A wine country bucket list

A wine country bucket list. 
…oh yeah, it’s happening.

And I’m hella determined to knock every single one of these off my list while we’re out there next week.

You see, a little back story for any of you newer readers out there. Scott and I were supposed to go back to wine country for an epic three-peat with my sis and M and a few friends last fall. And then…Scott landed his first ever teaching job, his dream job, and our little life really fell into place in SUCH the right way. Worth. It.
…but it meant canceling at the last minute our beloved trip to wine country.  

So, Scott and I are basically jumping out of our SKIN with excitement over the sheer thought of returning to Healdsburg (in Sonoma county), our absolute favorite spot ever. And to be going with Jo and M and two of our friends who we absolutely ADORE is just awesome. Also helps that our friends joining us were with us last time, but one of those friends was newly pregnant and thus, didn’t get to fully experience wine country like the rest of us. She *did* make a helluva good designated driver, I will say that. 😉 So this trip is VERY much for her as much as it is for us. Jo and M are just lucky sh*ts that they get to go back after just being there last September. 😉

…but I digress. 

Back to this bucket list idea. Usually you think ‘bucket list’ and it’s items you hope to one day experience. It’s a wish list of sorts. But for *this* bucket list? I’m legit hoping to knock them ALL off the list while we’re there. Think we can do it??

THE  wine country bucket list: 

Go ziplining. Over the redwoods. As in wicked, wicked high off the ground. As in, omfg this is going to be crazy scary. But we’re doing it. It’s already booked. No backing out now. Plus, it’s on the bucket list, so now we HAVE to do it, right??

Find a pinot noir I actually like. I’m suuuuuch a fan of big, bold reds that for me, pinot noir is just too light for me, too “grape-y” <—yes that is proper wine terminology, what of it? However, a colleague of mine suggested we try Lynmar while we’re there, promising that I’d love the pinot even if I’m not a pinot drinker, normally. I totally trust this dude, he lives in Napa for crying out loud, I think he knows a thing or two about wine (and not gonna lie, totally jealous that he LIVES among the vines!!)

Do a barre n9ne “class” among the vines. With friends, if possible. The house we rented is on a private vineyard and is utterly gorgeous. I’m thinking a (fairly) early morning barre n9ne workout before we head off to drink our asses off our day of touring and tasting might be pretty awesome. In fact, I’m already thinking about how I can get a fusion-style class together in my head, with only a resistance band and my own bodyweight to do the trick. Totally doable.

Go to a tasting, pretending to be one of those uber-snotty wine connoisseurs. Y’know the ones I’m talking about. The ones that talk about the “nose” of the wine, spending ten minutes just swirling the wine in their glass, letting it “breathe” before they take a sip. And even when they *do* finally take that first sip, they first must swirl it around in their mouth, swishing it around to get the full “mouth feel” before swallowing (um hi, TWSS much?). Yup, I’m thinking we’re ALL in on this one — maybe one of us can stand in the back of the room and snap a quick video of this charade as it plays out. tee hee

Run among the vines. Prettty self-explanatory, no? But really, I’m not talking balls-to-the-wall training runs out in wine country. Nope. I’m simply talking about running a few miles a couple of times while we’re out there. Wait, what? You say I’m training for a marathon right now? No way! Whelp, guess that training plan is staying home in Boston for the week. Don’t miss me too much Mr. Training Plan, I’ll see ya on the flip side, I promise.

Skinny-dip in the pool and/or hot tub at our house. I have *maybe* gone skinny dipping once in  my life and even then, I don’t fully count it because I was in and out of the water in about 30 seconds. And I highly doubt anyone saw me in that fleeting amount of time. Ironically, it was with the same couples we’re going to wine country with. Naked among friends can be fun, no?? Wait…don’t answer that. 😉

Annnnnd done. That’s the bucket list for wine country.  Pretty decent list if I do say so myself. And now that it’s all in writing, I guess I better work on my ‘man-up’ skillz so I actually make this entire list into a reality next week, hmmm? Can you guys tell just how badly I am in need of this vacation?? After starting this year with a new job; Scott’s new job and adjusting to that; becoming barre n9ne-certified; deciding to tackle my first-ever marathon; running my ass off all winter; killing the barre n9ne 60-day challenge – one year later; and truly making this my year of ‘no limits’ — I think it’s high time for a little down time. Whoa-ly. (though, by the looks of this list, we’re going to be busssssy out in Cali, huh??)



33 thoughts on “A wine country bucket list

  1. What a lovely plan for that week. Sounds like pure fun. But don’t forget to include some time without doing anything. Just relax, breathe, staring at the sky, enjoying life – whatever. Since I’ve only been to some of those European wine countries I can only imagine what Napa is like. I pretty much have the movie “Sideways” in my head 😀 (“Is that CHEWINGGUM in your mouth?!”) Enjoy your week off, you two. I’m curious to hear more about that Pinot Noir experience!!

