A scattered blogger.

Sooooo — I’m feeling a little scattered and kinda uninspired as a blogger.
(you may have picked up on that fact based on yesterday’s “up in my head” style post…)

Now. I’ve always said — and still firmly believe –– that I ultimately blog for me, often to just get my thoughts out of my head and onto “paper,” but part of me obviously also blogs for all of you. To share things that I think (hope?) will inspire and uplift you. Which is why some of my posts end up being about perspective, motivation and things like that.

What I don’t do as a blogger is blog “just to blog” or because I feel like I need to keep up with a certain schedule, style of posting or regime. I never want my blogging to feel so scheduled, so downright planned that I’m no longer blogging for me and for you.

I blog with intention, always.

So now that I’m moving into a rather scheduled time in my life – thanks to that little “project” of mine called the Chicago Marathon — I’m sort of wondering where to take my blogging ways from here.

…do I want to share my training plans week-to-week, day-by-day?
…do I want to write about marathon training runs? All of them? Some of them? Just the long runs?
…do I want to spend more time talking about my evolution as a barre n9ne instructor?
…do I want to blog at all?

Of course that last one sorta snuck in there at the last minute. I mean, of course I still want to blog. Right?? I guess it’s been weighing on me lately — how long do I want to sustain this little ‘home’ of mine on the Internet? I LOVE it here, I truly do. But part of me also wonders if disconnecting more and more from all things ‘plugged in‘ is better for me in the long run. I have such a habit of getting totally sucked in – to blogging, to tweeting, to Facebook and Pinterest. Is it too much? Is it worth it?

…for now, the answer is this: I need to get back to better balance. Disconnecting more. Being present more. Not fearing that I’ll be ‘missing out’ if I’m not blogging as regularly or watching my twitter feed as regularly.

But I’m digressing.
Back to the blogging thing — because this blog is still very much “around” as far as I’m concerned. So I guess I’m answering my own question here.

The future of my blog will be all of the things I list above. I may share my detailed training plans for the marathon. But more than likely, I’ll share snippets and highlights (and learnings) only. I may also spend more time delving into how barre n9ne teaching has changed me already and what I’ve learned and continue to learn every single time I set foot in the studio. And it wouldn’t be “me” if I stopped sharing those perspectives and motivational words of wisdom I pick up from all over the place (Dove Promises, anyone?).

So I guess this is me, blogging it out, yet again. And coming to my own conclusions on the future and direction of this blog. BUT — I’d be seriously remiss if I didn’t ask you guys what you thought. What would you like to see here at EatDrinkBreatheSweat? Anyone? Bueller, Bueller… ๐Ÿ˜‰

28 thoughts on “A scattered blogger.

  1. I know exactly how you feel. I’ve been annoyed by blogging several times before. Especially as I – as a food blogger – need to cook before I can blog. So: No cooking = no blogging. Argh.
    However, blogging should be fun – not something you HAVE to do. You are a pretty frequent blogger. How about a blog post a week (or less)? Maybe about a topic that was important for you throughout the week and you’d like to discuss with us – rather than posting something that comes to your mind. This way you can find out which topics around your work outs and running are really important to you.
    And: This way you can focus more on all the other things (hubby, friends, family, job, work out, running, doing nothing…) in your life without stopping to blog. Once I decided to blog only twice a week it took a lot of pressure from me. Maybe this works for you as well.
    I’d miss your blog terribly but since I understand how you feel I can only tell you: I’ll keep reading your posts – even if there is only one a month!!! Hope this helps a bit…

    • I’m so glad you can relate…I had a feeling most could!

      The thing is — I’m really good at not stopping my life to get a blog post done. I write them when I have time (usually early-AM or during my lunch break the day prior) and not when it interferes with that thing called ‘life.’ And up until now, I thought I was doing a good job of balancing the two. But sometimes I have the tendency to just go, go, go without stepping back to make sure that all this “going” has a purpose. And I think that’s what’s been bugging me lately. I’m doing more, but not more with purpose, it’s more more more…but why. Know what I mean? So I’ve been questioning a LOT of things in my everyday life lately to make sure that whatever I do, I’m doing it with intent, because I want to, because it fulfills me.

