I’m not titling this post (bad blogger move, I know – ohh the horror!) because well…I’m feeling rather ‘un’ lately. 

As in…embracing un-routine. 
…something I clearly needed after last week’s total meltdown pre-vacation.

…so much so that I really feel very little pull (alarmingly so, even) to plug back in now that I’m back in ‘routine’ again. (hmm…)

Or…unstructuring my days.
…on vacation last week, I got completely away from my normal go, go, GO mentality. (I’ll get back to this one in a minute)

And finally…unwinding (unWINEding?)
…on the best trip to wine country, ever. (more on *this* in a minute too).

The bottom line for me is this: last week’s breakdown was a wake-up call. I have been so busy going ‘limit-less’ this year that I think I kind of forgot that it’s ok to slow down sometimes. To live in the moment. To ignore structure, routine, training plans and excel docs. To go a little ‘un’ a little bit more. Essentially, I need to get back to the ‘breathe’ in EatDrinkBreatheSweat.  So that’s my plan…for pretty much every area of my life, going forward (including that little marathon training plan of mine…more on this in a post later this week and an epiphany I had on my run this morning). 

But back to that trip — the days I spent surrounded by vines, the best friends ever, and lots and lots of ‘un.’ 

That bucket list of mine? Knocked every single one of those items off the list…with the exception of the wine snobbery skit. However, I do believe we did a great job of practicing our best wine snob expressions while wine tasting. Exhibit A:

The usual go, go, GO mentality that I mentioned went out the window on this trip? Let’s just say it went FLYING out the window in a big way. I did get in a few workouts, mostly just to get moving, but nothing at all very structured (barre n9ne in the living room was the best! and running among the vines with my sis — yes, we saw bunnies — also the best).   But I didn’t really care that it was way, way, way less working out than I’m used to. Because guess what? Life is WAY more than what workouts you did, how hard you worked, and how much you sweat.  *gasp* Sure, I love sweat (like whoa) — but even I can step back and say buh-bye to my usual crazy ass sweatfests now and then. Sometimes, it’s just needed.

And instead, I focused on breathing in every single moment of this trip. Quiet moments with Scott mixed with hysterical moments with friends while sipping the most amazing wines I’ve ever had and ignoring the rest of the world for a few days. #needed

…and here’s the picture proof in case you don’t believe me. 😉

Pre-ziplining (where Jo figured out she’s deathly afraid of heights…a wee bit late to be discovering that factoid, eh??)

The gang — at our newly-discovered *favorite* vineyard of the trip: Amista (proud wine club members thankyouverymuch!)

Our smiles say it all — love, love love! happy, happy, happy!

After a DELISH food/wine pairing at Williamson Wines (another fave of ours)…my expression here is priceless — so joyful. The way life is meant to be lived. 

Lounging at the pool after spending the day sipping away. Why can’t every day be this fab??

A rose (turned out to be a major theme this past week…rose’s are the way to go this summer, so yum!) at Portalupi, another fun new winery we discovered this time around. (and yes, we’re wine club members now too. haha)

And finally…the vines. Pictures just don’t do it justice. Surrounded by beauty like this? Why would you want to be anywhere else but here?


26 thoughts on “(Un)titled.

    • It was JUST what we both needed, in a HUGE way. We had an incredible time, especially just being away from all of the things in my everyday life that trigger all the OVERthinking OVERdoing side of me. You know?

    • Just looking at all of the pics from the trip makes me SO happy…every single picture has a memory behind it. Every single day brought a new reward, a new treat, a new moment. It was perfect.

  1. Perfectly recapped, sis. This was a wakeup call. And it was putting the BREATHE back in. We both needed this SO much. Ditching the rulebook and just enjoying. Can we go back now? Seriously.

    • We really did need this, whoa-ly. I am SO glad we got to go back to spend the time together, getting that ‘do-over’ we both so desperately wanted after Scott and I missed out on this last year! And YES, can we puhleeeeze go back tomorrow??

    • When I say the pictures don’t truly capture the beauty of each vineyard – it’s entirely true. It’s gorgeous, and lush and green and just HAPPY everywhere you go. My idea of mecca, I must say.

  2. Wow, looks like you had the most amazing time! I absolutely love all of the happiness that is written all over your faces. I love all of the “un” time – it really is so very necessary isn’t it?

    I’m coming with you next time!

  3. You all look so cute and happy! Sounds like a fabulous trip and just what was needed. “un” time is so important and necessary, huh? So easy to forget. So easy to get caught up in the all the silly things. Hope you can retain that feeling not that you’re back home and in routine.

    • We were on cloud nine for the entire trip. It was THAT much of an amazing trip and THAT needed, as you well know by now. 😉 I’m hanging on SUPER tight to that ‘un’ feeling as much as possible now that I’m home.

  4. I love you and Scott…not a single picture of you guys not looking completely and utterly happy to be together. ❤ As I said to Jo, I loved watching everything pop up over Facebook while you guys were away. You guys look so happy and in the moment…I love vacations like that! 😀 And I'm so glad that it came just after your moment last week…you needed this, and it sounds like it did for you exactly what you had hoped.

    • Awww thank you friend, you are the cutest…and you’re right, we ARE so happy together and to have spent this trip together and with amazing friends. It was a trip of a lifetime, for real. It came at JUST the right time and we tried like hell to stay as “in” it as we possibly could which made the trip that much better!

  5. I totally agree with you in so many ways. We all get caught up in routine of done sort in our lives. It gives us a feeling of comfort. Which is why when we deviate from it, we can feel anxious. I think it happens to all of us even if we don’t always want to admit it. Being in california with all my good friends made me realize that there’s more to life than just routine and the daily bustle of work. we’re all so lucky to be able to share those moments together.

    • Seriously M — you are so right, this trip was an eye opener for all of us I think. A reminder that life is too short to get caught up in the hustle and bustle, forgetting to live in the moment, embrace special memories with great friends. It was an INCREDIBLE trip and I’m sooo glad we got to share it with you and Jo. LOVED every single minute!

    • Hehe I love that pic of me and Jo but mostly because of WHY I’m giggling (can you say tooo much wiiiiiine??) and the memory behind that moment. I cherish it! And the one of Scott and I? Basically sums up how HAPPY we were throughout that trip, just amazing.

      PS. thank you for reminding me to sit back and enjoy a little bit more. I think you should take that same advice, just sayin’ 😉

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