A runner tempting fate

Hi, my name is Jessica and I’m a runner...tempting fate.

You see, I haven’t run since Tuesday.
…yes, TUESDAY.

And well, my legs are buzzing with energy. Sure, I’ve taken (and taught!) my fare share of barre n9ne classes this week.  And have gotten two good runs in this week so far (a speedy-Ima-puke-just-for-fun 5k with Scott on Sunday and a run-barre-rundate with this fit bestie on Tuesday).

BUT. I have yet to get that killer-good run in that will remind me that I am indeed back in training mode.
…just when I thought I was feeling bittersweet about saying goodbye to the last few weeks of un-training, and I’m sitting here actually really excited to get that “training” mode vibe back on up in here. 

I guess this means I’m ready to run.
…ready to train.
…ready to get this body ready to tackle 26.2 miles in 16 weeks, huh? <—eep!

But I digress. (I have a habit of that lately, such a spaz…)

The point of this post? To tempt fate.

I’m writing this post on Thursday night, while sitting on my nice comfy couch, eating the first cherries of the season (looooove cherries *almost* as much as I love watermelon in the summer), just thinking about my rundate planned for tomorrow with Steph.

…and I’m thinking it’s going to be a kickass, rockstar-style run.

I gotta feeling. 

And y’know what? I seriously hope I’m right or when I get back from my run to report back — with picture #PROOF of course — to ya’ll tomorrow morning (er, this morning), I’ll be really annoyed if I have to report anything less than badass status.

Maybe we should take votes?  Whatcha think? Will it be badass? yes/no?
Weigh in, please. 🙂

(and don’t worry, I won’t stretch the truth when I report back, I’m not *that* kind of blogger, trust me…far too honest for my own good sometimes!!) 

20 thoughts on “A runner tempting fate

  1. I know you rocked it. Because you always do, sis! And I admire that, so much. And I can’t wait till WE can run together next week!! So excited 🙂

    • Wellll that’s not always true — it’s not like EVERY time I run, it’s killer and badass, just lately they’ve been really good because I’ve been focused on the less is more thing. buuuut it was a pretty badass run today, I won’t deny you that 🙂

      Can’t wait to rundate with you this week toooo!

  2. First, and foremost, good luck with training!!!! I’m excited to see you train to 26.2. I’m really proud of you, friend. Of all your chance-taking. Of all the change you’ve been embracing. I’m 100% sure you’ll get to 26.2 with no problem…and you’ll cross that finish line as humbled, proud, and victorious as you always have with everything else you’ve accomplished.

    • I wish I felt 100% sure about 26.2 haha! Seriously tho, thank you friend, I need all the confidence I can get about this marathon thing. It scares the crap out of me. LOL

  3. I’m guessing your run will be great after the break. I just did an Insanity workout and managed to complete it!!! Two years ago, I couldn’t do the Beachbody Insanity workouts and ended up trading them. So happy my fitness has come on in leaps and bounds in the past two years. Enjoy the weekend:)

    • Don’t you LOVE surprising yourself with a butt-kicking workout and remembering how much MORE of a challenge they were before your fitness level improved?? Rock on, girlfriend!

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