    • Oh you bet we’ll be including plenty of time just soaking it all in, especially since we’ve been SO busy this year so far that to finally slow down and ‘just be’ will be amazing. And what better place to ‘just be’ than in WINE COUNTRY. I mean really, it’s like a little slice of heaven. SO excited!!

      PS. I freakin’ love Sideways, that movie cracks me up (“I’m not drinking the f*cking merlot!” hehe)

    • Haha, the skinny dipping one makes ME think twice too, hehe. But it is a bucket list so I had to at least put one item on there that would be tougher to pull off than the others. 😉

  2. Woohoo! I love this bucket list for wine country sis! I cannot wait to check these off our list…maybe skinny dipping LOL. #wuss. You should have put a pic of us with the ‘sniffing the nose’ of the wine from trips of yore 😉 those pics always crack me up!! (and yes, we realize how very lucky we are to go again, so soon, but so thrilled we can, together!)

    • LOL, I thought I’d save the “wine sniffing” pics for the wine country post-mortem blog post, hehe. Y’know, the one where I’ll proudly state that I knocked EVERY SINGLE ITEM (and then some!) off this list. 😉 OMG I can’t waaaaaait to share this with you guys this year!!!

  3. I am the opposite with red wines – Pinot Noir is about the only one that I can drink because everything else is too bold!

    I’ve gone ziplining twice in Mexico. Once you are doing it, the nerves will go away and you’ll enjoy it. It’s just the before part that is scary.

    • I love the bold reds!!

      I’ve gone ziplining once – but it was just in New Hampshire and not all that high up — and I LOVED it with the exception of the last zip that included a free fall, omg I thought I would die of fright LOL! Was totally exhilarating though!!

  4. Now that you have so nicely outlined your bucket-list you can’t come back from vacation without checking everything off. So if that means staying a few extra days, so be it!
    No seriously, this list sounds amazing and you are going to have a fab time!

    • I like the way you think…I shall NOT come back until everything has been checked off the list. Even if I have to take one for the team and extend my trip by a few days.
      I am SO excited for this trip!!

  5. Ok, I didn’t realize you didn’t like Pinot Noirs!!! That’s just crazy talk my friend LOL. I wish I could run with you, how flipping awesome would that be??!!! you had better take lots of pictures of the bucket lists done (maybe not the skinny dipping though teehee)

    • I KNEW you’d be all over me for the pinot issue! This is why I was telling you in your post the other day that you’ve got to give big bold reds a second shot! I’m totally picking one out for you to try when you visit this summer. It’ll be SUPER SPECIAL red wine so I’m absolutely confident that you’ll love it. 😉

      It would be SO awesome to run together there…and to share this trip with you too!! You have to come with us one of these times!!
      (and I promise, no pics of skinny dipping, nobody wants to see that, trust me lol)

  6. I am thirsty and jealous all at once. Watch Sideways before you go and give every wine a fair shot, since you’re drinking much classier your experience will be so different:-)

    • Haha I’m thirsty too 😉

      Sideways is a riot, love that movie!!
      And you’re right, I’m not turning down a sip from any tasting, I want to experience it all, even the wines I think I might not like. I always surprise myself when I’m out there and find a new wine to love!

  7. OMG OMG OMG. So insanely jealous of you guys!!! My hubby and I have wanted to go to wine country for SO long but something always seems to get in the way!
    Can’t wait to hear and see all the pics (no cameras if you go skinny dipping though – hahaha) – have a wonderful time! xoxo

  8. Da-yum girl. Like woah! 😉 You will get all of that done while you’re there – between you and your sissy you guys are bound and determined to whatever it is you set your minds to. Wicked jealous, maybe we can join you next time? Teehee… have a fabulous time darling! XOXO

    P.S. I will totally PAY to see “wine snob” video! I think it should be played by Scott! Just sayin…

  9. Wow that sounds like it will be the best wine trip. Make sure to have a glass of wine or two or three;) for me:). Have fun!

    • Wheee!! We’re en route now and I’m SO excited! Though I wish I could hit ‘fast forward’ on work this afternoon and tomorrow so I can get to the fun part of this trip, haha 😉

  10. Pahahaha, you and your sister with the strippin’ and the skinny dippin’!

    Funny story. The first time I’d ever gone skinny dipping was camping in Maine. It was right after I broke up with my ex-fiance…and it was with my sister and her boyfriend and this guy from my dad’s ship. (Hehehehehehehe.) It was GORGEOUS, pitch black, the stars were out…and then my parents decided to do the same on the opposite side of the lake. LOL AWKWARD. But it was a blast…and they stayed WAY far away from us, thank God.

    Then there was a drunk ladies night. You’re right. Skinny dipping IS *innocent* fun amongst friends!! Lots of laughs, for sure.

  11. having JUST returned from our own wine country vacation (yeah, catching up on posts now!), I KNOW you are having so SO much fun – ziplining, wow!

    I can’t wait to hear all about it – I have a feeling you WILL check off all on the list. skinny dipping among friends is all fine and good, trust me 😉

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