Rainy run-barre-rundate: #PROOF!

First of all – WOW am I blown away by all of your tweets, FB comments and blog comments on yesterday’s big reveal blog post. Seriously – you know how to make this girl blush like crazy!! You have no idea (or maybe you do!) how much guts it took me to finally decide to post the before/after shots all over the Internet for the world to see. I really battled whether or not I could do it / wanted to do it.

 But the bottom line for me? I wanted to show actual PROOF that hard work, lots of intention, and commitment to YOU can pay off in about five million ways.

So again, thank you for such support and love. You guys rock. ❤

While we’re on the topic of #PROOF – I couldn’t help but post about yesterday’s totally badass run-barre-rundate with bestie, Steph. It was seriously so fitting that we chose yesterday to conquer the run-barre-rundate workout on the same day that I’d recap what an incredible year at the barre I’ve had. I thought about it the entire time we were running, barre-ing and running again.

So – for those of you wondering what exactly a run-barre-rundate looks like? This is what a rainy one looks like, I’ll tell you that (kind of hard to tell where the sweat stops and the drenching from the rain starts, not gonna lie…):

This is the workout scheme we concocted last year as a way to get some running in while conquering a sweat sesh at the barre all rolled into one. I figured out that I live exactly 2.6 miles from the studio and thought it would be genius (and environmentally conscious!) to start running to the studio, taking class, and running home – when schedules (and weather) permitted.

I’ve done this run-barre-run solo but it’s way better with friends (and sisters! Miss you Jo!). And what way better than a run-barre-rundate with friends than a RAINY one, huh? Not gonna lie, it kinda felt badass. I was riding a serious barre-run high the entire day (a high that spiked every single time I read another comment from you on my post yesterday!).

Moral of this story? Even if it’s raining, get ‘er done. You’ll feel wicked badass (and WORKED) afterwards. And the post-workout shower will feel like heaven. Trust me on this one.

(Steph, really glad we did this even though we both thought about chickening out for about .32 seconds when we saw the “on-its-just-sprinkling-lets-do-this-no-wait-its-legit-raining” rain, hehe)


21 thoughts on “Rainy run-barre-rundate: #PROOF!

  1. Sounds great to me—and a little rain can’t stop a hardcore person like you! 🙂
    You’re so right, it’s way more fun to workout with a friend!

    • Haha I try to be hardcore — I don’t always follow through though, but I TRY to. For ex – Friday I am planning to run but it’ll have to be solo. I rarely run solo so for me to get out there and do it without company is a huge step for me. I’m gonna do it. Why yes I am (now that I wrote it here, I HAVE to do it, right??).

  2. I didn’t get to comment on your post yesterday, but I saw both you and your sister’s big reveals, and I just want you to know that you are such an inspiration! What is even better than your physical transformation is your mental transformation. Each and every post you write I feel you becoming more and more confident in everything that you do, and that is such a big accomplishment! There is a quote that I absolutely love from a book I once read called Who Calls Me Beautiful. It goes, “The key to finding my beauty is not in the transformation of my body, but in the transformation of my mind.” (Regina Franklin) I think you are a shining example of everything that quote says!!!
    Secondly, you are an inspiration to me also for running in the rain! I’ve run a rain in some “drizzle”, but other than that, I’d opt to run ten miles on the treadmill as opposed to running in the rain!

    • I LOVE THAT QUOTE!!! And YOU for leaving me such a heartfelt and awesome comment. You are so awesome! Thank you so much for being YOU!!

      re: running in the rain, OMG ten miles on the treadmill, no thanks! Now me and running in snow? I’m a little less badass, rain – I can handle way better for some reason. Maybe I need to get more hardcore this coming winter, hmm (NOT that I want to be thinking about winter yet!!)

  3. Sniff. I gotta admit it is hard shifting focus as I read this and SO wish I was there with you!! But I am glad you guys rocked it out. Awesome job 🙂 XOXO

  4. Sometimes Jason will drive us to the gym (3 miles from my house) and I’ll run home. I have thought about running both ways, but I think that would just take too long!

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