The birthday boy and his quirks

Sooooo since today is my husband’s birthday *and* I’ve been digging the “quirks” posts my sister and blog friend Momma Sunshine wrote recently about their respective men, I thought it was more than appropriate to use today’s blog post to honor my husband — and all of his quirky ways. This is *not* to say that I’m quirk-less (we know how far that is from the truth, yes??) mind you, just that my husband has some pretty cute ones I thought I’d embarrass him with share here.

Here we go….the birthday boy and his quirks:

He can be a picky eater. In fact, before we met, he basically existed on american cheese, peanut butter & jelly, ziti (with lines…no other kind of pasta will do) and butter (he never even TRIED his dad’s homemade pasta sauce until he met me – a SIN I tell you, a SIN!), and ice cream. However, he’s come ridiculously far in his eating ways since then. Eating all sorts of veggies, even wading into the seafood arena with me (only a very recent thing). He’s even eating Chobani yogurt now (and has learned to do so without making the ‘yuck’ face!). Look at him go! However, this is where his quirkiness comes in. If I want to try a new receipe using an ingredient he’s either never tried or is unfamilar with, he won’t budge. BUT – if HE finds the SAME RECIPE, suddenly he’s all over it. In other words – his idea to try a “scary” new food — let’s roll. My idea? No dice. um, what?

He would forget his head if it wasn’t attached to his body. The boy is so freakin’ forgetful it’s hilarious — but kinda scary all at the same time. Every morning, I literally have to ask him “cell phone? wallet? keys?” before he’s allowed to walk out the door. And even THEN he’s forgotten at least one of those items on more than one occassion. Which makes me very nervous as a wifey when I’m traveling for work — I seriously should install a video camera so I can see what goes on when I’m away. I bet you a million bucks he has to make more than one trip back into the house before leaving for work each morning I’m gone. 😉

He wears his heart on his sleeve. This is one trait I love about him so, so, so much. He’s got a huge heart, made of gold — he’s a total softie and a big-time romantic (swoooon!). Give him a sappy ending to a movie or a TV show and you *might* see him well up just a teeny bit. Or better yet – those segments on ESPN (I don’t even know the name of it) where they profile children from the make-a-wish foundation getting their dying wish rewarded by a visit from a famous basketball player or some other equally sentimental story. He melts. It’s the cutest. <—and he’ll probably kill me for telling you all this!!  

He’s loud. He does everything loud. He talks loud. He eats loud. And he definitely holds phone conversations about five decibels louder than the average person. BUT its quirky and cute. And it always makes me giggle. <—my sister offered this one up so babe? you can totally blame your sister-in-law for this one!!

He’s the life of the party. He is so outgoing, so welcoming, so hysterical in general that he’s always the life of the party — his own party or as a party attendee. Nevermind at a wedding — you should see him pull out his signature “dance moves” — the ‘sprinkler,’ ‘chug-a-lug’ and ‘shopping cart’ are always a huge hit. Note to self: record these moves at the next wedding we attend. Priceless.

Speaking of shopping carts, the guy loves to grocery shop. Could be because he worked at a grocery store for a third of his life (literally), maybe? But seriously, he loves it. He goes up and down every single aisle even if he doesn’t need anything there. Diaper aisle? Sure, why not. We don’t have kids, yet maybe, just maybe, there’s something he’ll miss if he doesn’t hit that aisle on his way down to the deli. And man, don’t ever play “guess the total” during check-out. He. Always. Wins. Almost down to the PENNY. For reals. I maybe won this game once in the 12 years I’ve known him. It’s uncanny.

His smile lights up the room. The boy can’t fake a smile to save his life. His eyes SHINE when he smiles. His little laugh lines around his eyes pop out. His face glows. I love it when he smiles — because it makes me smile bigger than ever. He’s the only one that can make me smile (and laugh) the way I do when he’s around.

Case in point:

Also, he loves to photo-bomb. In fact, it’s become his fave past time recently, I swear. Happens at nearly every party we’re at. This was a couple of weeks ago at my house:

Oh – and he loves to take a picture of me and Jo only he sneakily hits the button on the iPhone that turns the camera shot onto his face instead of onto us nimwits posing away. He takes the pic, says “looks good!” and then hands the iPhone over to us eagerly awaiting to ‘approve’ the photo. Only it’s a pic of him, not us. Fail. Gets us everytime, too.

