Athleta is here! (note to self: it’s time to shop!)

While I was off celebrating my 8-year wedding anniversary with the cutest husband ever on Tuesday night, I was missing the grand opening of Athleta at the Burlington Mall — a store I am SO SO SO excited has finally planted roots in our neck of the woods. I love their clothing — but more importantly, I love what they stand for…their “power to the she” campaign is just awesome. I just love the concept of the beauty that comes with strength and it’s so cool to see a brand embracing that and pushing the idea forward in such a fun way.  

So when Athelta asked if I’d like to interview Tess Roering, vp of marketing for Athleta, I was all for it. I mean, who doesn’t want to get inside the mind of a marketing guru behind such a positive brand for women? (plus it helps that marketing kinda runs through my blood given my “day job” and all, so I was interested from that perspective too).

In your view, what does Athleta stand for?
Athleta has it all—product, designed by women athletes for female athletes, for every athletic pursuit, from running to swimming to skiing to biking and everything in between. Our mission is to celebrate and serve women athletes of all levels and is unique because we offer both strength and beauty in all our products. We use technical fabrications and unique designs targeted at women athletes who want high performance in their activity, and incorporate meaningful details – reflective designs on flicker points, hidden pockets with locking zippers, thumb holes, quick drying fabrics, and more.  Athleta combines that with beautiful, feminine designs that make women look and feel beautiful. We also have a lifestyle collection we call “To Fro”, which are pieces she can wear “to” and “from” all her activities and that make her transitions easy and cute. <–I love this concept!!

What kinds of events and specials can clients expect to see from Athleta now that the new store is open?
The Burlington store will offer a variety of free, localized fitness classes throughout the month, such as yoga, Pilates, Zumba, or a run club. <shameless plug – barre n9ne will be hosting a class at the store on June 10th, for all of you local readers out there!> To the get latest information, visit our store page on  Also, our stores have some excellent perks like really amazing customer service,  Performance Stylists who offer personalized styling sessions tailored to individual athletic pursuits and style, free in-store hemming, kiosks that link directly to the website offering customers access to additional product and sizes, and a discount to fitness professionals. Athleta also has a Sponsored Athlete program that is granted to women around the country on a yearly basis. This program celebrates the powerful life force and athletic accomplishments of a select group of women that embody the essence of Power to the She. Keep an eye out for our 2013 open application period.

Living fit is such a big part of the Athleta brand, how do you live a fit life, carrying that aspect through into all that you do for the company today?
You are so right in that a healthy, balanced life plays a huge part in the Athleta brand. I love to mix up my routine and am constantly trying different workouts.  I run three mornings a week, and mix in training sessions along with more hardcore drills in between.  At the office, we strive for a balance between strength, peace and health. You may find anyone on any day doing yoga in our studio, meeting the CrossFit crew for a workout or participating in the weekly run club. We also love to have fun; we go for team bike rides, give the office dogs a scratch between meetings, and take breaks in the sun. As you know, Power to the She was our first national marketing campaign and it really speaks to so many women across the country. “Power to the She” was created to celebrate our customers – from serious athletes to those considering entering their first 5k – and their abilities to do it all. They lead extremely active and busy lives but are still able to balance family, friends, exercise, work, and everything in between.  That’s really what “Power to the She” is about — being our best feminine and athletic selves while encouraging and inspiring each other to strive for more.

What’s your favorite workout? And by default, what’s your favorite newer piece of Athleta gear you like to wear while doing that favorite workout?
While I love trying new workouts, I’d have to say running is my favorite. We have so many great pieces for running and training, but I really can’t go without our Energy Tank as it’s extremely supportive and lightweight (and comes in fun, bright colors).  I also love the Hana 2 in 1 short – the outer short is loose-fitting while the internal short is fitted and has comfortable leg grippers so it doesn’t roll up. It also has a rear zip pocket, so I can run with my keys and phone if I need to!

What drew you to open a store on the North Shore?
For years our Boston area customers have been telling us they want a place where they can touch and feel – and try on – our beautiful performance and lifestyle products. So, we listened to our existing catalog and online customers to help us pinpoint a location nearest them. We are absolutely thrilled to be making our Massachusetts debut by opening in Burlington, providing a place for our customers to connect with and be inspired by other women athletes.

<<annnd on that note, I do believe I have some shopping to do this weekend!!>>


29 thoughts on “Athleta is here! (note to self: it’s time to shop!)

    • Isn’t it cool what the brand stands for (and the people behind the brand)? It means so much more to me, and I put so much more faith in a brand when it becomes WAY more than just a label to me.

  1. I *adore* Athleta. While I love their products, I think that it’s really their mission and philosophy that I love the most – how they celebrate all women and how they celebrate active lifestyles. Personally too, I love that they put a spotlight on some lesser known sports like surfing and water polo. Great interview!! It’s a good thing for my wallet that their store is in Manhattan and not Brooklyn 🙂

    • That’s exactly right — Athleta is SO much more than a brand with cute clothes…they’re a brand that stands for something that I also truly believe in which is just so awesome. I’m SO excited the store is now open…although I’m sure my wallet will be less than thrilled haha

  2. Love Athleta and thrilled that they have a store in Burlington now! Their bathing suits are amazing. You can actually move in them and not worry about showing the girls to the whole world! I love that my kids look at the catalog and point to the strong, athletic women and say “Mama.” 🙂

  3. This is completely cool! I’ve been a fan of Athleta for a while now and just learned that they’re opening a Denver store near me later this summer, too! WOOHOO!

  4. AHH! I have eyed their catalog for YEARS now. YEARS. You might find this funny, but I’ve never had a “thing” for Lululemon. Not sure why. I’m sure everything’s awesome, but I’ve always fingered through the pages of an Athleta catalog and drooled over nearly every piece. Even before I started running. I love the models they choose. I love their campaign. LOVE ‘EM! AND…I just checked out the locations…two stores opening here in VA. WOOOOOO!

    Great interview, girl.

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