An open letter to my husband…8 years later


It’s been 8 years.

8 years since we walked down that aisle and said “I do” in front of our friends and family.

But yet somehow, those vows don’t even seem to fit us anymore. Even the vows I ‘revised’ last year aren’t quite ‘right’ for how I feel about you, about us, today.

I sit here trying to come up with the words to adequately describe just how deep my love runs for you. How fiercely loyal I am to you. How totally and utterly committed to you, to us, I am today.

And you know what? Words simply cannot do it justice. This. Us. Our love. Our relationship. Our bond. Our partnership. We are, quite simply, the best damn team around. No matter what, big or small, we tackle life together. Hand-in-hand always. And that just makes my heart soar with pride and joy every single time I think about it.

Know what else? I don’t feel vain at all when I say this — but anytime a friend or family member mentions how great our relationship is — I nod and agree and smile big, big, big. I fully accept that compliment every single time. Because it’s not vain to say “thank you” when someone speaks the truth like that. And not just any truth — but a truth that you and I have worked our asses off over the years.

This relationship? This bond? This love? It takes work. A LOT of work.
…it’s the best job I’ve ever had. It’s a job I’m honored to work harder for every single day.

I love you, babe. So, so, so much. Everything about you. From the shine in your eyes the second your eyes meet mine after a long day at work. To the way your t-shirts smell when I take them out of the dryer. They smell like you. Like comfort. Like love.

8 years. 8 years of devotion. To you. To us. To a love that sets my insides on fire.
You are the best thing that ever happened to me. Hand-in-hand, always.

Me ❤