Mindful (not mindless), intentional (not aimless)

Mindful (not mindless).

Intentional (not aimless).

Just think about the meaning –the weight — behind those words: Mindful. Intentional.

Simple concepts really — a mindful approach, one that requires intention or aim.
…but in practice? Not quite as simple.

At least for me. It’s something I’ve been working on for over a year now (since the barre n9ne challenge started last May…more on this milestone tomorrow…) — and quite honestly? I think it’s always going to be a work-in-progress for me, but a work-in-progress means I’m always moving forward, always working to be better, more mindful, more intentional, right?

Mindful (not mindless) as it relates to healthy eating. Learning to push down my OATT-ing ways and trusting my body to alert me to true hunger. To remind me when it’s not hungry, but perhaps thirsty, or bored, or itching to mindlessly eat…out of old habits attempting to sneak back out.
…Intentional (not aimless).

Mindful (not mindless) workouts. Choosing true focus at the barre — both when taking class but also when teaching class. Staying in the moment, working hard to motivate (as an instructor), and working hard to lead by example (as a student of the method) — working hard, plain and simple. Running the mile I’m in, the run I’m in…and ultimately, the race I’m in (October 7, I’m coming for you).
…Intentional (not aimless).

Mindful (not mindless) living. Continuing to chase dreams. Constantly living on the edge of discomfort — in my career (both of them!), in my relationship with Scott, in my friendships, and as an auntie. Always looking for that mindful memory or moment. Searing it into my brain. Kind of like the butterfly I saw – not once, but twice – while running this weekend with Scott. I do believe that was my Nonna swinging by to remind me that she’s always watching over us. Her death, exactly three years ago on Sunday, still leaves such a sadness in my heart. I miss her. But I know she’s always lingering nearby — and this reminds me to continue to stay mindful to every single moment in life.
…Intentional (not aimless).

Mindful (not mindless).
Intentional (not aimless).

This has become my mantra for life, one that I’ve been rolling around in my mind for the past few weeks. This weekend, the whole concept was truly solidified for me — 2012 is proving not just to be the year of ‘no limits’ but my year. It may sound selfish to some, but for me, it’s become empowering to recognize 2012 as the year that I found my stride.


21 thoughts on “Mindful (not mindless), intentional (not aimless)

  1. It’s such a process isn’t it? …A good one, really. Constant effort in the direction of evolution…it really just can’t help but make life better in the long run.
    Sometimes I’m a little discouraged by the slowness of it, but looking back over a year or so makes the changes and improvements so evident. So so so worth it… Thank you for this reminder, and yay for you and your evolution!

    • Exactly — it IS a process, it DOES take work and dedication to the whole evolution mindset, but so so worth it.

      It can be discouraging by how slow this kind of evolution happens, but again — nothing work fighting for or striving for ever came easily in life, right?? Same holds true here. Keep at it, girl!

  2. I love this motto…so true and fitting. It’s so easy to say I’m going to live that way, but it’s so darn hard to actually do it. Great post, Jess =)

  3. So easy to talk the talk, much harder to walk the walk. You ARE having an incredible year, and I believe the best is still yet to come. I love this post, and you’re an inspiration to me. Thank you.

    • Ohhh if the best is yet to come, I’m excited to see what that might entail…I’m feeling majorly blessed these days my dear. And for the record, YOU inspire the hell outta ME. Always have. xo!!

  4. I really am sitting back thinking now about when I snack on maybe some not so healthy stuff, not hungry, but perhaps thirsty, or bored, or itching to mindlessly eat – definitely.

    And it definitely applies to mindless workouts. Focus in on the work, give it your all. Thanks for kicking my week of right!

    • Isn’t it crazy to consider how often we ALL eat without really sitting back to think about what we’re eating, why we’re eating, if it’s satisfying, if we need it, if we’re thirsty vs. hungry, etc. I’m not saying all this because I want everyone to start thinking/overthinking/re-thinking every single morsel they eat (because God knows I can’t possibly live that way myself!), but to add a slice of mindfulness to your eating habits, that’s all. It’s eye opening for one, and for two – it can lead to really amazing change both body and mind, if you really work at it.

    • Thank you friend — it isn’t selfish at all, you’re right…but sometimes I have a hard time not feeling guilty for living a really good life right now. Weird??

  5. Amen sister. It is hard to walk the walk sometimes, but we are doing it and learning to trust ourselves. With each day, we trust that much more!

  6. This is so beautiful Jess! I am so glad this year is turning out for you EXACTLY how you wanted it to turn out. Chasing your dreams and living in the moment are the way to live life my friend! Keep it up. 🙂 I’m so happy for you and proud of you!

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