60 days…one year later (before/after)

This girl?

Sad. (but very few knew this)

Feigning confidence (that most mistook for genuine confidence)

Working harder, not smarter. (and getting nowhere fast)

Frustrated with her current “path.” (career path, life path, fitness path…all of it)

…I don’t even recognize this girl anymore.

This is me.

The “me” I’ve always dreamed of being but never quite got there.

The “me” that is joyfully confident and not afraid to say so.

The “me” that loves her path…career, life, fitness, all of it.

The “me” that works smarter (not harder), always.

The “me” that is the happiest she’s ever been.

…I love this girl.

Honestly – I can’t properly put words to paper to adequately describe what this past year has meant to me. And for my sis. And our sisterly bond since we set foot in the barre n9ne studio on May 12, 2011 as the inaugural 60-day challengers and barre n9ne spokesmodels.

It’s been life changing, transformational, joy-filled, intention-driven.

Sure I could sit here and tell you how many pounds I’ve lost, how many inches I’ve whittled away and how many classes I’ve taken in the past year to get me where I am today. But that’s not what this is about. The numbers part is the obvious part. You can see it in the before/after pics clearly. What’s harder to show and share is the way I’ve changed on the inside.

This picture (below) was taken on May 12, 2012, one year to the day since we started the 60-day challenge. The look on my face and my sister’s face says it all: pure joy, happiness, confidence, pride. We did this.

All I can say is this: I am blooming right where I’m planted. And loving every single fit-filled moment.
…and I owe it all to the barre (n9ne).


65 thoughts on “60 days…one year later (before/after)

  1. I think I just screamed in sheer joy out loud. I am filled with happiness for you. The picture is only one part of how amazing you are and how hard you’ve worked. Seriously, this is awesome!! Congrats and more!

  2. You look AMAZING!!!! You two are absolutely motivation to attend Barre classes and I am so happy it makes you such a strong person both inside and out.

    • Aww thank you SO much Robin. I LOVE that this is motivating you to take up some barre classes where you can fit them in. So so cool (and def want to take a class with you!!!)

    • I think that’s what I noticed most in the before/after pics as I was reviewing them the other day — I have a different “air” about me now, a glow – like you said. That glow is sheer joy bursting through. 🙂

  3. You look amazing Jess!!! You are truly beautiful from the inside out. You always were, but the fact that you feel THAT much confident now makes it that much more meaningful. Good for you. Keep up the great work, you are on an incredible path!

    • Thank you Rachel!! It feels really good to finally feel comfortable being me, in my own skin, never apologizing for that fact either. I am who I am, take me or leave me. 🙂

  4. Wow you look phenomenal Jess, absolutely beautiful. You have a glow about you today, so glad the year and the challenge went well for you. It’s on my wish list to go to one of you and Jolene’s classes

  5. I love your post sis! it screams happiness and joy and pride in this accomplishment…I am SO proud of us and more than anything, so glad we took this leap together. It’s been worth every single step. XOXO love you (hot stuff!!!)

  6. OMG I love this (and you!) so much!!! You look fantastic – but what really shows is your smile. It’s not feigned – it’s 100% legit. You are amazing – I’m so glad I met you (and Jo!). 🙂

    • That’s exactly what I see when I look at these pics – genuine happiness and joy. Nothing feinged, nothing forced. SO SO SO glad we found eachother and now you’re a full-on b9 addict too!!

    • You know what? Scott said the same thing to me just the other day — he senses my confidence in how I hold myself. How I seem taller (even though I’m short!) because I hold my head higher, my shoulders back, my poise confidence. It was the best compliment he could have ever paid me!

  7. You look awesome! Such a huge accomplishment! And proud of you for being more happy with where you are than how you look!

  8. Seriously, I just read Jo’s post and my eyes are tearing up because the two of you are so incredible inspiring. Your joy, confidence and happiness literally leaps off the page. How can that not be infectious?? Yes, you both look amazing but it’s that inner transformation that stands out the most.

  9. Love how you are in the same outfit in both pictures. Congrats on your accomplishments, can’t wait to read about all your future accomplishments as well!

  10. WOW! Not that I didn’t already know that you look amazing, but YOU LOOK AMAZING! What an incredible journey you’ve been on. This post brings tears to my eyes – to see how happy you are, how hard you worked to get there, and how you work so hard to stay there and grow. Amazing and awe inspiring my friend!

    • Blushing…again!! You are the sweetest, friend. Seriously — this has been a ridiculous year of growth and learning. I feel so utterly blessed its not even funny.

  11. Ohmigod, I can’t even begin to put into words what I’m feeling for you right now!!! Your journey has been such a great one to watch/read/see. “All I can say is this: I am blooming right where I’m planted. And loving every single fit-filled moment.” THIS is inspiring. SOOOOOO effing inspiring!!! I’m gonna go run now. LOL (Seriously. I am.) Your happiness shines through every word you write and every picture you post. I can absolutely, 100% see the difference (not just physically) in you now compared to then. Congratulations, friend. ❤

    • I can’t put into words what I’m feeling either — I am constantly at a loss when it comes to fully describing what this past year has meant to me and what the whole b9 “thing” continues to mean for me every single day. It’s incredible. I feel very lucky and so so so happy, its crazy.

      PS I hope you had a great run 🙂

  12. Awesome! What a great feeling—transformation is a wonderful thing, and you just proved it’s possible with intention, planning, hard work, and a lot of heart!

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