oprah has a Life Class on a similar topic about following your ambitions and finding your inner passions. I am definitely on board with this!

  2. I TOTALLY agree sis. I think the fact that we have both been really reaching our limits and just going for it, and reflecting and changing, makes us hyper aware of those around us that are NOT dong that and may really appreciate that step-back moment to refocus, reset, and TRY something new or different. It’s so hard to do, but I think we are all better for it! And I love that we push each other and challenge each other to go ‘no limits’ – it’s simply awesome.

    • I think you’re right — because we’re in the throes of that mindset of late it’s much more obvious if/when others are NOT in that mindset per se. I love that we’ve both taken that intention-filled, purpose-filled, limitless approach to 2012. It’s been an incredible year and we’re not even halfway through it yet! yay us 🙂

  3. I’m a bit of a self-reflection junkie, so I’m a big believer in taking the time to examine life. However, I’ve gotten caught up in keeping up before and lost my intentions, so a good gut check every now and then does wonders for realigning my goals. Great reminder! 🙂

    • Yes I totally and utterly agree — losing the intention piece is the part that can happen a lot easier than we realize. Until we truly take that step back and revisit/re-evaluate.

  4. I do think that a lot of times we just get caught up and doing and not always thinking about why. I definitely try to stop and think about why I’m doing what I do. But of course, sometimes I honestly believe you can over-think as well. So reflect but don’t dwell perhaps?

    • Right — it’s a fine line, much like many things in life. Reflecting vs. dwelling is a GREAT way to delineate between the two (you know me too well and my overthinking issues to begin with!!)

  5. I need to make a better habit of reflecting. I need to take the time to refocus, reflect, and re-prioritize. I needed this reminder today. This post is definitely going into my “to be read often” bookmark folder.

  6. I so needed this today—(plus, thanks for the mention!)—I am in the middle of huge life changes, and I need to constantly check in with myself and make sure I’m really doing what I feel is best (not just checking boxes or letting other people’s opinions about what I should do sway me).

    • Ohhhh I’m so glad that my words (inspired by YOUR words) were helpful to you as you navigate so much change in your life. You GOT this my friend, you DO! I promise!

  7. I think that that’s one thing that I really love about you – your approach to life and the focus on self-reflection. But not just self-reflection to say that you did it or hey I learned X, Y and Z but the fact that you actually go and make an effort to apply these lessons. I know that I definitely don’t do that. I go through fits and starts of when I’m self-reflective but it’s definitely not “routine” if you will. Thanks for the call out 😉

    • Aww thank you friend, I love your comments — always so thoughtful and kind and real. You’re the best!!
      Ha – I’m glad I could call you out on this one, it’s so good to start applying those reflections in life!! Go get it!!

  8. AMEN. I think you’re 100% right here…I see a lot of run, run, run, lift, lift, lift…work, work, work…but not enough mental connection. To me, how are you supposed to better yourself as an athlete if you can’t look back and be able to understand what your body’s been telling you? If you aren’t listening, you certainly aren’t comprehending. I love your reflections…you’re always changing, but you’re always “there”. By there, I mean you’re always within the same scope of who you are as a runner. You might change up your routine or the way you train…and you might evolve as a runner in that you’re constantly getting something from it…but you’re always running for you. You’re always in the mindset that no one run or race defines you…that you run the mile (and run!) you’re in. (Does this make sense? haha.)

    • That’s exactly right — a lot of DOING, but not a heck of a lot of thinking about why we’re doing. Not that I want everyone to be overthinking all the time like me per se (hehe), but I do think there’s something to be said for reflecting and remembering why it is that we do what we do, and putting intention behind it.

      And thank you friend, for your words, you always know just what to say to brighten my day and make me feel good about myself, you have such a knack for that!! xoxo

  9. you are so insightful, my friend! I love what you said about applying those reflections…I’ve been doing a lot of that lately myself, and have some fun news to announce this week about how my self-reflections have turned into ACTION!

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