      Thank you for your sweet words, I’m SO glad we can stay in touch through blogging, you are the greatest!!

  2. Oh the why do I blog question seems to be coming up with so many bloggers lately. It happened to me and now with you and many others. I love what you write and say mostly because it is different. It does inspire me. When you have a great run it motivates me to get out and have a great run too. When you have an off day it reminds me that it’s ok and I’m not alone when I have an off day. I’d love to hear more about Chicago training in anyway that inspires you to write! I like your idea of disconnecting more, not worrying about missing out and all of that. I’m doing that now and ultimately I am much happier and view my blog as something fun now…not something to stress me out or to do. I don’t check my Twitter feed or worry about posting and you know what, it is liberating! If I have something worth saying I say it but I think quite possibly I am learning that less is more (particularly on twitter)! On Fridays when I leave work, it’s me time. No twitter, facebook or anything else. I love it. Yoga or runs are for me. Eating healthy or indulging, drinking or not; it’s not impacted by what others are doing. It is just me doing my own thing to make myself happy. One of my favorites parts of the weekend is laying on the couch with Mike on Sunday nights and watching a movie and relaxing before bed. I used to blog then but now I appreciate just “being” for that hour or so. I’m glad you’ll be sticking around and inspiring people and relating to people with your good days, bad days and ups and downs but blog for you and when you can or how you want. I’ll still be here checking in to see what good stuff you are sharing!

    P.S. Moving day is Saturday and I’m so excited for a meet up soon!

    • Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank youuuuuu. I needed your words today in SUCH a big way. See? THIS is what I love about blogging. The connections with awesome people like you who, without even “knowing” me, just GET me. I DIG that so much. It’s what drives me to keep blogging, to be honest. Because of these moments — where I sit back and say, “you know what? she’s right.”

      THANK YOU.

      And PS — you KNOW there will be plenty to be said about Chicago marathon training. Beware, I will be blabbing your ear off about it when we get together for reals ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. I can relate, as I am sure most can. I find the more I “unplug” the more inspired I am to write and share, and that taking a little time for myself here and there lends itself ultimately to being more productive across the board. To answer your question… I enjoy reading anything you post… how’s that for unhelpful advice? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • That’s true actually — whenever I have unplugged, I do find myself coming back refreshed and ready to share, share, share. I think part of this questioning my intentions thing also stems from just being so in “go” mode since January with the new job that I’m finding that I am MORE than ready for my vacation coming up in less than two weeks. The step back from work, from routine, from blogging, etc., is exactly what I am needing.

  4. I’d love to hear about your training! But that’s just because we’ll be going through the same thing and it will be nice to have someone to “talk” to about it. ๐Ÿ™‚
    But marathon training is very time consuming (and tiring!), so just take it day by day. Don’t worry so much about a blogging “schedule” – just do what you can, when you can, and we’ll all be here!!

    • YES. I can’t wait to “talk” to you about Chicago marathon training. I am SO GLAD I’m not “doing” this alone. It is SUCH a huge reason why I love this blogging community – the support of beautiful and fab people like YOU.

      Thank you for the encouragement…you’re right, I’m often too hard on myself so when I’m doing anything less than perfection, I feel inadequate somehow. I’ve got to shake that.

  5. I NEED to unplug in life often…as you may have noticed ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Your readers will always be here for you and we love any and all insight that you can give on health and running.
    Ironic that you posted this because I have a post in my head brewing about a lot of what you have touched on…
    Maybe have unplugged weekends?

    • Great minds, great minds my dear. I always love, love, love your words — they speak to me on such a personal level every single time. I’m looking forward to hearing more about what’s going on in your head right now. And PS yes I think I need more completely unplugged weekends. I try to do as much disconnecting as I can on weekends but slowly, “connectedness” is creeping back in. Must stop that!