Despite how much more adventurous he’s become with food, he still has some interesting food quirks. Salmon – he’ll never touch it. Pink = raw to him. No bueno. Oatmeal = ‘pablum’ or baby food to him, won’t go near it (TRAGIC, right??). Cream cheese he “doesn’t like” yet *loves* cheesecake. You figure that one out. Peanut butter – he’ll eat on crackers as a snack, but suggest it on a banana or an apple or on toast? Nope. He doesn’t “like” peanut butter that much. Huh? Coffee – he’s never had it in his life, doesn’t drink anything caffeinated at all yet is the most HIGH ENERGY person you’ll ever meet. That food “quirk” I happen to love about him, actually. 😉

He’s the most dedicated (and loyal) person you’ll ever meet. This is a quality I absolutely adore in him, actually. It carries through into his work, his friendships, but most importantly – his family. His family (especially his parents…who he calls daily, and if he doesn’t, they call him worried that something bad happened!) is his world. It’s a beautiful (and rare) thing these days.

And finally? He is the most loving, generous, kind, thoughtful and supportive husband on the planet. I love every single thing about him, quirks and all. Can’t imagine my life without him. Don’t even want to think about it.

So there you go – a bit of an insider’s view on Scott, the birthday boy and my best friend ever.



38 thoughts on “The birthday boy and his quirks

  1. Happy Birthday, Scott! Even though we far-away-linving-blog-readers only know you via Jessica’s post we all adore you for the support you give her and those funny pictures! Big hugs from Germany and let the party begin!! I hope you enjoy the day – put I don’t worry about that. I’m sure you’ll have a VERY good time 😀

    • we *do* have a wedding to go to in July…perhaps I’ll whip out my iPhone when he’s not looking and snap some video of these moves. It’s quite a sight. 😉

  2. Awwww so sweet! And you know, I didn’t think he was nearly as loud as I was expecting. And I feel so honored that he actually ate something I made too 😉 Scott is definitely one of a kind. Truly one of those people that you meet and immediately feel connected to.

  3. This post is so sweet and so HILARIOUS! I’d like the next one to include videos of those dance moves please. 🙂 I also think he needs to go on Supermarket Sweep with those mad shopping skills!! (PS – Everytime I was home sick as a kid I watched that show and marveled at the people who always won!).

  4. LOVE the quirks, and nodded my head at every single one 😉 What about when he gets ‘stuck’ on a word and keeps using it. Like, ‘yoooot’ or whatever the heck he kept saying for awhile? And I do believe M started the whole take-a-pic-of-us-but-really-of-him trick, but either way, that one always kills me! Happy birthday most awesome brother in law in the whole wide world!

    • HAHAH “yoooot” came from that boys weekend away with Justin and Vinnie, he would NOT stop saying that for weeks afterwards. Hahah. What a goof.

      He and M totally play off eachother on the goofiness front, the more they hang out, the more the goofiness shows, front and center. I dig it! 🙂

  5. OH this is absolutely awesome. Y’all are so in love, beautiful!

    My hus is the same with losing stuff. But I was the picky eater in our relationship, truly awful, but have I progressed!

  6. Happy Bday to your Hubby! He sounds like a great guy, and it’s apparent that you realize how wonderfully lucky you are (and he is too)!!

    • He’s pretty awesome and I most definitely count myself one of the “lucky ones” who met her match and held on tight at a very young age. He’s a keeper. 🙂

  7. So beautiful, it’s really is wonderful that you and Scott really just get each other quirks and all. It’s great to see you guys so in love:).

  8. awww… his smile DOES light up the room!

    and I had to laugh at forgetting his head – Jason is the same way. Basil and I follow him to the door each morning, keys? phone? phone headset? glasses? he is too cute. yesterday I made him a smoothie for breakfast, and he was on the porch before he realized it was still sitting on the counter… 😉

    • I love that smile 🙂

      SO funny that your husband is the same way — Scott would totaly forget the smoothie too! In fact, he totally HAS left his protein shake in the fridge or on the counter on his way to work (I usually make it before I leave for my workout while he’s getting ready) on more than one occasion!

  9. Pahahahaha, I love this!!!

    See my latest photo on my FB page? The should-have-been #Proof photo? Yeah. He’s a photobomber! Herrick has some wild dance moves as well. Hehe. I bet they’d get along really well.;)

    And I want your secret. Herrick’s STILL a meat, potatoes, and lots of gravy kind of man. I get the “something good..not that healthy crap” most nights. (And then he’s forced. And ends up liking it. But he still insists on not eating it.)

    Happy Birthday to Scoot. Haha. (I did it on purpose that time.)

  10. just so so so so so flipping sweet of you.and now Im thinking, too, about how I should ‘honor’ my husband this way on his bday~

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  12. Better late than never some may say – I love this post. Scott is an amazing person – I’m so glad to have him in my life as your hubby, he really is hilarious, a blast, the life of the party.

    You’re pulling my leg on the coffee thing though right? He’s SO HYPER!!!!

    And, who doesn’t like peanut butter *that* much? Is that normal? Seriously?

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