And I frickin’ loved every single, sweaty, puketastic second.

Like really, really, really, really loved it.

The verdict? Oh damn do I need to do MORE of that shiznat, and as soon as possible.
It was HELL, but it was so, so, so good.

But lemme back up a sec. The rundate plan originally. It started out as a simple “hey coworker friend, whatcha say to a rundate next time I’m in Cali?”

Her response “sure, but you’ll kick my butt.”

My thinking – no way, man. Rundates aren’t about racing eachother, it’s about the experience of it all, getting in some miles in a new city far, far, far away from home. And that’s that. The experience. Not the journey, not the miles, not any of that.

Soooo she agreed to join me (mind you, she’s getting ready to embark on her first half marathon journey which I’m super psyched about!). What she neglected to tell me? The route she had in mind for us. One that she claims she only settled on in her mind right before we left for our rundate.

I’m kinda glad she didn’t clue me in any sooner now that I think about it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

The route she had in mind took us up this winding, rolling, hilly, up, up, up trail to the top of a mountain, basically. I have no pictures to prove it (I realllly wish I had my iPhone with me for some picture #PROOF!) but when I tell you it was one long uphill drive?

It looked something like this:

Steep uphill climb to “warm-up” as my coworker put it. Up a steep incline and around the corner and up another steep incline. Leveled off for a bit where we met a bit of a rolling incline and then two more steep up, up, up incline turn-backs before we leveled off and took a very short recovery break.

Steep uphill climb number two nearly killed me. I legit thought I was either going to pass out, puke or die at various points during this section of the uphill “run” (if you can call it running, it was more like fast hiking LOL). It was a lot of uuuuuuuup and arounnnnnd and uuuuuuup and arouunnnnd. Lots of turn-backs here too. (which sucked more than the steep uuuuuups right after, I swear)

We leveled off once more and finally got a bit of a repreive before the final steep uphill and rolling climb to the very top. The rolling climb was one of those tricky ones that sneaks up on ya real good. It was at this point that I just put my head down, refusing to look at how far the rolling climb truly was and just powered through to the top.

And the top? OMG was it gorgeous. Not just scenery-wise but run-wise. I was never happier to be on flat ground in my life. For reals. Let’s just say the downhill run back to our starting point was glorious. I felt like I was running on air in comparison to what we’d just endured.

In all? This was freakin’ intense. The most challenging hill work I have EVER done. Ever, ever, ever.
…but I loved, loved, loved it.

Loved how strong it made me feel.
Loved how fit it reminded me that I am.
Loved how sweaty and endorphin-high I felt at the end.
Loved the experience of it with my fab coworker (who claims I pushed her to work harder…um, I beg to differ, she’s the one that picked the route, one that I’d have never picked on my own!).

Moral of this story?
Hills are evil. And I need more of them in my life.

28 thoughts on “OMG-that-was-the-hilliest-rundate-ever

  1. Glad you liked it! Hills aren’t meant to be feared, only conquered. That’s my motto anyway. Can’t wait for the next time you’re out (oh, and for Thursday AM’s workout ๐Ÿ™‚ ).

    • YES!! That hill may have OWNED me but I think we both ultimately showed it who was boss at the end of it, am I right?? Booya!!!! (Can’t wait to OWN that hill next time!! HILL ‘O DEATH!!)

    • hehehe I love that you guys all thought I was gonna end the post with a big ‘ol swear. I probably should’ve ended it that way — its exactly how I ended it when we got to the top of the mountain, curse words all over the place LOL

  2. Hills ARE great! The Kalamazoo Marathon was full of them so I always made sure to add them to my training runs. In the beginning it was tough, but as the weeks went by I began loving and DOMINATING hills. Now they make me feel like a bad ass ๐Ÿ™‚

    Keep it up Lady!

  3. haha LOVE the enthusiasm and excitement pouring out of this post!! Frankly, it’s infectious. I’ve learned to come to terms with hills. They aren’t my favorite by far but as I run up them, I keep reminding myself that they are making me stronger – strong strong legs.

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  5. Haha, I’ll say it: I’m surprised you don’t swear more in your posts…you ARE a Northerner. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I think I swear too often, but it’s rarely in a bad way!…but that’s off topic.

    You should come for a visit here in the mountains…we’ll conquer some hills together! (Though I think I’d be pretty far behind you. lol) I think this is why running here will help improve my ability to run Chicago. (I’m praying that course is flat.) I actually don’t stop for hills anymore…but I loathe them. lol

    And I’m with Heather…seeing the elevation changes in the run would be awesome!

    • HAHAHA I guess I ought to throw some f-bombs in my posts more often then, is that what you’re telling me? ๐Ÿ˜‰

      I’d LOVE to run the hills with you sometime — a rundate together would be so much fun, even if it’s hilly and even if you loathe them ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come to my house if you’re begging for hills – I live in hill country, no joke. We could have a pretty ass kicking hilly run date complete with even more pretty glorious views! Lets do it!

    • Seriously — when I say ‘hills’ I really mean UP THE SIDE OF A MOUNTAIN legit. I mean I run hills ALL the time, and these were like NONE other I’ve ever seen. It was intense but so frickin’ awesome all at the same time. LOL. Next time I”m out there, I’ll take pics to prove it!

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