On “body” memories

I thought about titling this post “muscle memory” but that would be misleading — so I’m calling this my thoughts on “body'”memories instead.

You see, something I’ve noticed a lot more lately, especially as I get more and more into the whole intuitive eating thing, that my body remembers a LOT of things.

…it remembers how good it feels when I fuel it with real, nourishing, whole, YUMMY foods.

…just as it remembers how not-great it feels when I cave to something far less nourishing (think: nachos).

…it remembers how much more energy it has when it’s fully hydrated. especially in the heat we’ve been experiencing up in my neck of the woods.

…it remembers how light and airy it feels when the body is rested, without too many two-a-days thrown into the mix.

…just as it remembers how badass (in a good way) it can feel after a particularly killer week of workouts, as the one I’m experiencing right now has been (more on this in a minute).

…and it remembers what it feels like to run, run hard, run far(ther) and recover. (much more on this in a few, too)

…the body just knows, responds, refines.

I’m consistently struck by this thing called ‘intention.’ That ‘thing’ I’ve been working on a lot this past year — living with intention, eating with intention, working out with intention, “being” with intention. A lot of that plays into what the body knows and how it responds to living intentionally.

And I am really digging that right now. I’m feeling very ‘at peace’ right now…with everything.
…and it makes me feel very blessed. Incredibly thankful. And very proud.

I’ll be thinking about this tomorrow while Scott and I tackle our long run of the week…week #3 of marathon training. We’re going for 10 miles, our first double-digit run since the half marathon in May.  And I’m feeling excited and energized about it. Not anxious like I mentioned in my post last week about that very mental 9-miler. And I like to think a lot of that has to do with this feeling of ‘peace’ I have going on right now. And the fact that my body remembers what it feels like to run in the double-digits and takes very little time at all to recover from it. I wind up feeling really GOOD after I stretch and re-fuel (ohhh oatmeal!) after a long run like that. I used to feel completely wiped, drained, OUT of it after a long run.

The body remembers. My body does. I dig it.

(and let’s hope it remembers how to run in the heat, even though we’re going out early morning, it’s VERY humid around here, not entirely adjusted to it yet. Body, please remember!!)

<< Oh – and another note: this killer workout week of mine. I’m calling it my last-chance workout week before the very EPIC return to wine country we have planned for next week. I am BURSTING with excitement about it. I seriously can’t sit still for the life of me. More on the trip in my post tomorrow…but for now, just know that I’ve been doing my best to kill every single workout this week while I can…especially at the barre, I’m going to miss barre n9ne in a big way next week. However, I do believe the ‘sacrifice’ is worth it. hehe. >>


14 thoughts on “On “body” memories

  1. Oh I love this, sis. The body, remembers. It just WORKS. It knows what to do. Key is trusting it. I have a hard time with that sometimes, but this is a reminder to me, to harness those reminders, to KNOW my body will do what it is supposed to – what it is intended to do – and that will give me some peace. I love this feeling, this life we are leading. it feels so…sustaining, doesn’t it?

    • Trust is totally the key. It’s totally freeing to finally let go and to learn to trust — and we’re both getting closer and closer to that on a consistent basis I think which I just LOVE. Such a peaceful notion, isn’t it?

  2. Love this post. I can definitely relate. People give me a hard time for skipping dessert, etc. and I always try to explain that it’s not worth it for me. Dairy gives me a stomach ache and we’re not talking for an hour. I’m talking for a week. So not worth it. 😉 Wine on the other hand. It’s worth it. I know you get it. Have fun in wine country. haha

  3. It is amazing isn’t it? And from what I experienced last night and this morning your body will also quickly remember how to run in the heat and humidity!

    Have a great run, and a great time in wine country, can’t wait to see you guys again when you get back!

  4. Man…great timing on this post, friend. lol I had pizza tonight for the first time in a long time…and my body is DYING. Stomach pains, the “roto” ( an inside joke with my sister about bathroom visits – the rotovirus LOL)…you’re right. Once you start eating healthy and treating your body to true, good-for-you fuel, it remembers this. My body, while going through the tormenting pizza crap, is craving my broiled salmon and roasted broccolini. (PS: I plan to make your tuna, cuke, pickle sandwich tomorrow. Hee hee.) You’re wise lady, my friend. Now that I’ve gotten past some serious physical accomplishments, my main focus is fueling my body…intuitively. (And secretly…I think I have been doing this already unintentionally. Almost as if it’s coming to me naturally the more fit I become. Hmm. ;))

  5. So true, the body does really know what it needs and what is good for it but I think the body after a late night and a few glasses of wine can’t think either and only wants bread, pizza and chips;). Anyway, I’m in a really good place this year and feel good about myself and my body. Wow your wine trip will be super fun.

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