That’s the hashtag I created after Saturday’s long run was over and done with. 

Because guess whose BACK in action? THIS GIRL!!
(and if I wasn’t so tired after we got back, I would’ve snapped a pic, in all my sweatified glory!) 

Saturday’s run was JUST what I needed to get my head back in the game. My body did the work — leading by example instead of allowing my mind to lead me down the wrong path as it’s had a habit of doing lately.

My husband kept commenting to that effect, too.
…that I was doing great, working hard, having a great run. <– And he never says these things unless they are indeed true. He knows I’ll call him out on it if he throws motivational speaker-tone at me mid-run. 😉 

Truth be told? Both Friday night and when I first woke up on Saturday morning — I felt ready. My mind had calmed way down. I hadn’t run in two days so my legs were runner -fresh (well, they were “fresh” from not running but not quite so fresh given all the barre classes I taught / took towards the end of the week, woopsie). We had a restful, carb-filled, hydrating Friday night. I was actually itching to run.

So when we set out at 5:15am on Saturday morning, I wasn’t anxious or nervous. I was happy to be out there. Happy to be up and active while the rest of the world was fast asleep (and trust me, everyone WAS fast asleep for at least the first hour of our run, it was so quiet and peaceful, which is a rarity on most of our running routes, it’s not like we live in the boondocks). Happy to be doing what I love: running. Scott and I didn’t talk all that much for at least the first hour, we were lost in our own thoughts, listening to our feet hitting the pavement, watching the wildlife scurry around (bunnies, squirrels and even a DUCK!), just running. Joyfully so.

By the time we got to the second half of our run, I was tired – sure. But I wasn’t beat down. I knew I had the 7 miles in me and I tried like hell to pick up the pace, on Scott’s order, of course. 😉 And even as we got nearer and nearer to the end of our run, and were into the double-digits at that point, I found myself doing a status check. My breathing was great. My legs were still fairly peppy (but very sore in the quads region — blaming that fully on the barre!). I was doing *really* well for coming in at 12.5 miles.

…and that’s what really struck me throughout the day on Saturday. Even though I definitely felt like I ran hard that morning, I wasn’t dead or feeling all that beat up. My body was holding up just fine. My body had not failed me. Nor had my mind.

To me, that was a real breakthrough point — my body can do this. It can, it can, it can. It just proved that out on Saturday. So I’m going to go ahead and stop doubting myself now. It’s silly, it’s wasted energy, it’s not getting me anywhere fast. Instead — I’m channeling the CAN attitude and seeing where it takes me next.

…hopefully towards more joyful runs, long, short, and everything in between. 🙂

(totally stole this pin from Heather’s post on Friday…*so* spot-on for how I’ve been feeling lately. It’s like we share brains, I swear. 😉 )


33 thoughts on “#marathonmojo

  1. I feel like so much about running is mental. I can’t tell you how many times I dreaded a run only to find that the actual run was fine, the hours I spent dreading it were what was getting me.

    • Whoever said that running is 90% mental, 10% physical was entirely spot-on. It truly truly is. You can totally talk yourself out of a run, a good run, a bad run, ANY run just by letting your mind run wild on you. Instead of being rational and remembering that running is supposed to be fun, a challenge – yes, but ultimately it should still be fun. At least I think so.

    • haha it was the only way I could get through it without dying — it was in the 90s later in the day! Plus it was kind of nice to be all DONE well before most people were even up for the day. 😉

  2. Congrats sis! I am so proud of you for beating the mental game and trusting your body. Sometimes it can make or break you, but you didn’t let it.

    • I guess you’re right…I hadn’t really thought about it that way (the not ‘letting it’ break me) — but I guess I really did, huh? Can’t wait to run my long run again this week – with you in tow for at least part of it!

    • Whenever you say you miss training it reminds me that what I’m doing right now should always be a joyful and FUN time even if it’s challenging and requires tons of committment. You are so good for me right now!! xo!

  3. Shoot….I knew you had this in you. The pin says it all…clear your mind of can’t. That’s all you had to do! Harness fear….someone wise told me that once ;)…and I believe you did just that. 😉 I’m proud of you…and excited to watch you kick some ASS.

    • See? I asked you to use my words against me one of these days and here you are doing me proud by reminding ME of the very same advice I’ve given YOU before. Thank you friend, I needed that kick in the ass reminder. 😉 xo!

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