Travel notes

Un-routine be damned. I still got my workouts in this week, a big time travel week. Killer workouts, in fact.

…that hillier-than-hell rundate up Death Mountain for one.

…this yoga workout I haven’t done since before starting my barre n9ne journey (surprised me at how much better I was able to hold the various poses…felt damn strong afterwards.)

…a surprisingly sweatastic set of intervals on Wednesday *and* a sweaty (albeit fairly boring) session on the elliptical before my flight took off on Thursday to round out the week.

(post intervals – see? sweatastic!)

(post surprisingly good elliptical workout)

still haven’t tried a barre studio out here yet though. Must get on that next time around.

I struck an awesome balance, healthy eating-wise while traveling. So difficult to stick to that when so many of my meals are out of my control (i.e. not home cooked!). I’m really proud of how I managed that this week. 

…I discovered a ‘stand-in’ for my beloved irish oatmeal with sautéed apples, cinnamon and peanut butter (and I owe it all to Naomi – again – for cluing me in!). Jamba Juice apple cinnamon steel cut oatmeal – OMGGG tasted like apple pie on top of oatmeal yumminess!

…and after a really big, heavy (but delish salmon!) lunch on Wednesday (a team celebration lunch), I chose a really light dinner that night in my room (my one “free” night all week). A fresh fruit platter with cottage cheese on the side. It was perfect. JUST what I needed. And very different than how I might have planned or chosen my dinner a year or so ago. I’ve come a long way in this mindful / intuitive eating journey of mine. Note to self…

And I survived the flight out and back. Barely.

…it was long. And not altogether fun on the return flight – sitting on the tarmac for an hour after an hour-long delay in the airport and landing at midnight on Thursday. No bueno.

…but seeing this smiling face waiting for me at the terminal? (he was waiting there from 9:45-midnight! He didn’t track my flight so wasn’t aware just how delayed it was. Only he would still be smiling after all that!!). But it was worth every long hour spent on the plane. He gives the best hugs ever. >3

(this is from last summer — hands down my favorite pic of Scott, his smile is so beautiful here. And let’s be honest, he looks hot. tee hee <3)

Packing wise – I did ok this trip too. Packed just enough without feeling like I had 6 lbs’ worth of dumbells in my carry-on (oh wait…that’s because I *did* pack those on my last trip, didn’t I? <grin>)

…however, I wish I had a change of clothes for the flight home. Dress pants, open-toed heels (that I wore *all* week out here, owww) and a collared top aren’t exactly comfy airplane-wear. I would’ve killed for my lululemon groove pants (thought about wearing the dirty pair from my suitcase but upon smelling them, I thought better of it…), my I Heart Sweat tee and my flip flops. Ohhh flip flops. That would’ve been a killer score.

All told? I give myself a solid A on travel acumen. I’m pretty darn proud of myself for both embracing un-routine, while also keeping a semblance of routine in the mix of things too. A new routine maybe, but a routine, nonetheless.

…now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to face plant into my bowl of oatmeal. I think I’ve waited long enough for it. 😉


22 thoughts on “Travel notes

  1. You did awesome sis, not that I had any doubt in my mind that you wouldn’t. Except MAJOR fail on not changing for your flight home…rookie mistake ;-P And one pair of shoes? I would have packed two, just saying. Hehe. Glad you are home!

    • I have you as my guide sis, you showed me the way!! 🙂

      I know…the one pair of shoes was dumb…I actually had two pairs (the one I traveled in, plus sneakers) but the pair I traveled out there in didn’t match my other outfits. Duh.

  2. Aside from the delayed flight home, sounds like a great trip. I’m gearing up for a bit of travel myself in the coming weeks and the one thing that always stresses me out is how to stay healthy while away from home, especially on the eating front. Glad that you are home safely!

  3. Well, staying on exercise and food track while traveling is definitely something to be proud of!! I’m impressed—it takes a lot of effort to fit everything in when you’re in a different place…. nice job! (and cute hubby!)

    • I feel really good about my decisions this week while away. It felt good to still feel “me” even if in very much un-routine mode, you know?
      (and he is cute, isn’t he, hehe)

  4. Traveling by myself always throws me for a loop. I don’t know how some people can do it every single week. I’d miss my family and normal routine (especially my own food/cooking) way too much. Eating out is fun but it can get really, really old! Bravo to you for getting the hang of it! BTW – the fruit platter looks delicious!

    • I don’t know how some people travel for work every single week either, I would HATE that. I don’t mind the switch up in routine now and then – but constantly? That would NOT be fun at all. I’m with you — I love to cook in and all of that way more than going out so to travel and have to eat most of my meals out is not cool. But I try to make the best of it — and that fruit plate with cottage cheese for dinner that night was SUCH a good move!!

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