What a weekend!

Whew. That was *some* weekend!
…let’s recap, shall we?

Friday night:
Taught a sweatastic barre n9ne class at 5:30
Ordered take-out, poured some wine.
Party-prepped from 7-9:30
Stuffed burgers (three ways!); chopped veggies and made dip, made a giant fruit salad, guacamole, fruit and cheese, infused water (with cucumbers and lime — huge hit!)…you get the idea.

Saturday AM/midday:
Quick 5k rundate with Scott (aka the birthday boy)
Set up the final details of the party…filling the giant bucket with ice, water, beer, soda; setting up the tables, chairs and assorted party fare
Put out all the yummies for party #1 with the fam.
Settle onto the deck while waiting for the guests to arrive. The host and hostess were more than ready to start the day on a high note!

Enjoy a leisurely cookout with the fam — multiple courses including steamers, various munchies, burgers, homemade french fries, fruit salad and various desserts brought by my sister-in-law and mother-in-law (including Scott’s *favorite* — his mom’s homemade whoopie pies).
Watch Scott live it up with one of his brothers, drinking his favorite belgium beer – Duval; making fun of eachother as usual.
Cuddled with the cutest niece ever…including lots of splish-splashing in that giant bucket of ice outside (she looooves the water, especially when it splashes all over her auntie…hehe)

Saturday PM
Wrap up party #1 and set up for party #2 as friends begin to arrive
Drink wine, enjoy cocktail party style eats — including that fruit/cheese plate made the night prior, shrimp cocktail, steamed mussels, lowfat buffalo chicken dip, etc. etc. etc. (yes, we put on a giant spread when it comes to parties…can you tell?)
The night wears on, the wine and beer continues to flow…
…let’s just say it was a GREAT party.

Sunday AM / PM
Host and hostess *may* have endured decent sized hangovers for the majority of the day (sign of a good party if you ask me…)
Rally around 5pm — just in time to head to Boston for the second part of the bday weekend surprise for the hubs…a night at the Liberty Hotel (that’s the lobby below, pretty awesome, right??) and dinner at Mooo at XV Beacon.

Spend the morning in the city — knocking off a run bucket list item ala running the Charles River beneath a gleaming blue sky and bright sunshine.

Roll on over to the sis’ apartment for a little sunnage by the pool. Gorgeous day. Great company.
Head home for date night-in Monday-Funday style to wrap up what can only be described as an incredible weekend. Celebrating the hubs, celebrating great friends and family, truly living.

As you can tell…very few pictures were taken this weekend. Very few tweets were tweeted. Very few FB updates were made. There was no blogging. Just living. In the moment. These moments are what matter most.

…what a weekend, indeed.


34 thoughts on “What a weekend!

  1. Beautiful weekend!! And birthday too, fun fun! Great job on keeping up your workouts on the holiday weekend.

    If you didn’t feel a bit slow the day after a great party I’d be suspect, lol.

    Glad you had a great time!

    • LOL — I suppose you’re right, if I didn’t feel a little bit “slow” (or a LOT slow in my case haha) the next day, I suppose the party wasn’t as good as it should’ve been, am I right?? hehe.

    • He really did deserve the spoiling — he’s usualy the one spoiling ME so it was fun to spoil him for once. 🙂

      (and yes, I’m fully recovered now, thank god, haha!)

  2. It was a super fabulous weekend, sis! I loved every minute of it too, especially the parts where we spent it together! And uh, especially the evening leading into said epic hangover 😉

  3. Sounds like an amazing and incredibly packed weekend! And a run along the Charles River? The best. Probably still one of my favorite places to run. Yes, life is for living. So good to step back from so much connectedness all the time.

  4. What a beautiful weekend. Glad Scott had a good birthday. Love those weeks and weekends that are just great and you don’t want them to end. My week off work last week really was wonderful, sun was shining and met up with family and friends each day. Pure heaven.

  5. I love this! A big Happy Birthday to Scott (I still, every time, type his name as “Scoot”. I get too trigger happy on the O. lol) So glad your party went well and that your weekend was relaxing! And reading about your run along the Charles…makes me wanna hit the pavement again. I think I’m in love.

    PS: ❤ the Promise. It's perfect.

    • LOLOL “Scoot” — hilarious.

      I loooooved running the Charles. WHEN you come to visit, we’ll definitely add that to the list to do while you’re here. it was AWESOME.

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