The best run.

The best run happened on Sunday.

…It didn’t matter how far we ran.
…Or that my lips were chapped (forgot the chapstick!).
…And I was thirsty because it was muggier than expected.
…Nor did I care that we got stopped on our return trek while the drawbridge went up to let a boat pass by.

What did matter?

…My legs were happy, happy, happy.
…My pace felt peppy.
…I got lost in my thoughts for miles and miles.
…I was in those moments. In the mile. In the run. In the rundate.
…All with the best running partner around.

It was the best run. And here’s #PROOF:

Those would be the rosy red cheeked sweaty faces of two very happy, very runners’ high-loving running fools.

It was the best run.  Intentionally goal-less, aim-less. The perfect setting for us both to let our thoughts run wild, all while enjoying that “us” time. “Us” time which was so precious this weekend as I prepared for a week in California for work.

And now? As I sit here getting myself ready to head to the airport later this morning? I’m cherishing those moments from yesterday, revisiting the miles – sure – but really revisiting those special, quiet moments with Scott, mid-run.

…the best run.

(I’m already missing him and I haven’t even left yet. Sigh. Let’s just say that I’m *really* looking forward to that giant welcome-home hug on Thursday night. His face is the one I miss most of all. ❤ )


27 thoughts on “The best run.

    • It was the BEST run in months and months. It was unreal. Even Scott commented on it, and he never really does. He’s so chipper all the time so for him to notice it was a great run is saying something. LOL

  1. That’s awesome sis, I am so glad you had that time before your trip. I’ll miss you this week and be jealous when it’s my turn next week 😉 XOXO

  2. I hope your week goes by quickly…

    and I LOVE the picture of you two!!! YOU look completely crazy in love and he, like usual, has the BIGGEST smile on his face. 🙂 You can tell it was a perfect run. 🙂

    • His smile melts my heart into a big giant puddle. It makes my heart soar the second I see him when he gets home from work, that huge smile from ear-to-ear, so happy to be home with me again. I’m getting all teary just thinking about how much I MISS that face, that smile, when I’m away. He’s the best thing ever. ❤

    • Anytime I run aimlessly it reminds me that I don’t do it nearly enough. It felt so freeing, so fun, so perfect. I loved it!

      And you’re right…I am embracing that feeling from the weekend and carrying it with me until I see Scott again on Thursday night. I just can’t wait 🙂

  3. Those runs are the BEST BEST BEST! I’m so happy that you’re running so strong right now, you’re amazing my friend.

    And you and Scott are so adorable. ADORABLE.

  4. aahhhhh, I LOVE THIS. it makes me want to run, so that is exactly what I am going to go do! well, a little later – we’re actually getting Jason ready for a week away – so here’s hoping BOTH our weeks go quickly! XO

  5. Those runs are the best!! My daughter’s been protesting when I leave for runs lately, and my husband tells her, watch- mommy will come back sweaty and happy! It holds her over, and it’s so true, too. 🙂

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