#PROOF @the barre

This is what a back-to-back sweat sesh @the barre looks like (plus a super sweatastic morning class I taught earlier that day…):

(granted, we look waayyy too chipper for just getting our asses handed to us, but still – work with me here, mmk?)

If that’s not #PROOF, I don’t know what is. 😉

But seriously — what’s the point of my post today? It’s a really good reminder (and note to self!) that a killer workout comes in all shapes and sizes. It doesn’t have to be a ridiculous cardio-fest like running or spinning or something. A strength training session or strength-based studio class (or two of them, hell why not?) is just as much — if not more — of a sweatastically awesome workout.

Just because you didn’t sweat the same way you did after <insert cardio ‘poison’ of choice here> doesn’t mean that the workout wasn’t effective.  Last night’s workout was reminder #4,000 to me that strength training (of the barre variety or otherwise — I promise I’m not *that* biased towards the barre ok maybe I am) is incredibly important, needed, and ridiculously awesome (and sweaty too!).

And really? Strong is beautiful.
…and it’s pretty badass, not gonna lie.

This from the chick who pretty much rode a barre-high all day long. The class I taught in the morning was especially energetic and sweaty and FUN (and I got to meet Melissa finally — hooray!! And I do believe she’ll be back — yay for that, I didn’t scare her off!). That plus the barre-date with fit bestie Steph and my day ended on a wicked strong high note.

Strength training makes me feel strong and confident and fit — and it’s soooo important to fit it into your life, in some shape or form. Pretty please, if you don’t already — do it, and embrace every single strength-filled second.

<<steps off soap box>>

And as you’re reading this now, we should be off on our rundate to end the week on a high note. If you follow me on Instagram, you can expect to see another #PROOF pic of our rundate sweatiness — because who can get sick of seeing sweaty, glee-filled faces up in here. Am I right?? 

Happy #PROOF-tastic Friday, friends! <–make it a sweaty one  (TWSS??) 😉


26 thoughts on “#PROOF @the barre

  1. Great post! I hope you have a few foodie friday posts again those were always great as well :). Have a nice weekend!!

    • I have been SO foodie un-inspired lately!! Perhaps I need to do a Foodie Friday SOS style post — maybe you guys can inspire me since I’ve apparently run out of genius foodie ideas of late! How sad, right?

    • Oh I totally agree — a lot of times, it drains you a lot more mentally AND physically than a cardio session can. It just depends for me really — a run could tax me all over the place one day and the next I could walk away from that run feeling like I could’ve kept going. That rarely happens these days though,haha.

  2. Hot proof is right!! I am so sad I wasn’t there though, and was stuck on a plane! But you are so right, a perfect, killer workout doesn’t have to mean only the sweatiest of runs, or whatever cardio it may be, it’s usually the barre class that hits me hardest and I ride that all day, just as much, if not more, than a solid run!

  3. I’m a huge promoter of the saying “Strong is the new Beautiful”! I LOVE LOVE LOVE watching the ladies in my class lift heavier weights than the boys, and I kind of get a kick out of when I can lift more than Jay, gotta admit. 🙂
    Girls are awesome!

    • Right?? Strong is DAMN beautiful. Why yes, indeed. Nothing sexier than a strong back and shoulders on a woman, I’m convinced of it. 🙂 PS I love that you can lift more than Jay!! HOT!

  4. Look at you two pretty ladies!

    Am I the only one that sweats profusely at the Barre? Please please please tell me I’m not! What an amazing week you’ve had! 🙂 Way to get after it my friend!

    • Looks can be deceiving, I SWEAR. I was a sweaty, gross, smelly mess after all that barre work. FOR REAL!!
      I do feel pretty darn good this week though, all the barre work and no running was JUST what I needed. LOVE!

  5. Great #PROOF! You’re so right…a great workout comes in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes I forget that (I think my brain has trouble focusing on more than one thing at a time)…and I neglect some great workouts for long periods of time!

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