  6. This has definitely been a common theme among many bloggers, I think. I have noticed the same thing! and felt the same, too. I am also trying at better balance and not reading and responding to every single thing I read or see. And for you? I think your progression here will come naturally, as it always has. Share a little, share a lot, share whatever you please ๐Ÿ™‚ XO

    • You’re right…it IS a common theme lately. Maybe we’re all feeding off eachother’s “need” to be uber-connected and it’s finally wearing off its welcome?? Either way, you are so right — I’ll figure out the right ‘pace’ for my blog in the next few weeks, I know I will. I’ve just felt so downright scattered about it lately so I’m hoping that dies off soon. No OATT-ing about it, right?? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  8. I honestly just like reading about your thoughts on everyday life. Whether that’s running, barre n9ne, things you’ve been thinking about, or just random day to day things.

    What helped me to unplug (sorta) is that I unsubscribed to a lot of blogs in the past month or so. There were ones that I liked fine but I found myself feeling obligated to read them and comment when I wasn’t 100% enjoying it. I thought to myself, “Why am I spending my FREE time feeling obligated to comment on someone’s dinner?”

    (Yours was not one that I unsubscribed from, of course!)

    • Aw thank you — I’m glad what I write is actually quasi-interesting to you LOL. I always worry that I’m just blabbing on or that some of what I write is repetitive or something, but I guess it’s just that what I write actually does fall into themes so I guess that’s good huh??

      I have been doing a lot of unsubscribing/less commenting too — if I don’t have something to say about a particular post, I don’t comment. AND if I find a blog is starting to lose my attention or interest, I unsubscribe. Some blogs just don’t do it for me after awhile — and like you said, why waste your precious time if it’s not even interesting to you anymore?

  9. I’ve definitely been feeling this lately too. Kind of forced since I’ve been traveling so much for work and been ridiculously swamped with work that I barely have time to breathe. It’s made me think about about how I can better balance blogging with everything else. My schedule has forced me to unplug more and you know what, after the first day or so when I felt like I was “missing out” on everything, I don’t check my Twitter feed as often. I do love the interaction with folks but overall it’s been OK and life goes on. I haven’t read or commented on as many blogs as I normally do but that’s also made me hone in on the blogs that I really do care about and want to read – like yours!!

    As others have said, I love reading your blog because you are inspiring and I know that you’re not blogging for the sake of blogging. You’re genuine and intentional and I appreciate that – from your training to random thoughts to oatmeal love. It’s about you sharing what you do/think/feel in whatever way and quantity that feels right for you.

    • It’s kind of neat that this change for you has been quasi-forced due to travel and things. It’s showing you that you can blog with purpose and intent and NOT be uber-connected all the time and people will still come back for more! Yours is a blog that I dig because it is exactly what I look for in a blog – intentional, real, inspiring and fun. OH – and UNIQUE.

      Thank you so much for lifting me up with your words, you are the best!

  10. the posts i like best are actually ones like this…just you “thinking”. i LOVE your writing style and just love reading your blog…no matter what it’s about ๐Ÿ™‚ just keep being you. and share whatever you want to, whenever you want to

    • aw friend, you are so sweet — it is such a huge compliment coming from you that you love my style and what my blog stands for. If you didn’t notice, I’m a pretty HUGE fan of yours too. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thank you!!

  11. Your blog is a great read, I would love to know more about all things barre but really all your thoughts and posts are great. I was only thinking last night when I was out how much time I and my friends spend online. We all said that we’re online pretty much everyday whether it’s for a few minutes or sometimes random hours or the evening. I like your idea of unplugging.

    • Thank you friend, truly. I do plan to write more about barre — I have lots to say on the topic, I’m learning something new about myself every single day. It’s just so awesome. Sometimes I just have a hard time putting the words together in a meaningful way, you know what I mean?

      PS unplugging – HIGHLY recommend it!

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  13. Ive been having very similar thoughts lately due to all of my sudden life changes – I still find my time to blog when the boy is at work, but I feel if the blog goes by the wayside a little bit, so be it. We’re here to live our lives to their fullest, right?!

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