Foodie Friday — a picnic in the park

For those of you who follow me on Instagram (@jessfit654), you might remember seeing this picture last weekend:

That would be Scott and I — at the start of our impromptu picnic in the park on Saturday. We’re all smiles. ❤

Like I mentioned in my post on Wednesday, a lot of what ‘life’ is about are those unplanned, real, present moments. Saturday was exactly that. It was just Scott and I, a blanket and a picnic basket. As simple as that.

So I thought I’d dedicate today’s Foodie Friday post to what “our” version of a picnic looks like: 

Three parts fruitwatermelon, pineapple, cherries…

Two parts  LOVE…as in LOVE GROWNgranola and Scott’s favorite guilty pleasure…gummies!

And one giant helping of cuddle timeunderneath a brilliant blue sky, a warm-ish breeze and lots of sun. 

See? Picnics can be EASY. They don’t have to involve lots of prep work, planning and all that jazz — simple is GOOD. Simple leads to quiet moments together, lounging (and napping) in the sun, enjoying total and utter presence. I highly recommend it.

(and ps. am I the only one that could literally exist on fresh summer fruits and not much else ‘cept for wine  for the duration of the summer months?? I. Am. Obsessed.)


20 thoughts on “Foodie Friday — a picnic in the park

  1. picnics are the best!! I hope M and I can do another one soon too. they are just blissful! and I LOVE fresh summer fruit…and cough, cough, wine, could live on both hehe 😉

    • YES! Maybe this could become your mid-week “date night in” kind of thing — a midweek picnic is a fabulous way to break up the monotony of the week if you ask me. 🙂

  2. Love those relaxed days out that aren’t too planned but really do end up being the best days. I’m hoping today will be one of those days for me, off work and meeting one of the girls for lunch, then a chat with a work friend and a beach walk later on with another good friend. Just wondering if you can recommend a good cookery or healthy eating book. You and Jolene look fabulous. My eating has been a bit crappy in the past two weeks, want to get back on track.

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