Workouts *can* be fun (and still qualify as “badass”)

After last week’s very mental 9-miler, I’ve been trying to shift my focus a little bit. Sure, I’m in ‘training’ for my first marathon this fall, but does that mean my workouts — and really, my “me” time — need to be uber-serious and uber-structured all the time (if at all)?

I say, nope!

And this morning’s workout is total #PROOF that workouts can indeed be fun and still qualify as totally badass and totally sweatastic, too.

(note the barre n9ne sign behind us, hehe)

As you can see — we’re *still* smiling. Which is rather surprising given the workout two-fer we just put ourselves through:

— 6am barre n9ne fusion class with Julianna, who always seems to find a way to sneak in some new moves on me when I least expect it. Today was totally killer and I LOVED it. Fusion is a nice switch-up from the classes I’m used to taking and teaching since this is a barre-less class, relying on bodyweight-style moves coupled with resistance bands for strengthening while lengthening and the evil (but I love ’em) gray 1 lb balls. ❤ it.

— we oh-so-smartly followed this up by trying a new running route near the studio that would get us about 5ish miles of rundate fun in, directly after class. Rookie mistake on my part? *Not* bringing shorts to change into after class. I literally had to peel my Lululemon wunder under crops off before I could shower. Holy sweatfest.

What I loved about this workout? Sure, it was totally killer and badass and all of that good stuff, but really? It gave me time to catch up with my sis who I see a little bit less of now that she teaches in the barre n9ne studio near her and I teach at the one near me, so we don’t get nearly as many fun fitdates in as we used to. And I KNOW — 22 mins apart is TRULY nothing in the grand scheme of things, but when you’ve been spoiled by living a mere 5 minutes apart (or less) for years, it feels a heck of a lot farther.

I also loved that we were able to pull eachother up, running-wise. We’ve both battled a bit of the mental mind game thing lately so it was really good to shake that off together, chatting away as best as we could while “bunny creeping” as Jo calls it. (for the record: we only saw ONE bunny, two if you count the same bunny twice).

So this is just my little blogger PSA for ya’ll on this super-steamy winesday Wednesday: workouts *can* be fun (and still qualify as “badass”) — quit taking yourself so seriously sometimes. It’s kinda nice now and then. 😉 


30 thoughts on “Workouts *can* be fun (and still qualify as “badass”)

  1. LOVE this post sis 🙂 Truly reflects every second of our sister #fitdate today! I am glad we got to talk about mental-ness and life and bunny creeping rules (and expertise on WHERE to find the bunnies – tall grass, near clover flowers!). And as much as I feared ‘dead legs’ my legs felt GREAT and that was on day 3 of running too. Who knew?! asslap sis! And can’t wait for tonight!

    • I find it hilarious how specific your bunny creeper rules/expertise is, hehe 😉

      But seriously, this was long overdue and so much fun, even though at first I never thought our legs would allow us to get through the entire run. They were TIRED at first!

  2. Sounds like you guys had a great date this morning! Someone recently said to me that one of the biggest obstacles people face to working out is thinking too much – that they don’t necessarily “feel” like working out, etc. and they said, “don’t think. just go!” Yes, we need to stop taking ourselves too seriously for sure!

    • We sure did – totally embraced our sisterly fitdate time since it IS fewer and farther between now. And we make sure to keep eachother in check on these fitdates — getting out of our head, getting back to loving our workouts, things like that. It’s so fun to do together!

    • YES — the whole “Workout” name is soooo misleading, heh. Well…mostly anyway 😉

      I TOTALLY thought of that Friends episode while battling my wunder unders this morning LOL!!

  3. I love this! I almost have to make every workout fun in one way or another or I get bored. So I bring along my son or my husband or I watch a movie on the treadmill or meet up with a friend. It’s fun AND badass!

  4. Love this! Gotta love the fun rundates/barre dates! I’ve been enjoying a lot of my runs more lately thanks to having a fun running partner (who’s pretty nice to look at too!)

  5. Glad you and Jolene had a great workout together. So true when workouts are fun, it just makes them so much more worthwhile. I’m still in awe of the two of you teaching. I know Cathe’s new DVDs will be out soon but who knows there could be barre ones from you soon!!

  6. Totally true. Sometimes I feel like if I’m not cursing life the entire time I’m working out that it means I’m not working out hard enough, but you’re right, that’s not always the case.

    • LOL right?? Sure, sometimes cursing during the workout means its killer and badass, but there are SOME workouts that can be just as killer but still fun all at the same time. Doesn’t happen ALL that often but when it does, oh boy 😉

  7. I love this b/c I usually feel more like a total badass and super happy after a really tough workout. Of course, I’m not quite right LOL. There’s just something so empowering about pushing through and making it. Love that you get sister time like that too. Kind of jealous.

    • LOL yep, you’re not quite right, but that’s ok – I still love ya. 😉

      I totally LOVE our sister time and really appreciate it even more than ever now that we have to make SLIGHTLY more of an effort to see eachother. It’s such a special time.

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