Sometimes…it’s ok to be completely uninspired.
(as in completely and utterly blank upstairs. for reals.) 

Sometimes…it’s ok to dread the week and “can’t wait” for the weekend.
(as long as this doesn’t turn into “rushing” through your days…life is too short for that).  

Sometimes…it’s ok to shut the world out, disconnect from everything and everyone and just be.
(I need to do more of this…) 

Sometimes…it’s ok to eat an entire watermelon (almost) by yourself in under three days.
(this happens more than I’d like to admit…)

Sometimes…it’s ok to put your relationship first, and it’s always ok to *not* apologize for doing so.
(we’ve become notorious for this, and nope, I don’t feel bad at all for doing it.)

Sometimes…it’s ok (and needed) to feel the emotion before moving on. Cry if you need to. Scream if it helps. Whine if you must. But feel it. Acknowledge it. Then move on.
(another “thing” I need to get better at…)

Sometimes…it’s ok to want more for your friends, your siblings, your parents, and loved ones. And to get frustrated when you see them get in their own way. Again and again.
(but recognizing that you can’t “fix” everyone is important to remember, too…)

Sometimes…it’s ok to eat the cookie you’ve been daydreaming about.
(just make sure it’s homemade, all REAL ingredients, please.)

Sometimes…it’s ok to want to workout every single day, sometimes twice a day. Sweat feels good.
(just so long as you honor the rest day, even if you *want* to skip one now and then…)

Sometimes…it’s ok to look in the mirror in that new bathing suit you just bought and actually not hate your reflection.
(and not fearing vanity because of it…this one is a work in progress)

Sometimes…it’s ok to daydream about the moment you ‘earn’ the 26.2 sticker for your car and want to throw up just a little bit.
(just remember…embrace the process, don’t fear it.) 

Sometimes…it’s ok to drink wine (almost) daily. Especially ok when it fits into your (food) log for the day. 😉
(particularly when you have an epic return trip to wine country coming up in two weeks…gotta ‘practice’, right?) 



22 thoughts on “Sometimes.

  1. You know I’m with you on the wine LOL. Sometimes you just have to believe in yourself more (this is what I have to remind myself). Sometimes you just gotta wear that sports bra and shorts only ’cause it’s too flipping hot to be self-conscious <—referring to you mentioning that you want to do that this summer teehee. But honestly, you have worked SO hard and you have a rockin' body my friend. Own that new bikini!!!

    • Funny you mention the sports bra run! Jo and Steph and I are contemplating WHEN we’ll get that run done. I just saw a SUPER CUTE sports bra at lululemon I am TOTALLY buying for the occasion (because yes, the sports bra needs to be cute in this case). I know, I guess you are right — maybe I do need to take your lead and learn to believe in myself more. And learn NOT to be self-conscious, even on that sports bra run (eek!).

  2. So true, I’ll add on my sometimes of today, sometimes it’s okay to stay in the bed and watch daytime tv on my day off work until my hairdresser appointment and night out later. Loving my laziness. Wow wine country will be wonderful.

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  5. I just commented on another post of yours about rules…(catching up)…and I ended up only being able to spit out a two-worded comment. Why? Because I was thinking about this post. The one thing you mentioned here that really stood out to me was about FEELING your emotions and then moving on. Emotions have been a really tough thing for me, because I was always afraid of letting them go. Surprising since I’ve been so emotional through my blog, eh? Anyways, I’d always been afraid to show people how I truly felt. I would bottle it up. And you know what I did? Ate my emotions. Look what kind of trouble that got me into!!! Feeling your emotions…OWNING THEM…is super duper freakin’ important in a healthy life. It’s amazing how many of us don’t own/feel our emotions.

    • YES!! Allowing your emotions to come as they may, feeling them, acknowledging them and THEN addressing them and moving on is SO important. So so so important NOT to bottle them up, ignoring them entirely, trying to mask the pain/hurt/frustration, etc. with something else (food, for example). SO glad you’re learning to own those emotions girl — I firmly believe it’s a GOOD thing to wear your heart on your sleeve.

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